Google is now the most valuable brand in the world. According to global market research agency Millward Brown, Google's brand value increased by 40 percent in a single year to $158.84 billion, edging out Apple's $148 billion, which saw a decline of 20 percent. Google has been making its way up the list steadily after overtaking IBM to take the second spot last year.

Benoit Tranzer, head of Millward Brown France, indicated that Google's foray into wearable devices with the Google Glass and continued investments in the field of artificial intelligence have been pivotal in the growth of its brand value, and that such activities "send a very strong signal to consumers about the essence of Google."

This is the first time in four years that Apple has not managed to retain its position at the summit as the most valuable company in the world in terms of value. Millward Brown's 2014 100 Top BrandZ report also featured other U.S. technology firms like IBM, which came in at third with a brand value of $107 billion followed by Microsoft with a value of $90 billion.

Apple may not be the most valuable brand anymore, but it has fared much better than Samsung, which is positioned 29th on Millward Brown's list with a brand value of $25 billion.

Source: Millward Brown (PDF), Via: CNET


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Google overtakes Apple to become the most valuable brand in the world


As do I. So long as they don't snap! ;-)

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Actually all the financial institutions that were too big to fail were not banks. The government had to come in and make them temporary banks in order to bail them out

Google should put up a Google doodle with its logo sitting on top of the world.

Or the capital "G" chomping at an apple. :P

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Is that Samsung electronics or the entire Samsung, incorporating all their other services?

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Why the need to add that Samsung is sitting lower than Apple? Almost as though there has to be something positive about Apple losing the top spot.

I agree. I really didn't understand why the last sentence was even needed? It's an article about Google overtaking Apple in brand value.

Probably because more "normal" people associate Samsung with their android phone than Google.

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With the success of the Nexus 5 and LG G2, that Samsung /Android association is starting to wane.

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No it's not, Samsung's market share is still growing. this is just something you're hoping for because you're a Samsung hater. oh, I'm sorry, how do you say it? Shitsung?

No it's not. Out and about I've seen only one person with a G2. I've never seen a person anywhere using a Nexus 5. Even the Google person at Best Buy has a Galaxy.

Samsung rules the Android roost and will until another company is willing to match Samsung on advertising dollars.

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1. This isn't even about phones.
2. Anyone reading the article on Gizmodo does know.

Posted via Android Central App is going NUTS over this. Cursing AT Google at every post.
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"Cool" doesn't mean that it gets a pass every time Google releases new, bleeding edge tech while Apple releases the same set of devices with new hardware every year.

Note that I'm not saying those devices AREN'T valuable. Just that they're old hat at this point, and it begins to call Apple's position as, "Most Innovative Company EVAR" into question.

Maybe it will get Apple to change some things, be more innovative and make them more competitive. Competition is good especially for the consumers.

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So Google has 150 billion in the bank now? From simply selling data?

Something doesn't add up, what has Google done the past year in terms of selling that valued them so high?
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Google (BRAND) is valued at $150 billion. That's not cash in the bank. It is brand value. The net present value of estimated future cash flows attributable to the brand.

Brand value isn't cash in the bank. It's like saying bet worth depends on what my bank balance is.

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Its "brand value" and I think the article mentioned something about Google glass and investing in artificial intelligence, that helped their brand.

Although I am happy Google overtook the top spot, I hope Apple doesn't disappear into the distance like BBM. Competition is good and right now, Apple is the only thing pushing Google to strive for better.

the only reason that we should care is if you own stock. Otherwise, who cares who has the larger brand value?

Verizon is number 11. Up from last year with a 20% increase in brand value. Gotta love Verizon, they'll be top ten next year

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What if Google started making their own phones and said screw everyone else. Then they sent out a hit that erased Android off every phone... Everyone would either have to purchase an iPhone or a Google phone.

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That will never happen. Google is not part of the hardware business. They tried that with Motorola and look what happened afterwards.

Google always will be an advertising software company and nothing more.

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Like everyone suspected, after Steve Jobs passed away, Apple would fall. This is the beginning of the end.

This is very very dangerous!!! Today the most valuable brand, tomorrow, when they've built enough of those autobots, they'll enslave us all!!! Danger Danger! :P

Wow. I like the Google has the number one spot as much as the next guy, but how about we be hyped for the fact that the tech industry has taken the number one, two, three, and four spots on this list? Even cooler, technology is seen the most times on this list with regard to the top 25 most valuable brands.

Also, as much of a Google fan I am, Apple is still number two here and can actually can get back to number one again if the tech is good.

That said, lately Google has been dominating with the evolution of Android and Chromium, Google Glass, Google Cars, and now even thermostats! Although Google has fallen on some failed projects, these guys still try to do very interesting things with technology and it's awesome! Well deserved number 1 spot Google!

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Good thing Steve isn't around to witness this. Cupertino would experience climate change as a result of the steam coming out of Jobs' ears.

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now the hipsters can remove their scarves, "artsy" non-prescription glasses, and walk out of the Apple store with their heads down.