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Barnes and Noble team up with Google, will significantly increase the availability of apps for both Nook HD tablets

While the Barnes & Noble Nook HD and Nook HD+ each have access to the B&N online stores for books and apps, tonight CEO William Lynch has announced that with an update due to start rolling out today, the Google Play store will be added to the 7-inch and 9-inch tablets.

We saw coming off holiday the market moved to multifunction tablets. Consumer research showed us the breadth of applications available is really critical.

The update will be a standard automatic over-the-air affair, and will include plenty of other Google services as well. Confirmed are Chrome browser, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and Google Play Music. 

The tablets are moderately spec'd by today's standards, but are also moderately priced at $199 for the 7-inch Nook HD and $269 for the 9-inch Nook HD+. We're not sure that the addition of Google's apps and services will generate new sales, but they should be welcome additions for everyone who purchased one last year.

If you're using a Nook HD, be sure to share your experiences with everyone once you get the update!

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Google Play coming to Nook HD and Nook HD+


How does adding Google Play prove than B&N is exiting the tablet business? This makes the Nook MUCH more appealing to people who don't like the limited Kindle Fire and Amazon Appstore.

This brings the Nook on par with other "real" Android tablets, especially the Nexus 7. And it shows how dedicated B&N is to improving their sales, even if it means putting a competitor's store on the device.

If you think this is something that is going to make money for the struggling company, you are wrong. They don't make money on hardware sale, and the only way they were going to survive was to sell more apps, books, movies, magazines. Now that's gone too. This is just them getting rid of the stock while they still can. And that's it, at least for their hardware business if not the whole company.

Yeah, no. Barnes & Noble is just acting on consumer demand. Consumers wanted more apps, so the company gave them full access to Google Play. Download to your heart's content.

Google Play gives the Nook HD a huge advantage over the Kindle Fire. You get the best of Google and the best of Barnes & Noble (books) all on one device. Why buy a Kindle Fire now? Sure the direct access to Amazon content is a nice feature, but you lose all that Google stuff because Amazon wants everything to be centered around them. At least Barnes & Noble is giving us more choice.

This is AMAZING news! Adding Google Play is something consumers have been asking for since the device was released, and this move finally makes the Nook a more viable competitor to the Kindle Fire. I'll definitely be buying a Nook HD now.

I just wish they'd match Amazon's storage and pricing. Drop the 8GB Nook (cause who uses 8GB tablets anyways?), and have the 16GB model at $200, and a 32GB model at $230. (Talking about the 7" models)

Don't they have SD card capability, though? My Nook Color does. They are both sweet devices for reading, from my playing with them in the brick and mortar B&N.

Barnes & Noble helped jump off the Android tablet with its small form factor and hack-ability. Barnes & Noble now realizes the ability to transform their tablet into a traditional Android tablet is the reason why they didn't flop out in the beginning.

This makes the Nook HD+ one hell of a deal. A 9" 1920x1280 screen, 1.5Ghz dual-core, 1GB RAM, HDMI, and 32GB of storage (plus MicroSD!) for $299? I'd have bought it in a heartbeat if the Play Store was on it when it came out. I will still consider it even now!

The Nook HD, on the other hand, is still not that appealing. It's only $50 less than the Nook HD+, but it has a smaller screen with a lower dpi and overall resolution, and a slower processor. Tendoboy1984 is right: they need to get rid of the 8GB version of that tablet and sell the 16GB version at $199 price point. That would leave it with only two weak points: no front facing camera (which is easily made up for by the fact it has a MicroSD port), and no bluetooth (which is inexcusable).


The 9" Nook is now in a class by itself. Basically, anyone that wants a tablet slightly larger than the N7.

And it's only $300! (...Looks disapprovingly at you Note 8...)


While I'm not interested in buying any nook tablets, I'm still really happy to hear this. App selection is easily the worst part of Nook tablets right now. It's great to see tablet manufacturers stepping up their game and working to become more competitive.

This is a very curious move on the part of B & N. The whole point of not having the Play Store on the Nook was so you were forced to buy content from B & N instead of Google. Why would I buy from several different sources when I can buy from one online market? The Play Store is just too competitive price wise, and I'm sure B & N makes no money on the hardware itself.

Unless you just really like the form factor of the Nook, I think a Nexus 7 is a much better use of your money anyways. This very well may be a last ditch effort to try and save the product before the company goes under. I would get out of B & N stock right now...

I've always liked the Nook UI and they're always priced great, but the paltry app ecosystem always kept me a way. This definitely puts it back in to consideration from me the next time I'm buying a tablet.

I didn't buy my HD+ for a front facing camera, I have a cell phone and a regular camera for that. I bought it partly for the price, partly for the exceptional quality of the screen and the ease of root and partly because for whatever reason, I'm pretty loyal to BN. Then I rooted my HD+ the minute the devs at XDA posted everything because I wanted Play and all the other gapps things not standard at the time. Was it a bit buggy at first? Yes, but now with the updates and a lot of hard work, my HD+ is on par with any other tablet out there as far as function is concerned. Bluetooth works great, battery time is really good and it does everything I need. However, with this update, provided it supplies what I have now, I'll gladly go back to using the BN firmware only since it will now include everything I was looking for.

Kudos to BN for finally doing what so many have been waiting for. If anything, with the price point it has and now the Android market and other Google apps available, I think they're going to be hard pressed to beat.

This news is great considering that you could buy the Nook HD+ last week for $149. I bought one for my wife for Mother's Day, so getting Google Play makes the deal that much better.

Were people not rooting their tablets to get this anyway? I'm sure they couldn't figure it out. It would explain why they bought a Nook, even though there are better options out there. Please consider them, unless price is an issue or its just a gift for mom.
I bet B&N it's feeling the pain all the small bookstores felt in the 90s. MWAHAHAHAHA! MWA HAHA HA HA!!

The majority of nooks sold though were to people who wanted to use them as a reader. My personal guess is no more than 15% of people bought it to be rooted and used as a tablet. This update pushes that functionality to the other 85% who bought it to be an ereader.

This is awesome news! I have a Nexus 7 and a Nook HD+ and I definetly prefer using the Nook. Better screen, better feel, and MUCH better battery life. Half the time I pick up my Nexus7 the battery is dead or near dead. The Nook is ready to go 95% of the time. The only real draw back was the lack of apps and access to google play. Now no more!!!

"We saw coming off holiday the market moved to multifunction tablets. Consumer research showed us the breadth of applications available is really critical."

No shit, Sherlock.

I was just about to ask that myself.
Given that Microsoft have propped up the Nook ecosystem it seems odd they would be willing to promote Google services on it!

I've been expecting a Surface-winRT based ereader to replace the android based Nook.. I wouldn't buy one myself, I've beem shafted by the shutdown of B&N ereader+fictionwise and their losing my account during migration.

All the Nook HD models are on sale at Best Buy.

16GB Nook HD - $179
16GB Nook HD+ - $179
32GB Nook HD+ - $199

I find it odd that the 7" and 9" 16GB Nooks have the same sale price. Must be a typo on Best Buy's end.