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Google Now "What's This Song?" also reported to be working for some users

Following the branch out of the Google Play Sound Search widget from the U.S. in selected European countries such as the UK and Ireland, the next to receive it are our friends down in Australia. Ausdroid reports that the widget is now available via the Google Play Store to download. Google's answer to Shazam, Sound Search will attempt to tell you what song is playing when you tap the homescreen widget. 

The Google Now "What's This Song?" feature also appears to be working now for some Australian users, though reports suggest this may still be rolling out. When trying it some are still seeing a message of "action not supported in your country," while others are seeing more successful results. 

Grab a copy now from the Google Play Store, and if the latest rollout has hit you somewhere other than Australia, be sure to drop us a line in the comments below. 

Source: Ausdroid

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New Zealand also got sound search.

stanv7 says:

No luck in Melbourne Australia!!

Odd,my mate in the gold coast got it and I'm using the widget here in Auckland NZ.

stanv7 says:

Looks like i'll have to fly up to the gold coast tomorrow then =P

But nothing i melb. I'll check tomorrow morning!

NPE says:

I have it too in France but I think I had to do something weird to get it. I'm not that sure though, I didn't checked if I could download it before that.

I went on the Play Store, "My Applications", then "All".
Once I get the list of previous or currently installed applications, I had to scroll to the very end to finally see Google Play Sound Search.
It said I had to do an update, which I did.
=> the widget on my home screen and a lock screen are now available :)

I have a Nexus 4.

Does that work for you also?

mjmdroid says:

I've on my #nexus4 here in Spain without any manipulation or install, just see it on my widgets drawer

TheDu9du says:

It's pretty much been disabled on my nexus 4 always. Soundhound finds the song better and faster. And it doesn't matter if it is or it's not in Google Play.

GarDeady says:

not available in Ireland despite your mention above that it is! :(

According to a previous AC commenter it was...

Goreiilar says:

I live in NZ also, and I've had it since launch. I have a US Nexus 4 though, which probably explains it.

Yeah same, I didn't buy 2 degrees Nexus 4. Mt phone was imported from the US play store.

HubyD says:

I've also got the widget in Belgium. Pretty sure I didn't have it before.

garciaop says:

i just open google now to search for any music just by listening at it

MitchRapp says:

As a Canadian, what the eff?