Update: And ... they've disappeared again.

And there you have it, folks. No longer are the cool kids quite as cool as they were a week ago. Google+ invites are back, and you can have a friend invite you. And be sure to snag the Android app.

As Google's Dave Besbris recently posted:

Hey Google+ folks!

As I bet you've noticed, we are facing pretty incredible demand for Google+ invites.

As Engineering Director of Google+, I wanted to take a moment to explain why we're growing the system slowly. First, we want to make sure our infrastructure scales so the service remains fast and reliable. Second, we want to ensure that bugs are fixed while there are still a relatively few people in the field trial.

Things are going well with the systems right now so we feel comfortable enough to open up invites for a brief period. Our goal is to double the user base in the field trial. (Sorry, we're not giving details about how many folks are in the field trial yet).

So, in a few minutes, we'll open up invites again.

We continue to throttle invites, so please don't mass invite folks as it won't work. If you invite a handful of your most important friends and family you're much more likely to get these folks into our system.

Thanks again for providing so much wonderful feedback!

Note that Dave says they're throttling invites. So if you can't get in immediately, check back. And in the meantime, be sure to check out our complete walkthrough of Google+ for Android. Download links are after the break.

Source: Dave Besbris
More:; via @GooglePlusTweet


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levelm says:

Guess I'm still not cool enough. Doesn't work for me =(

ZombieElvis says:

Or me.

Kipp says:

Same here. Anyone who already has it want to invite me?

Well I got a invite thanks JM. BUT even with a invite its still not letting me in

blindmp2 says:

same here i appreciate and invite

slick.dylan says:

I'd love an invite as well,
Please and thank you :)

Samcheez says:

My friends that have weasled their way into the BETA can't figure out how to invite me so was hoping someone else cold hook me up -
Massive thanks in advance.

Please can anyone invite me

thanks very much

ampbell88 says: either :(

Valjean1962 says:

Anybody have any invites left, or unused invites at all? I'm itching to try google+!

voiceonly says:

I can get it to load, and I see a black bar across the screen, but that's it, nothing more :(

tshepomk says:

Please send invite, thanks in advance

dchawk81 says:

Still says closed for me.

DaEXfactoR says:

Let's s what all to talk is about.. Shall we???

creektrack says:

Yall sure about this? I just tried getting in and it still said I needed an invitation...

Wicket says:

is it still by invite, I got in because I was invited but have a few friends and family that are faced with the same "Keep Me Posted" page..

Wicket says:

guess me and a few other people all had the same thing to say lol

TJC0MB0 says:

Can i get an invite please?

mdmitchell13 says:

Already invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

will i am says:

Still said closed you need an invite!

myalover says:

No worky for me. :-(

RQuick44 says:

No go for me either

RacecarBMW says:

Nope not working here.

sethoscope1 says:

Might be time to update the post.

colin.mckean says:

worst. tweet. ever.

stoneworrior says:

LOL! I was thinking the same thing :-D

sneekgeek says:

Awww. Got my hopes up. First I get rejected by Now I'm getting rejected again by Google+. :(

vicw926a4 says:

Phil, are you just trying to make us feel even More uncool than we already do?

stoneworrior says:

Not happening still closed :-/

dsignori says:

So this is like the 4th site in 2 days to say it is open, only to find out it is not. One would think after the last few false starts, that this could be vetted a bit before announcing ...

GreyCelt says:

Doesn't work for me either.

levelm says:

Honestly, where do people come up with this stuff? This is like the 100th time I've heard "Google+ now open!" It's NOT open so stop teasing people who can't get in!!!!!!!

BigEHokie says:

LOL how do you botch this?

steve19137 says:

LIES!!! This 16 year old still can't get in because "You must be over a certain age to use this feature." huge google fail.

mantra304 says:

Dude, what the EFF!!! I wan't in!!!

This is horses**t! Worst post of the year so far. Haha

ccross05 says:

Nope... still getting the "keep me posted".

Shameless request for an invite?

patrickjschmidt at gmail dot com

courier131 says:

Need an invite please

briankurtz79 says:

Guess i wont even try...

jj1814 says:

His post DID say "in a few minutes"..

JoeK says:

Still need invite.

GoldenCyn says:

Invite gate looks closed again.

nctrnl says:

Closed :(

blaidth says:


JCK05 says:

still the same, haven't received anything in my gamil.

jj1814 says:


Head over where exactly? Still can't sign in with the app.

ewhitmore#AC says:

Gotta say - as most others have, your post is complete BS. Maybe you should do something about that?

tmazon says:

The original post was over an hour ago. So "a few minutes" have probably come and gone.

