A quick heads up to any Brits looking at getting a Chromecast soon that Google is throwing in a little Play Store credit for good measure. Currently advertised in the UK Play Store, if you buy and set up a Chromecast by July 15 Google will give you £4.99 towards a movie rental from the store.

Given some of the current rental prices in the British store, £4.99 could get you one movie with enough change left over to give you something towards a second. Once you're set up head over to to redeem.


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Google offering credit towards movie rentals with British Chromecast


This offer is also valid for those who have already purchased a Chromecast - I got mine at Currys on launch day and I've just redeemed....

I just tried too, but it says "No Chromecast devices found, Device missing? Learn more" which strange as I was casting from it at the same time!! so not working for me!

Try it when nothing is casting, as when you check for offers using the app a screen comes up on the TV saying whether there were offers or not

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You can also check your serial number through the Chromecast app. Select your Chromecast and then hit the menu button.

It think it checks the serial number of the Chromecast, as mine was a US import (factory reset to get the region code GB) and I can't get any offers

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My device wouldn't show up using the website on my PC (still no idea why) but I managed to redeem using my Android device whilst connected to my Chromecast (on the options menu click on "check for offers").
Very handy! Effectively makes the Chromecast even cheaper!