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Google is trying to make things right with the owners of Chromebook Pixels on Verizon that are seeing their included data come to an unexpected end. When the LTE Chromebook Pixel launched on Verizon a year ago, it came with 100MB a month of free 4G data for two years. Verizon has apparently decided that deal no longer needs to stand, so they're ending it. Knowing that the handful of people that bought an LTE Pixel would be understandably upset, Google's offering to make it up with $150.

The $150 credit is coming in the form of a Visa gift card, which the recipient can use for whatever they want. Should it be continued Verizon data service for the Chromebook Pixel, they should note that they'll only get a few months of service out of that at best, but at least they'll be getting more than 100MB/month.

Google plans to offer the $150 to all who bought a Verizon LTE Chromebook Pixel. For their part, Verizon says that "we apologize for this and are working on a solution for those customers." Knowing Verizon, that solution might just end up costing the user more in the long term.

Does this effort by Google help to make things right, or is it too little too late?

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Google offers a $150 refund to LTE Chromebook Pixel owners stung by Verizon


In my opinion it was more than Google had to do. This was a bad move on the part of Verizon and was out of Googles hands. Props to Google for trying to fix Verizon's mistake.

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Agreed. Verizon should be ashamed that Google is righting their wrongs for them when the carrier should address the issue quickly than let it drag out.

Something tells me they're doing the opposite... celebrating. Someone else is footing the bill, and in the long run the customer is happy and gets what they want. VZW for the win.

Maybe, but it doesn't fix their reputation. Seems odd that while other carriers will try to put a positive spin if something like this happened to them, you don't see Verizon doing any kind of damage control. Still don't understand why people still flock to them for service knowing their reputation.

I only use Verizon because it is the only viable network in my small city of Waterloo in Iowa. Sometimes it makes me wanna cry, especially with the new goodies coming in Android L, which I won't be able to enjoy because Verizon does not carry Nexus phones. I would jump on T-Mobile if it was available in my area.

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VZW for the win??? Seriously? How to they "win" by breaking promises? It's not the first time either. They also promised to hold to the "Network Neutrality" principles when they won the auction for the 700 Mhz spectrum...and they aren't abiding by it at all. They also promised to roll out FIOS to several cities to get the necessary approvals, they went back on THAT promise. They also promised to make their network compatible with all devices, regardless of where they were purchased...Just TRY to activate a Nexus 7 LTE on VZ! Verizon is a LYING, DISHONEST company, and we SHOULD NOT TOLERATE IT!

Because no matter how bad they are people will stay with them because they think their network is best. Even though for 90% of the population it doesn't matter.
Of course, now everyone is going to reply because they think they're part of the 10%.

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And because you don't demand more, you won't ever get more from them. How many Pixels sold? If 100mb/mo for the very few pixels out there is going to hamper Verizon's network, that is sad. Then again, they are having problems with network congestion.

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And and because, apparently John didnt read my comment. I explained how they made out on it.

Keep in mind that, once the issue is actually resolved (by google), your average customer is not going to be upset about this. they'll fail to realize who really solved the problem. that's my point.

I agree, once again Verizon and their greed have screwed customers over. They never seem to honor their agreements when it doesn't suit them. Google on the other hand always tries too do right by their customers within reason. I like Google and their customer service.

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I wish Google would buy T-Mobile, rename it G-Mobile. Then make cheap data plans. Then all their future Nexus and Silver devices wont have Verizon support just like the Nexus 5.

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Yea, Google for stepping up. However, Verizon should have been the one to do this. Better yet, they should have upheld the original deal, like any ethical company would. This is a prime example of the business practices that caused me to leave Verizon in the first place.

At the end of the year I'll be leaving to when my contract is up. I can't figure out where I'm going to go though. I'd like to go to someone like TMo so I don't need a contract

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I felt the exact same way. I went in one day right before I left just to "make sure" giving up my unlimited data was worth it. Had multiple sales reps basically lie to me about the plan they could do. I knew they were being dishonest and let them see how far they would let it go.

They were trying to sell me the 10gb of shared data for 80 bucks (but not ever mentioning the 40 dollars per line)

It got right down to the point where they going to have me sign stuff and the sales rep was literally covering up the "40 dollar per line" data fee with a sheet of paper.

