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We're tuned into the live Google I/O keynote and Google is taking the time to go ahead and give off some numbers for the Google Play Store. As it stands right now, the Google Play Store is huge. There is now 600,000 apps and games available for download with the download numbers now exceeding 20 Billion. Needless to say, that's huge numbers and it's only going to increase from here on out.


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Google Play now boasts 600,000 apps with 20 Billion downloads


A this rate, Google Play will overtake iTunes in number of apps in a few short months. Apple just said they have 650,000 during their event.

I agree 100%

My challenge to the world is to list the 600 must have apps from the current 600,000. Working only 10 years and evaluating 164.3 applications per day, 10 hours per day is 16.4 evaluations per hour. Only 36,400 work hours.

I am too busy to carry that challenge forward. I only had the time for this note and to share the math.