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Seems like it was only a couple days ago that we were tipped to home screen and Android 4.2 lock screen widgets for Google Now, and today that update has come, along with a few other trinkets.

First off is that widget. It works on a home screen or lock screen (the latter only if you've got Android 4.2). We not noticing any real customizable settings just yet -- sing out if you see any. But you can at least resize it on the home screen, and you might well need to if it tries to take up a full 4x4 spot by default.

Then there's support for movie passes from Fandango, as well as ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. If you're searching for a home, you'll get real-estate listings from Zillo. In the United States, you'll now see a music button when a song is playing in voice mode. And, as some of you have already noticed this week, there's now support for college sports. (Just in time for March Madness!)

Update: Google's got a blog post detailing the update here.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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deltatux says:

So it's live now?

planoman says:

Yep. Update on play store.

Gekko says:

unfortunately, Google Now kills my battery.

icebike says:

Google now won't affect your battery one way or the other, but some of the "cards" that you select may. Especially if they are trying to follow some social deluge of useless jabber.

Gekko says:

i thought it was all of Google Now's constant logging and mining of your Web History and Location that was the big culprit - regardless of how many cards you select to get in settings?

cozzy123 says:

I noticed turning off the traffic/map card that is always on effect say when you are going to and from work really gets rid of that terrible battery drain on the nexus 4.

I don't feel i need that card so I got rid of it. Plus it always left a notification in the notification bar which kind of annoyed me.

briankurtz79 says:

Get a new battery

113 says:

Buy a Note 2 and you won't have that problem :P

Tietherope says:

Took a reboot to show up in the widget drawer, but it's working now.

briankurtz79 says:

Why does it take up the space of a 4x4 widget but only physically look like a 4x1 widget?

return_0 says:

You probably don't have enough cards for it to add more space.

kaufmansm says:

how do you add it to the lock screen on a vzw gs3 stock 4.11

Read the article and you'll see that you can't unless you have 4.2.

trees247 says:

Google is the best ever!!...I wanted this from day 1!

heat3610 says:

Finally this is brilliant!! Thank you for listening Google :)

trees247 says:

When you swipe away in Google Now it leaves the widget!!..Sweet!

Tietherope says:

I can no longer access the Google Now setting. I hit menu, the list of options pops up, then disappears right away. I'm on a Galaxy S III. Anyone else?

jjt981 says:

Same on Note 2 for me.

davem2 says:

I have the Note 2 (Verizon) but dont have any problem accessing the NOW menu.

IBM Kid says:

are you using a custom rom on your note 2?

IBM Kid says:

Same here on an AT&T Galaxy Note 2. At first I thought it was my custom rom but since both of you are having problems as well I guess not. Hopefully they fix it soon.

cygnusx8 says:

Make sure the keyboard is minimized by pressing back button. Had to do that a couple of times and now it works with keyboard displayed.

IBM Kid says:

Okay I figured out how to fix it. You have to revert to the old version of Google search from the play store by hitting uninstall. Then you can go into the old version of the app and go into the settings menu and turn off hot word detection. After that you can reinstall the app and it should work as long as you don't turn hotword detection back on. There must be some kind of conflict between them.

kiki527 says:

You are awesome! It has been driving me nuts that it wouldn't work. This fixed it. Thanks so much!

yahyoh says:

Working normally here :)

Happy Birthday Chris Parsons!

LL HUGH J says:

so do you add the widget to the lock screen?

Same as any other widget. Just tap the big "+" in the middle of an empty lockscreen pane.

Tietherope says:

Also, you need to be on a Nexus device.

icebike says:

Not true.

