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Content sections now separated into individual tabs for easier reading

Our third Google app update of the day is Google Play Newsstand, and again we're looking at light changes with a few new features that'll grab the interest of those who regularly use the app. Content discovery is a big deal for an app like this, and the most notable interface change is a new set of tabs in the "Read now" section with quick access to sections of content — like highlights, news, business, entertainment and sports —that you add all in one place. You can tap on each or swipe between them to check out all of the news in that category, and each one has its own color coordination that takes over the display to indicate you've switched.

The slide-in navigation drawer has also been refreshed, combining both "My News" and "My Magazines" into a single "My Library" (which makes sense). Curiously, the manual setting to choose whether or not to pre-download and keep the "Read Now" section on your device is gone — it isn't clear if this will happen automatically now or if everything will be downloaded when you view it by default.

Version 3.2.0 of Google Play Newsstand should be hitting devices now, and you can check for the latest version at the Google Play Store link at the top of this post. You can also grab the Android Central feed for Newsstand from the link below.

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Google Play Newsstand updated with new navigation tabs, combined 'My Library' section


I am not a fan of Newsstand. I only care about fast access to my magazine subscriptions, but am forced to deal with this app downloading news that I don't need or want. I so miss the early iteration of the standalone magazine app, where I could see recent issues as well as all of my magazines stacked in piles. :-(

It's always interesting when Google breaks their own design guidelines. They used to strongly forbid using both the nav drawer and tabs.

Posted via Android Central App

This version of the app does look quite ugly compared to earlier iterations.

Also, I can't find any way of removing certain news providers from the news feed, I can see how you add them but not how you remove them?

Posted via Android Central App

They really need to allow people to filter out some of the read now section. I don't want Mac or Apple news in there.

This. I really want to be able to remove some of the crazy blogs that come through.

Posted via Android Central App

Why don't they use the transparency status bar effect?? Like we can see on stock app of HTC Sense 6. It makes the screen look bigger! If Google doesn't use it, why other dev would?

Posted via Android Central App

I still have no update available for newsstand. Usually the updates arrive on Thursday afternoon.

Posted via Android Central App