Chewieez says:

This blog post needs a completely new title. Google+ is NOT open to everyone right now.

After reading the entire blog post, it seems that is what you said, except for the first sentence.

Quasar says:

I was able to log in from the main page but had gotten an invite before that. I never got an email saying I was invited but figured I would check the page anyway just in case. I think it only worked because of the invite though.

Kipp says:

if your in can you send me a invite?

Kipp says:


Kipp says:


khelil says:

can you send me an invitation to google + ,please ??

Quasar says:

Double Post...

myalover says:

This is more of a letdown than Fruit Stripe Gum!

silverfang77 says:

It still won't let me join.

cmacelis says:

Nope nothing yet

victorminC says:

I don't think in any part of the post by Dave Besbris said Google+ is open to everyone, he simply said now you can invite others and if you already got invited, you can sign in and use Google+, i.e. you still need an invite but before this you can't get in even if you got an invite.

Chewieez says:

The original blog post was titled "Google+ open to everyone with a gmail address" which was correct for about 15 minutes, then Google closed it again. ;o)

Chewieez says:

The original blog post was titled "Google+ open to everyone with a gmail address" which was correct for about 15 minutes, then Google closed it again. ;o)

MarkMcCoskey says:

I'm not cool either, yet.

Fms4Life says:

This is more of a let down than being a Mets fan. (family guy pun) hahaha. Seriously though. What a waste of adrenalin. I got so excited for nothing.... weak

Barbelina says:

I'm still not in either.... have I taught scores of educators how to use Google Docs,have a Google Voice but no invite...???

VJKotts says:

Worked for me!!

Kipp says:

if your in can you send me a invite?

plumhead says:

Can you PLEASE invite me :)

EggoEspada says:

Back in my day, there were only 100 of us.

seanp666 says:

Those of you having trouble getting in....this is how I did it. Go to Google's twitter account, they announced Google+ is open again. Click on the link they provided in the tweet and you should be good.

jj1814 says:

google's twitter account? @google? No such tweet... unless they deleted it in the last 10 minutes I've been searching for it

Jo_795 says:

It's working now girls!

Kipp says:

if your in can you send me a invite?

venom376 says:

People arent even getting my invites

Beezzy says:

They already turned it off, I invited bout 5 people and the invite icon went away after 10 mins.

IAmTTim says:

Okay, I just did a Google search for it, sacrificed a chicken, spread the blood on my keyboard, made a deal with the devil and I was then able to get in.

No wait, that was Windows.

Damn it!

Well, I'm now getting that capacity exceeded thing so perhaps soon. When this eventually rolls out to everyone I'd hate to see Google + take a hit because of perpetual blue whale capacity issues. I'm hoping they do it right so we can all hangout.

Peas yo!

JerryGPena says:

Did no one read the post before commenting? It says that "Invites" are back, you can invite people into the service again. So if you want in, you're going to need to get invited by someone who is already in.

jj1814 says:

You werent here for the original post..

anotherxyz says:

It says server is currently over capacity and that you need an invite


if anyone has any invites left you would receive my eternal gratitude

anotherxyz says:

Thank you J.Munoz

with this invite I will get in in no time THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! :-)
I am so excited
I have been dying to get invited

Thank you x 1,000,000,000!

Sorry for the confusion folks. We've significantly updated the post. The good news, I think, is that Google realizes how badly everybody wants in. Feel free to direct your hate this way while I sleep. :p

Ledward1245 says:

What a funny man, first you give us that horrible review of the Evo 3d, 2nd you get my hopes up on the update of my Galaxy tab on the 5 3rd the google+ and now you want to sleep

Send invitets insted.

carysb7478 says:

invite me please....

Pyr0TeK says:

Got my invite... waiting to get in... damn the devil! :)

dennisa31 says:

If anybody could invite me i would greatly appreciate it! Thanks

dennisa31 says:

If anybody could invite me i would greatly appreciate it! Thanks

Agadir68 says:

please, if u have it already, send me an invi te at thanks folks

frashure#AC says:

You can all stop posting invite requests. It appears as though both the window for new users and invitees has close. For how long, who knows...

xlerate says:

I'm in.

frashure#AC says:

Was your invite sent after the window closed? Obviously new folks can't get in directly but I'm trying to figure out if people are still able to send out invites.

xlerate says:

Just got my invite today.
I'm in!!

weili says:

Invite please ? =)

TJC0MB0 says:

can you send me an invite? please and thank you!!

optimaljam says:

hopefully i invited y'all.