JobiWan144 says:

icebike is right; Android 4.2 is not restricted to Nexus devices. I seem to recall a ZTE phone getting a speedy update late last year. Also, 4.2-based custom ROM's like CM 10.1 are becoming more commonly stable.

qdigga says:

You can also do it in Widget locker :)

Tietherope says:

My point was that if he was on a Galaxy S III or something it wasn't going to happen without an extra app and explanation.

christer1444 says:

What exactly is voice mode?

imrich01 says:

Yeah been wondering that myself.

pitchersduel says:

for whatever reason when i place the widget in a home screen it just says "no cards" shouldnt it at least show the weather?

saf100792 says:

Try opening the search app. Mine said the same for a second until i did that

pitchersduel says:

that worked! thanks

tmitche2 says:

I had to go into Google now and then the cards showed up.

saf100792 says:

I wish Google would unify the way their widgets look. Some of em go for white like the search bar, currents, and this one. But then apps like. Drive, music, and the song search are the black. Make up your minds google.

borgdog says:

Actually I wish they would have a common select-able theme system where I could select dark and all of them would go dark, or light if that's your thing.

saf100792 says:

Agreed. That would be ideal. This mix and match thing is annoying

pitchersduel says:

hmm also only seems to stay center of the screen...cant seem to change the position..same for everyone else?

malejko says:

Weird.. I have Google Search installed as a system app, but going to it on Google Play says it's not compatible with my Xperia Pro? Android 4.0.4 straight from Sony but.. weird.

IBM Kid says:

You have to have 4.1 to use google now. Otherwise it is just plain old google search.

Grahaman27 says:

update also breaths life into nexus s google search... so much faster.

pitchersduel says:

is it possible for google now to show you things you put into your google calendar?

tmitche2 says:

Mine shows me my meetings that I have on my calendar that have reminders set for them.

pitchersduel says:

oh ok...i have a few stuff set for 24 hr reminders...but we're not quite at that time frame...hopefully they show later. thanks

tillerrw says:

What is it I'm not understanding about "In the United States, you'll now see a music button when a song is playing in voice mode." ? I have music playing but don't see a music button. What is voice mode? Do they mean voice search?

tmitche2 says:

I hit the voice button and held the phone up to the sound, I had to get pretty close and after a couple of secs a blue music icon appeared under the voice button I pushed that and it did the music search.

tillerrw says:

Thanks for the clarification. I was way off on what I thought that meant :)

zachavm says:

I'm still waiting on them to add a timer voice command that sets the timer and not an alarm.

+1 this. They should no longer be using the alarm work around if possible since 4.2 added a timer and stopwatch.

kicko says:

does the widget even update on its own? i have a traffic update in my notifictions and the widget still says the same old info.

edit: apparently it does update, i got another traffic time notification and it did update.

snowman says:

swiped away my cards after installing the widget and now it says no card and doesn't open even when pushing that

robertvito says:

Quick question...On the example it shows weather , traffic , and stock info.

How come on my Droid DNA it just shows either the weather or traffic but not both?

Is it because of my Android OS version or ???

Thanks in advance.

Boowalley says:

My Google Now won't let me manuall refresh after the update. Also the mountain background has disappeared.

Alessandro L says:

Here an unofficial version on the play store

jimpia17 says:

I think Google Now is awesome, but there is one thing I would really like to see in the next update. When in Google Now and I want to search something by voice I have it set up to were all I have to say is "Google" and it opens the voice search, as do probably most people. But I would like to be able to say "Google" and it opens the voice search no matter what I'm doing on my Gnex or N7. Example: If I'm in an App like Facebook all I would have to say is "Google" and it would open up. then I just need to go back to Facebook, if I wanted to after my search. It would be really great from the Home screen also instead of having to swipe to open Google Now to use this function. What do you all think about this? Please share your opinion's!

Tietherope says:

I think that would be a battery killer. The phone would be listening for voice commands 100% of the time.

What if you say "Google" in casual conversation?

HubyD says:

Options to show a specific type of card on the widget would be nice. Eg: Only weather, or only traffic.

pstjmack says:

I have a rooted ZTE Skate running the ParanoidJelly ROM with Android JB. I tried to upgrade Google Search and I get an incompatible message on the Play Store. Anyone know where I could download the apk for *this* latest version of Google Search?

marioc says:

One thing I noticed this morning, the google now header graphic is now the google of the day. And just like on the google homepage, if you tap on it it'll take you to the search results page for the doodle subject. Glad to see this, I was getting tired of the old static canyon that used be there.

Tietherope says:

I'm jealous. Mine still shows the mountains.

ybcthanerd says:

i might b havin a brain fart but what is voice mode