Google Play Games v2.0

New tools for game developers also announced by Google

Google Play Games got some attention at the recent Google I/O developer conference and today we're seeing some new some goodies begin to roll out. Google Play Games version 2.0 is beginning to roll out through the Google Play Store bringing with it an updated appearance, an all new game profile and more besides. If that wasn't enough, Google has also announced some new, cross-platform developer tools as well.

Google Play Games v2.0

The all-new game profile lets you see your XP, level and your gamer title all in the same view. Additionally you can keep track on your friends' achievements by tapping on their avatars, keep track of your quests in one place and "continue your fun with a new way to see saved games."

Google has updated the look of the app, too, with bigger images, tab resizing and that new game profile card appearing on the Play Now screen. It's all looking mighty fine and is definitely a nice update.

Beyond the app, Google has also announced some new tools for iOS and Android developers using Google Play Games. Updated SDKs for C++ and iOS add some great new features such as support for quests and events, saved games, turn based multiplayer and game profile APIs. Devs can also begin to see new types of alerts in the developer console, helping them better identify user issues.

The version 2.0 update to Google Play Games is pushing out as we speak but it'll take some time to reach everyone. If you're not seeing it just yet don't fret, it'll be with you soon enough.

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Google Play Games v2.0 pushing out with new game profile, updated appearance and more


I'm sorry to break it to you, but as you've probably already noticed there is a level cap set at 20. We're waiting for them to remove or at least raise the cap.

Downloaded the apk through androidpolice.Still not Material Design though which is a bummer

Posted via Android Central App on Google Nexus 7 2013

Well lets hope devs actually use the new cloud save stuff.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)