Shevchuck says:

If anyone has an invite id love one bryan.shevchuck(at)

An invite would be greatly appreciated, I'll return the courtesy.

melaski7399 says:

An invite would be greatly appreciated thx

anthonyzul says:

invite please?

jmb1981 says:

I don't understand how Google thinks this is a good way to roll things out. You have a list of people that want in. So they pick a few off that list and let them in, then let those people invite others instead of letting more people in from the original list. Good to know that somebody from that select group can get their grandma in, but people who would actually use the service are left waiting. Awesome. :)

Animus_3.0 says:

an invite would be appreciated. Thanks

invite please

optimaljam says:

well I cant give anymore invite. XP
if anyone who has got invited send these peoples some invites. :)

hcamposjr7 says:

i would like an invite please

cbidow says:

would love an invite :)

iTrondsen says:


Gustav_4 says:

I say Android Central invites all the registered users

I would like an invite , I will invite all I can to other people.

dazweeja says:

@jmb1981, so if they let in a hundred random people, who are they going to hang out with? A social service needs social circles for it to work, not complete strangers. I think Google is doing it right.

XCypserX says:

Hit me up with an invite if you would :)

iamfuze says:

Invite please?

duvarneyn70 says:

Looks like im gonna need one of those too.

Thanks guys!!!

hcamposjr7 says:

i sure would like an invite please and thanks =]

Ihoncen says:

Please allow me to participate,

thenoan says:

think the obsession with attaining google+ is driving people mad and once they finally get an invite they will be terribly disappointed and have nothing to look forward to anymore. to me its a game now trying to get an invite and in a sick way very fun. good luck to all

Jo_795 says:

still looking for an invite

savo916 says:

Somebody please send me an invite to

shrink57 says:

Please send an invite to

Heroid says:

though I am the 1 millionth person: an invite would be fantastic!

bc_trunky says:

I'll try inviting as many as i can. Looks like Google+ closed the invites though. There used to be an invite button on my Google+ and its gone now.

Heroid says:

thanks for your efforts ! :)

Please can anyone invite me

thanks very much

dealcrawler says:

I would like an invite:

bc_trunky says:

Okay Hopefully i've invited correctly. I invited from Shevchuck to this post. Cheers!

HCDemon says:

Invite please?

bc_trunky says:

added to Circle and commented :D

HCDemon says:

I was able to get the comments you shared, but still unable to reply or get into the system. Keeping my fingers crossed however.

Drumgod009 says:

Invite please!!

bc_trunky says:

added to Circle and commented :D

Goralns says:

Can som one get invite for me please PLEAS

ICU812 says:

*Ahnold voice* Someone pleeeease send me an invite ahhhhh ahhhhhhh get to tha choppa!!

Would really love an invite since I don't have any friends that are on it that could invite me. :( please.

bc_trunky says:

okay. last 3 above. and i'm done for tonight. Cheers!

ICU812 says:

you are awesome!! Much appreciated!

mschel says:

I would also love to get an invite.

Please and thanks so much!

sbtim says:

Please try and get me in however you can. My friend sent me an invite a week ago but it's STILL not working. Add me to your friends list and I'll send wet t-shirt pics (I'm a guy though)

Ali shahmiri says:

Can someone send me invitation please?

bigmix124 says:

Can somebody pleases send me an invite at thank u

TheN0ble says:

Can someone too please help me out? I would love a invite. Thank you.

olineil says:

Can someone send me an invite too? Thanks...

PM me please....

monstermav1 says:

invite me im begging u its still not working

Tough going getting in. Most of my invites have not been able to use them

king71st says:

Yes finally I'm in

monstermav1 says:

invite please i beg u

olineil says:

invite me please... How do I give you my email? Dont wanna posr my email add in public.


Please add me

DJQ7 says:

Please send me an invite too:

tasvic01 says:

Someone please invite:

andyp714 says:

kandiman1224 says:

Im very badly wanting a google+ invite :'( any help would be greatly appreciated :D

wpd805 says:

I would I to have an invite!

GreyCelt says:

Anybody else have an "extra" invite they wanna share???

89dynasty says:

Can I get an invite too

darkmist says:

If anyone here has an extra invite floating around, I'd greatly appreciate the help, I've been looking forward to this big time. Thanks in advance:

Posting your email addresses on a publicly readable website is probably a bad idea. In the meantime, just be patient or PM your email address to someone who has a Google+ account.

I'll be very thankful if someone send me an invitation :D

iridium21 says:

Ok, this may be a stupid question, but here goes...

How the hell do you invite someone!?

monstermav1 says:

you make a circle then add people or there email addy n comment on that circle

voiceonly says:

Make a circle and add this email address: as your friend :)


Please add me

May i have an invite please?


hsiller says:

I'd love an invite, if someone would be so kind, thanks!!

