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Subscription service comes to Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and the UK

Google has just opened up its Google Play Music All Access subscription service to nine new countries, marking the service's European debut. From this evening, All Access is now available in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and the UK. The European rollout follows All Access' launch in the U.S. in May and Australia and New Zealand last month.

As it does in the U.S., All Access gives you complete access to Google's music library for a monthly fee. Users in these new countries can sign up to All Access on the web at, or through the Android app.

The sign-up process works just as it does in other territories — sign up for a 30-day trial in the first month or so (in this case, before Sep. 15) and you'll pay only only £7.99 or €7.99 for the life of the subscription. That's compared to the regular price of £9.99/€9.99.

If you're signing up to Google Play Music All Access for the first time in any of these countries, hit the comments and let us know how you get on.

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fleming164 says:


Schattenan says:

My reaction: Hell yeah Germany... oh, wait... Ah, dammit, can't wait anymore.

Psykh says:

Exactly my reaction as well. Don't you love GEMA?

Chris Nacca says:

Sweet! It's awesome, been waiting for so long

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mcoutts81 says:

Bye bye Spotify.

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hynden says:

I get "The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories." in Sweden..

hynden says:

Oh I thought Sweden were in Europe!

spock123 says:

I feel ya brother.. Denmark here, no dice on Google Play Music ..

Oh well, I'm kinda very pleased with Spotify

eyesparky says:

Seems to be 7.99 per month. Early access in the US was $7.99, which, even with VAT added would be 6.20 per month. Wish Google would treat with their global customers with a little more respect as I am getting tired of having to pay arbitrary premiums.

Note: had to remove currency symbols to avoid being marked as spam. Difficult to discuss prices without using them ...

Grahaman27 says:

7.99 was an early off promotion, I don't think this has anything to do with respect.

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eyesparky says:

7.99 GBP is our early offer ,to be increased to 9.99 GBP, hence a price premium after tax over US customers in both cases. Plenty to do with respect. We also get to pay a 10-15% premium on the new Nexus 7 after taxes too. Google are a global company and need to improve a bit in how they deal with their many markets, both in terms of rollout schedules and pricing. Ultimately they will be even better off for it.

ACADM says:

All US Corps put their prices up when they launch their products in the UK, yes Apple do this too and blame it on VAT.

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Ybother2 says:

Totally agree.

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I've played with all access for a while in the past but spotify is just better for me. It works on my roku and via my virgin tivo. Also it has more options and a better offline capacity. It's just no contest. I love google and use all there services but just as Evernote is better than keep and dropbox better than drive spotify is better than music all access in my opinion.

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still1 says:

with chromecast streaming to TV is not a problem at all.

Except chrome cast is not for sale in the UK. So that's the end of that.

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Icekronik says:

Google, u no support Finland (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

JOCN4SEE says:

At fucking last

JJDigitized says:

Canada, always left behind with our draconian licensing laws.

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tburgman says:

Yup.. 2013 and we still have to deal with this licensing crap. I imagine we'll have flying cars before they get it right

Morten Lund says:

try being in Denmark.. Talk about being left behind..

Mayoo614 says:

The thing I don't get is why ITunes is available but not Google Music. If it's licensing laws that stops Google, it should have stopped Apple too?

If someone can enlight me, please do so.

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cuberob says:

Yaaaay!!!.......... D'awwwwwwwwwwww! (Netherlands)

GoMichigan says:

Now comes the question: When to iOS?

return_0 says:


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return_0 says:

Btw this was meant as a joke.

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z0phi3l says:

Meh, screw iSheep, they don't deserve cool things like this, they can move to real phones with a real OS if they so choose

I hope someone can help here. I am just the UK and have been using all access since launch. I used a proxy to sign up and changed my credit card details to get around it.

Is the music in the UK version different to the US version? Which will I see? I am tempted to cancel it and subscribe again. It's costing me a little under £8 per month with interchange fees, but I wonder if I would get the promotion if I sign up to the UK version after cancelling the US version?

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return_0 says:

It will be the music you normally see in the UK Play Store.

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tramsay09 says:

When will Google Play Music come to Canada?

veii says:

Can't sign up to it on my S4 here in the UK. Tapping the icon does nothing, it just takes me on a loop.

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Mo ZedEl says:

Go into the play music app, hit menu > settings > all access subscription

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leobloom says:

I had to uninstall all recent updates then reinstall the music app and it offered me a landing page on launch to sign up. It's now also in the settings and appears as a card in the app where as before nothing!

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rumanuu76 says:

Instructions aren't very good. You need to go into your settings.

Yeyyy btw :-D

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Nexus 7

Well dang it. Norway stays in the shadow once again. Not even google books is available here. Nexus 10 is not even imported to our country. Google, please! Scandinavia wants your neat stuff too!

mathiasjk says:


Just got Books in Denmark, the selection sucks. I would rather have Music.

