Google Play kicks off Labor Day with free Katy Perry 'Prism' album download

Looking for some tunes to accompany your Labor Day party? Google has you covered and Google Play Music is now offering everyone a chance to download Katy Perry's Prism album featuring 13 tracks for free. The pop album was released in October 2013 and so far has amassed quite a number of positive reviews.

Are you a Katy Perry fan? Let us know how you like Prism.

Google also has the deluxe edition of Prism as well on Play featuring a few extra songs, but that album version costs $14.49.


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Google Play Music kicks off Labor Day with free Katy Perry 'Prism' album download


The only ones I get from Play are the free ones, so it is already pretty borked.

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Pretty sure it's free even if you don't. While I am not a fan of all her music I can get down to some KP now and then. Not sure how you can put a negative twist on free. But you done did it Zig.


In AZ (usa) and keep getting an "error retrieving information from server"

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This item is not available in Sweden. Lol. Anyway, it's crap. And I have all access. And pirate bay. And black metal.

First the report she's one of three finalists for the Super Bowl Halftime Show -- if she pays the NFL a fee.

Now this free album.

Is there anything else she'd like to give out for free or anything? I'm waiting...

(And yeah, you know where I'm going with this.)

I might be excited if I was a 17 year old girl. It would be awesome if they offered something from your listening history or radio stations.

If you were a 17 year old girl you'd probably be listening to Justin Bieber. Maker of the worst music this decade.

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Its weird, the album does not show up my music selection. When I click on listen from Google Play it says "Your music is currently being added, please wait a moment and try again". But it does nothing. Been two days now .... >_>