Oahu750S says:

I would appreciate an invite to Google+, ckelle1635(at)

Thanks in advance!

anyone can send intvites sent to me invite please

aliasfan says:

Would like a invite please

khelil says:

please I need an invitation, please please? could someone help me??
here's my email

obas#AC says:

I would also like an invite please!

mlorenz says:

Invite please?

demontooth says:

Invite please

Shevchuck says:

Down again? I got an email from someone on here but when I sign in to google it still says its not available to everyone yet

Handsett says:

Well I'm just getting the same as everyone else. The only change was it asked me to sign in, than the next page was the same as before, "Keep me posted". I want G+ :P

gmihalakos says: invite me please! !!!

testmail001 says:

Please send me an invite at
I've already marked my post as spam, so you don't have to :D.

suavehouse says:

If anyone is still willing to send invites, I'd love to have one.

h20squirter says:

Just an FYI to people asking for invites, I was able to send out invites yesterday, today that function is gone off of my + account. So they may have already reached their magic number and shut it off again.

tschmitt300 says:

Can I get an invite?? tschmitt300 at gmail dot com. :)

coopere#CB says:

am kind of disappointed in Google. why isn't it open tot he public yet? why isn't it open worldwide? if this is their answer to facebook, this is not the way. it is clear that everybody wants in, but can't, because its in closed beta. didn't google learn from the nexus one fiasco.

voiceonly says:

My guess is that they aren't fully ready, want to make sure it doesn't explode in their face by running slow, lagging, crashing, etc, and that they didn't have enough time to get it up and running by the time FB went live.

I can sympathize with Google to make sure it's running properly before they unleash it to the world, but it's also very frustrating to hear that it's running, not running, open, not open, etc.

malcolmph says:

i would like an invite


rpankoe says:

My invite finally went through and I'm in! Thanks!


Please add me

olineil says:

Invites please anyone kind enough... :)

bradleynj219 says:

Someone please invite me

kuchera4 says:

SUCKS! Went on after I seen the tweet last night and NOTHING! if anyone is interested.. :-)

Aimperial says:

If anyone has time & are able, would you please send me an invite? Thank you bunches! :D

moradroid says:

Android Central community needs to stick together. Someone please invite me

Can someone send me an invite PLEASE?!?!?!

pangui says:

Well if anyone is feeling generous I would love a invite to the world of Google + pangui @ gmail

chrys7 says:

Can someone please invite me

WilJai says:

I would love an invite..

keldie says:

Can i get an invite please


zuecho says:

Can someone please invite me:

zuecho ät web dot de

raycpe says:

If anyone has any invotes remaining, I would love one. . I would greatly appreciate it.

monkeypimp says:

If there are anymore invites I would love one and greatly appreciate it.


Send one invite here:

tshepomk says:

Invitation please

Darkbandit says:

I'd like to get an invite as well..darkbandit (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks in advance

Still looking for an invite thanks


Just worked for me. FYI, my invite was sent to me last night around 10pm and I just was able to get in now about 2:00 pm EST. I just went to every now and then today and it finally worked.

No permission to do my own invites though yet.

mstrowe says:

I would love a invite if anyone feels like sharing

saabooze says:

Would really appreciate an invite.

jms67 says:

Anyone else not see the app in the market?

nathy321 says:

Can someone please send me an invite,,, thanks

Beenyweenies says:


jecala says:

please send one my way

Darkbandit says:

Just wanted to thank you for the invite..will do the same when I can

chrisdogg says:

As of now they've added a dedicated section on the Google+ page to invite anyone!!

jsparky says:

Hey guys may I get an invite and be part of your circle please? thanks to whoever invites me!


Love to try it but need and invite...


nyusika says:

please send me invite


gamalhussein says:

who wants invites i got many... just give me ur name with the email

Hazyman says:

an invite is most appreciated!

AlphaBrav0 says:

It seems like im always early for work, but when its time to play, im always late to the party!
Does anyone have any invites?? Save me from this dreadul existence by sending an invite to

hiperglyde says:

I would like an invite to see what the chatter is about.. on my new 3d.

Please anybody sexy.barbie00 thank you guys ill return the favor

kon575 says:

Can someone please send an invite to me.
It would be greatly appreciated!

sohungry says:

If someone could send me an invite, I would appreciate it very much :)

wesst says:

I'd love an invite!

TJC0MB0 says:

someone please invite me PLEASE!!!

atawastar says:

Got the invite, thanks!

The Wave says:

Just got my Samsung 10.1 tab so going google all the way. Can someone please invite me!