When I finally called him on it he said "well the plan doesn't included taxes and fees in the price."

I only adds 120 a month to the bill....

I told them to stuff it and switched carriers that day. Total dishonestly. I can't help but think what happens to people like my mom who go in just looking to start service.

I went to a Verizon store yesterday and was told that it would be at least an hour to get help. I then called the store and said I needed 5 new lines of service. The final answer was no waiting for new lines of service. ... zero integrity. .. zero honesty. I just hope t mobile gets better around me

It's not an ethical dilemma, it's a legal one, how they are getting away with this I do not know.

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Wow, Verizon and google have quite the relationship... I think if I was dead set on another nexus type device I would not sign up with them, lol. Verizon's solution will probably be offering a discount on cell service through them, lol. Honestly to keep face Verizon should just make the existing offer work. I mean really, how much data are they giving up? I would imagine the Pixel sold in the thousands, maybe as it is more expensive than a full blown windows laptop. And of those few most of the time they will be on wifi.

There can't be that many pixels out there. This seems like such a small amount of data for the negative press it gives Verizon. Just goes to show Verizon is becoming, if not already, the worst company in America. F**k them.

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While I enjoy jumping on the hate Verizon train like everyone else...

We do not know the details of the deal and have no idea who is to blame. Google could have dropped the ball on their end somehow for all we know. There are plenty of reasons to hate Verizon, but we just to not know for sure that this is one of them.

-1 bro. How could this possibly be Google's fault? Verizon is known for dumb decisions and poor business practices. I don't think it was Google. It leans more on Verizon that they can't stand giving away free data.

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Yes, at the moment all I have is a screenshot of Google offering the promotion on their website. To me that's Google's fault unless they can provide paperwork showing Verizon is liable. If that were the case, Google would have Verizon in court right now. And maybe they do? Who knows, ball's in Google's court.

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Good job Google. Resolving a problem that in the end has nothing to do with them. Screw Verizon!

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I love how Verizon's customer care can even make Sprint customers okay with a smaller footprint.

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Hmm. Seems like it was all Google ads that made the data offer. Do we actually know who is at fault, or are we assuming that because Google was the first to cough up some cash they must be the good guy? Way too many unknowns for the little people like us to be pointing fingers, I bet.

Yes he is and until you have evidence you should embrace his perspective on this. It may very well be Verizon's fault but until we have facts, there's no point speculating unless you're that desperate for the chance to say "I told you so"

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Thank you joshjoshajosh. Yes, I am absolutely serious. I see a lot of blame and absolutely NO evidence. Google is no angel, just like Verizon is no angel. And for all we know Google just beat Verizon to the punch - what we do not know about this is 100 times what we do. Convicting anybody - even a massive organization like Verizon - in the court of public opinion is not something I am comfortable with. And anecdotes of bad customer service, as numerous as they are with Verizon, do not constitute evidence against them IN THIS CASE. We, Android enthusiasts, have no evidence to blame or acclaim either party in this case. Sit back and watch it unfold, but without evidence we should keep ourselves as observers, not judges.

Even if we assume for a moment that this was all Google's fault, how many actual devices do you think are actually affected by this? A few thousand at most? What would it cost Verizon to keep this going one more year? Next to nothing, and yet... they aren't doing it. Based on their history, it's far more likely that they simply figured that most affected people would fall into one of two categories. Either they have no other devices on, who cares about them. Or... they DO have other devices, probably under contract... so, they aren't going anywhere. They probably figured they'd lose maybe a couple hundred extremely low-use (and more importantly, low revenue) customers, and simply don't care. I hate Verizon as much as the next guy (maybe more), but let's be honest... this is typical of all U.S. carriers (with the possible exception of the new T-Mobile... but the jury's still out on that one). It's all about the bottom line, and a few hundred, or thousand, or really even tens of thousands of customers simply don't matter in the long run. I left Verizon over this kind of thing, but I have no illusions that my current carrier is any better. I just haven't personally been screwed by them yet... but there's still plenty of time.

My 200 free megabytes for life on T-Mobile with my Nexus 7 2013 LTE was not working correctly and after months of calls and emails we got it corrected and they are giving me 3 months of free 3gb per month. The new T-Mobile is not like Verizon haha. I like them. Now they need to get more coverage out in my area.