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Morten Lund says:


ngomac says:

I use Google Music as my default music service, have done for a some time now (since it dethroned playerpro on my S3).

So far, so really, really good. When I get a new Nexus 7 i'll probably appreciate the service even more.

And this is just the first step for the service and I'm really impressed, plus i've seen a good number of albums cheaper on the playstore than even amazon, who are usually frighteningly cheap with their mp3's

Don't get too excited, lots of people are having issues with all access working properly. Play Music works fine on my device but the All Access part(the part I actually pay for) stutters and stops when playing music I've added from the Play Store even if I pin it to the device. Google's support has been no help either. Here's a link to the Google Forums discussion:!topic/mobile/qbG2WvkBMd4%5B1-25-...

15israellai says:

Since I know it's never going to arrive here, I got a US address weeks ago.

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TonyHoyle says:

Been playing with it for the last hour. Great stuff.. Cheaper than spotify and has all the music I listen to on it (not that I'm exactly adventurous with my listening).

It doesn't have the equivalent of spotify's 'extreme' quality and that's noticeable.. Hopefully they'll add that later. In the car I'll probably not notice though.

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Phil Knall says:

No love for Japan... (T_T)
(Probably rather "no love from JASRAC")

Aidan Byrne says:

It's great. And it's even €2 cheaper per month than Spotify. I'm just after cancelling my Spotify account.

salah123 says:

Canada why....

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HubyD says:

Wow, Belgium in the first European group :) Trying it out for free now, but will probably continue paying the 7,99€

gonsa says:

so can i try it for free and then cancel it before start paying?
because it asks me for permissions to pay before advancing for the free trial.

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rumanuu76 says:

If you cancel your subscription before the renewal date you shouldn't get charged

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Incolumis says:

we still don't have Google Play Music in The Netherlands because of all the bureaucracy in this country. well that, and because it's not illegal to download mp3's and movies without paying, which is probably the reason why Spotify and alternatives are not so much used.

Mighty_Red says:

Next time I have to go the the Foreign Exchange shop, maybe I'll make up my own exchange rates too.

So, if Google are going to make additional profits from us Brits, maybe they can pay some corporation tax on those extra profits...

ACADM says:

Agreed, but all US Corps pull this price hiking crap.

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knahrvorn says:

Play Music All Access to a handful of European countries. Great!
But then we have the many European countries all over the continent that don't even have PLAIN Play Music. Or TV. Or Movies. Or Magazines.
Oh why must it take sooooo long. If we ever get it at all, even.

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ACADM says:

Got it this morning on my Nexus 4, not that I'll use it as you're going to need a pretty fast and steady mobile connection.

Still don't have the Play Store update from the other day though.

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Dave Clark says:

It's good news, I may leave my deezer subscription to try it out. Does anyone know what case that nexus 4 is rocking in the picture?

edhe says:

It's the white bumper i think.

KevinM2k says:

need to open up the api so things like sonos can access google music, I have sonos throughout my house so until sonos can access the api and pull the music on to it then spotify will have to stick around for me.

Ybother2 says:

Since when was 1GBP Sterling equal to the Euro or US dollar? Never but yet again we are screwed on price. There's no chance of me paying for this on principle. No, it won't matter to Google but would if everyone had the same scruples.

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Teeohbee says:

What phone is that in the picture?

Morten Lund says:

9 counties hardly constitutes Europe - Please change the headline so not to mislead!

mzanette says:

Canada, grabbing our ankles once again...

Elit3 says:

Australia got it a month ago :-D I can't believe my Lil home country continent got something g before Europe!

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kenydroid says:

Signed up this morning and cancelled my Spotyfy Premium account. Painless sign up and I am now building up a playlist.
I already buy albums on Play Music so I soon got into the swing as it's easier to learn your way around than Spotify was.

I refuse to be ripped off in comparison to the rest of the world for DIGITAL content. No sale.

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veii says:

Cancelled it after 2 hours. Found it harder to navigate (probably because I'm more used to the Spotify UI) and lacking in content (definitely because I'm more used to Spotify).

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chief113 says:

Still not available on Sonos, which makes it worthless to me.

djohansson says:

What about Sweden..? :'(

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Nope. See my comment in this thread.

sbinwien says:

Has anyone switched from the USA to Europe yet?
What happens to your music?
Any other differences?


Sato Taro says:

I like using Google Play Music locally(offline).
Because there is a nice app that enables me to set album artwork as wallpaper automatically!

You can find it by searching
"how to set album artwork as wallpaper for android"
on google.

The current list of country availability for digital content is here:

Hopefully this will save people the time to find this information, which should have been in the Android Central article in the first place.

I have recently moved from the UK to Sweden, so I am losing my access to All Access. I guess the name is a misnomer. It should be called Selective Country Access.