Google Play Store 4.6.16

A few interface and wording changes make the app a little more friendly

A new version of the Google Play Store is rolling out to a wide number of people this week, bringing with it a few new options in the settings and some visual tweaks that make the whole app run a bit smoother. Nothing will blow you away in this update, but there are a few solid improvements, starting with new control over your password settings. Rather than an on/off option for requiring a password for purchases, you now have three — all purchases, every 30 minutes, or never. (You can make a guess this has something to do with a current lawsuit.) Further in the settings, you can now force check for an update to the Google Play Store itself by tapping the build versoin (nice!).

Also in the settings is new wording that changes "auto add widgets" to "add icon to home screen," which makes dramatically more sense considering that the Play Store was never actually putting widgets on your homescreen, just apps. Falling in line with other recent Google app updates, the settings menu itself (along with the "help" menu) can be accessed from the slide-in panel on the left side, rather than an overflow menu button in the top bar.

Last but not least, you can now batch select and install apps from the "all" tab of "my apps," letting you quickly restore apps onto a new device at your own convenience. Previously you could select multiple apps to remove them from the list, but now you simply have the option to install multiple apps at once. This latest version of the Play Store will be rolling out over time, as usual, but should be hitting most devices in the coming days.

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amrovi2014 says:

Nothing here in so cal yet

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evostudios says:

Haven't got it yet, but I like the changes that are listed. Now if we could only get the option for apps I don't want updated to be removed from the update list.

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^^^this so much^^^

giving the side-eye to those pointless samsung apps on my note 3....

Disable them. Then they won't try to update.

larrygeary says:

You also can't use them. Sometimes you may want to stay on an older version of an app because the update has issues.

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The person I was directly replying referred to the apps as "pointless samsung apps on my note 3" so I assumed disabling them would be OK with him/her.

Darkbotic says:

I think that if you disable them, they will not be updated.

mstrblueskys says:

Yes! Batch install is amazing!

+1 Much win!

David Horgan says:

Yes it is.

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Grahaman27 says:

ios gets 7.1 that includes the password option, but android just needs an app update to fix it. this is why updates make little difference for android.

Downloaded the apk off and lost the ability to multi delete which the previous version had

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josuearisty says:

Now when you delete some app in All list it stays in the same place, not like before the list was refreshed and went to top.

Jay Holm says:

I like the ability to install/update multiple apps at once feature, that's nice.

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rcgaryk says:

Batch App installing, one of the biggest features I've missed from webOS.

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normandethan says:

Google Keep update, no? *sigh*

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GC736 says:

Never knew about the batch removal, that was a time saver for sure! I had avoided the one-by-one process, as it always moved back to the top of the list whenever I removed just a single app, causing me to have to scroll back down to find where I left off. Now it is nice and tidy again :)

Tietherope says:

We still need a "purchased apps" section instead of going through the list of everything we ever downloaded.

jc411 says:


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stickb0y says:

I wish they would add back the ability to control purchases with a PIN instead of a password. I don't want to have to type my entire Google password, but I do want some access control.

TenshiNo says:

That's not a bad idea...

I use Avast on my G2 and it lets you lock down things with pin. I have my settings, Play store, and a few apps locked down, and I love it.

Paola1993 says:


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Andro10 says:

Wish we could put a check next to certain app updates that meant "Ignore this update." Like on the Mac computers...

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TenshiNo says:

You can disable auto-update entirely for specific apps, but not just skip *specific* updates.

vicw926a4 says:

Kudos, Andrew, for including the new app version number in the article headline. It really helps to get that upfront, rather than having to decode the actual features or the posted date on the app to figure out what I have, vs. what the new version is. That should be a model for all new version announcements on AC.

hldc1 says:

Might just be me, and that's certainly a possibility, but when long-pressing apps in the "ALL" section, I'm only presented with the "INSTALL" button. Is batch remove from list no longer available?

jabwtv says:

I wonder if the update will address the Connection Timed Out issue?

crxssi says:

And yet we still have no way of telling it to sort the ALL APPS section alphabetically.
And there are still no advanced search options. Maybe some day....

mvp4him3 says:

I guess it pushed to my phone. They update it without letting you know. Just try to go to you all apps tab and select multiple apps to install at once. If you can then you have the new update... By the way I am on my Droid maxx

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yubeie says:

One more important feature... List my purchased apps separately.. This has always been a pain


There's an app for that, I believe it's called "Paid apps" or something.

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Akshay Sihag says:

You mis-spelled the Version in 1st paragraph...last line.... :P btw article is great !

Akshay Sihag says:

Nice ! new look is great plus with that password feature :) .....check this out
Samsung Galaxy Beam successor spotted with metal exterior in China

kzm007 says:

I'm running Android 4.1.2 on my Galaxy Note 8 (GT-N5110), and recently, both my YouTube apps and my Google Play app won't connect to the Internet. I am receiving all my Gmail just fine.

I've tried deleting and reinstalling the APKs (Google Play 4.1.6 if I recall), tried a factory reset, and still can't get the appstore to load for me - once it told me there was a parsing issue, but any other time, it just crashes and closes.

This isn't the first time I've had this non-connectivity issue, but it is the first time it doesn't seem to be able to be remedied via factory reset. Any and all help from anyone is appreciated.


Thanks again, I don't know where else to turn at the moment.

ybcthanerd says:

im showing version 4.6.17

It would be useful if you could set it to search for app updates at a given time.

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jackhoff4775 says:

I havent gotten anything yet... I dont wanna miss out on anything.

jabwtv says:

Still no update for me

ACADM says:

Are you sure? I didn't get a specific update it just happened in the background; and it's 4.6.17 not 4.6.16.

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khalis relek says:


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myjoshee says:

I think it's supposed to just update via ota, but alot of poodle haven't gotten the update, including myself...
I'm trying to find out if anyone else was told they weren't getting this update, Sprint told me i wasn't because my phone is too old, galaxy s2 epic

No separate PIN, no good.

myjoshee says:

No update for me yet...still says version 4.5.10.
I wad told by Sprint I wasn't getting the update because my phone galaxy s2 epic won't be compatible, had anyone else been told they won't be getting the update? I've talked to Samsung, Google & Sprint & none of them could help me figure out what the right answer is. Google play store is an app, it would seem very strange that I couldn't get an update. Anyone, please help! I also tried the apk from android police, didn't work.

Yeagerbomb3 says:

I'm with Verizon and my old Thunderbolt updated but my S3 hasn't yet...

myjoshee says:

Wow really? That's strange. Are both phones on the same carrier?

jabwtv says:

Still no update on my Sprint HTC One and 2012 Nexus 7

Yeagerbomb3 says:

The S3 is Verizon and the old Thunderbolt is just running on wifi.