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I'm glad that you're happy with your carrier, but I have to say. 3Gb for 3 months is a far cry from 200Mb for life, especially if it took "months of calls and emails" to make it happen. There may be (and probably is) more to the story, but as written, that doesn't seem like a very good "Here's why T-Mobile is better" example. Unless, of course, you mean 3Gb for 3 months, THEN the original 200Mb for life, in which case, that's a VERY good example.

So happy I dropped Verizon earlier this year... Ironically, I am currently on the phone arguing over them mischarging for my etf; this has been going on for weeks.

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Just another example of why Verizon and other carriers can't be trusted to benefit the consumers. It's always about the bottom line and how much they can pillage from consumers without having to do anything.

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And this is why I left Verizon, last year.
I miss the signal, but don't miss the greed and bullshit that comes out of their camp.

C'est la vie

I think Google stands out as the big winner here in customer satisfaction and I hope a LOT of Verizon customers see exactly what they are getting into with this company. They are almost as bad as AT&T when it comes to customer service.

This could also be seen as the final time that Google and Verizon will ever collaborate again.

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I find it funny that no one has shown any evidence that Verizon broke any agreement. If in fact there was a legal agreement, and I can't imagine there wasn't one for such an arrangement, Google should be suing them. But I note with great interest that that isn't the case. Hell, neither company has even admitted what the issue/misunderstanding is. At a minimum Google needs to say something rather than just offering a rebate. But hey, blame Verizon since they are the internets favorite boogeyman.

Verizon is AWFUL about their data. They think their packets are made out of some magic fairy dust. The thought of "giving" data away is like a three foot high flame to Verizon execs. Really burns their asses! I'm so glad I don't give them money every month any longer. I moved to AT&T, and while they have plenty of their own faults, it was the next best provider for me in my area. I was amazed at how much faster the data speeds are on AT&T.

This is TOTALLY on Verizon. I mean, how much more slimy can you get? It's ridiculous. I've never even heard of such a blatant rip-off. (without the details, however, Google could still be to blame as well)

$150 is a nice gesture from Google, but it's not comparable, in my opinion. If I had bought one of these Chromebooks, the big selling point would be the two-year guarantee of being able to get online at any time. 100MB is obviously not much, so the timeframe of how long you have data access at all is what is relevant, not the amount. Can $150 buy you twelve months of a minimal amount of data from Verizon? If not, then Google's gesture is not enough. If the only way you can get twelve months of coverage from Verizon is to sign up for a $30/month plan for these laptops, even if you are forced to buy more than you want or need, then Google should provide the $360 dollars to do it. And Google should figure out how much it takes to get twelve months of coverage, not make the customer do that.

speaking of Verizon 4G LTE.... I just noticed that my city is part of their new XLTE. I did a speed test a few minutes ago using and I got 47mbps download speed! (!) It used to be just 21mbps.

I wonder how long it takes to burn through 100mb of data? 30 seconds?

I hope that we see Google settle this through litigation against Verizon. Because we all know that Verizon is quick to charge consumers for any breech that occurs during their obligation.

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Does this computer have a SIM card slot? If it does might as well get a T-mobile SIM and plug that in. 200 MB on that plan and it's completely free.

I think the take away point here is that nearly everyone automatically assumes it's all on Verizon. They may be to big to fail now, but as consumers become more educated, their policies will eventually bite them in the ass.
Paying them a early termination fee a couple years ago was the best money I've ever spent...

Maybe that will teach Google to do business with Verizon. Now can we please have a carrier-agnostic Chromebook?

It is a shame that google even had to do this.. it should be Verizon that is trying to make it right. kudos to Google!!

well i hate verizon and there greedy meddling ways but ive tried all carriers and always end up back with verizon due to needing the best coverage possible for my business. sad but true . i feel but hurt every month but what can you do whenever yoir lively hood depends on reliable service.

It's all Google can do.... Unless they have any legal power to force Verizon to honour it.
At least they have done something for the people getting fucked over.
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There are two ways 1) the Verizon Way or 2) the Verizon Way.
As much as I don't like VZW, I still find it the best for MY needs. So I pick #1 above. ;)