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It should come as no surprise to anyone that many of us use the Google Mobile site while on the go to search for images, find locations, or just for a random search, and navigating the old site was a bit of a pain. Google has finally launched their revamped mobile site, bringing larger buttons instead of the fine text to select things such as pictures, places, news and more making it easily accessible without having to zoom in.  This update has been slowly rolling out across various platforms, and seems that we finally have been blessed with it on our Android devices. So, what do you think of the revamp, love it? Hate it? Bing FTW?

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Google Mobile site gets revamped


It hasn't rolled out to all Androids yet, I'm still seeing the old site on my Nexus One. Made sure my user agent is Android and cleared the cache as well.

I'll change my user agent to something like Linux or Mac so that I can use the Rdio website instead of the app, then I can use the shuffle feature instead of having to make a playlist.

Very chromish! Love it! Maybe they will start doing away with the iPhone style mobile websites now...

Same here... SGS 2.3.3, SGT 2.3.3, Atrix 2.2.2 & Milestone 2.2.1 // stock & Dolphin HD browsers

EDIT: just got it on Atrix