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Google has announced that its Google Play app store has delivered its 25 billionth app download, up from the 20 billion figure quoted at Google I/O in June. To celebrate, it's launching another app sale, where this time you'll be able to pick up a selection of popular titles from developers like Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio, runtastic and Full Fat for just 25 cents over the next five days. In addition, Google is promising special collections of content in the near future, including "25 movies you must own, 25 banned books and 25 albums that changed the world."

Google Play, which launched a little under four years ago as the Android Market, as grown considerably in the past year, adding movies, TV, music and magazines, and becoming a fully-fledged content platform. And in under twelve months, it's gone from a total of 10 billion downloads to today's 25 billion milestone. The total app count now sits at 675,000, up from 600,000 in June.

Right now we're not seeing any 25 cent apps on Google Play on our devices, but we'll keep you posted when they start to appear. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you spot any bargains.

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Google Play celebrates 25 billion app downloads with 25 cent app promotion


Good i have about 50p left from my free £15 nexus 7 voucher that i cant spend as the cheapest thing in the play store is 62p ($0.99) so hopefully the UK will see 25p deals and i will be able to buy 2 free apps.

Are you two serious?

25 Billion downloads, not number of apps.

And there are some really dumb and useless apps in everyone's store!

And Windows Phone has over 100K apps. No where near the 675K for Google or 700K for Apple, but growing. Wait until Windows 8 is released and Windows Phone 8 is out and about. Then the stores for your computer and phone get connected (to an extent - the app writers need to make it both Phone and Tablet/Desktop/Laptop compatible). Then their market should explode!

They didn't say 25 Billion apps. They were comparing 675k for Google to 650k for Apple. I think that Apple is actually almost up to almost 750,000 now, but don't quote me on that.

Isn't that what was said with Mango, and Tango, and Pineapple... Then it was wait until Nokia comes out with WP7 handsets. Then it was wait until we get angry birds... lol... only the few MS fanboys want a WP8 device, most people hear the name "windows" next to phone and run away from that.. Android is too far ahead, iPhone will always be way more popular then anything MS puts out, heck even RIM may get back into the game at 3rd place with BB10 coming... to little to late imho...

Yay! I hope some apps like tapAtalk or some launcher like mom's or apex are on sale! And not too many apps that I have already bought ;) although probably, cuz I do buy awesome apps.

It starts later today. We'll know later today what apps/games on are sale. Time to load my ageing Nexus S with some fresh new games/apps =)

HAIL! I love these sales. I can buy apps to my heart's content only if there's a sale.
(But heck please don't put apps I've bought on sale, esp Titanium lol...just kidding.)

Granny Smith is a great game. Bought it day one when it came out.

EDIT: Also see OfficeSuite PRO 6 is $0.25

And Tasks, NFL Kicker 13

So awesome! Pretty new to Android and this is my first sale. Bought 3 games. I've had my Windows Phone for over a year and never bought a single app there. Too expensive and nothing ever feels worth it. So glad I made the move to Android!

I've been using Android for just over 2 years and have had the opportunity to take advantage of several of these sales. Not only are they good deals but they're some of the best apps in their categories.

+1 Google.