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Google Play Music services are now live in some European countries. Warner Music Group artists now available worldwide.

Today isn't just Nexus Eve, at least, not in Europe anyway. Today also sees the long awaited arrival of Google Play Music on these shores! Customers in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain can now not only make use of Google's cloud storage service -- officially, at least -- but also purchase music right from within the Google Play Store. With the recent announcement that the Warner Music Group artists joining the catalog, we've got all the major players to choose from.

That's not all though. Perhaps as reward for waiting so long, Europeans also get to try out Google's new 'iTunes match' type service. Uploading all your music to the cloud isn't going to be for everyone, and whatever your internet connection, it takes some time. With this service going live -- initially only in Europe -- there is actually a viable alternative to uploading all your music manually. 

It's been a long time in coming, but a huge missing piece in Google Play's ecosystem here in Europe is finally with us. Hit us up in the comments below and let us know your thoughts and experiences with Google Play Music.

Note: If you're not yet seeing the Music tab in the Google Play Store app, head to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store, and hit "Clear Cache," then "Force Stop." Upon returning to the store, your Music tab should appear under "Apps." Thanks to Paul O'Brien of MoDaCo for the tip!

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Google Play Music now live in selected European countries


Look are simple and obviously Google. The selection from the play store for music is just great with the albums usually cheaper than itunes but individual songs are 50p more? Looking forward to moving away from itunes finally.

Works great, just bought 3 albums as painless as can be and am uploading some others.

Not sure if the 'match' service is working or not - some songs are definitely being uploaded via the normal slow route but I'm guessing some of them must've also been really fast (instant?), I haven't really been paying attention.

So is it that at the beginning the match service is only going live in Europe or just live there first cause of the time difference here? If it is just Euro what is the ETA on North America?

Thank you Austria for being a douche and not letting us be a part of this. I wanted to start selling music there but no...We don't even have Google Books let alone Music. I know it's not Google at fault.

Already had Google Music for over a year by applying for it through a US proxy. But the process was complicated so I'm glad I can now point my buddies to a legitamate way of getting it.

No obvious matching going on. Appears to be uploading all of my iTunes collection. In fact there is no mention of Music Match anywhere on Google Play.

Agreed -- I just stopped the upload as it was going to take days (I'm in the UK). I can't see anything about matching in the music manager software (MacOS in my case).