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Previous contractual obligations may see Google getting involved in the current patent lawsuit trial between Samsung and Apple. According to testimony by a Google lawyer today, the contract associated with bringing Google apps to Samsung's devices has Google pick up some of the defense associated with patent lawsuits that go against Samsung. Although exact terms of the licensing agreement between the companies aren't known, indications are that at least some of Apple's complaints against Samsung have enough to do with Google's software that it has to be involved with the court case.

On Samsung's side, statements from its representatives indicate that the company isn't entirely sure whether or not Samsung will have to call in assistance from Google in defense of the case. Throughout the course of this case Samsung has called several Google employees to testify in its defense, including lead Android engineers, according to Recode. Samsung still denies that any of its products infringe on the patents in question in the case.

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Google may take some burden of Apple lawsuit against Samsung


All these patent disputes are silly and slow advancement down. If someone else can do it faster, better and cheaper get your game up or step out of the way.

+1 everybody borrows from everyone else. You don't see Google suing Apple for the drop down notification bar. Apple is ridiculous for dragging things on

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Or widgets. Or quick action toggles. Or voice commands (don't forget, we had voice search before iOS had Siri).

Maybe while Google's there they can bring up the notification bar, quick toggles, panorama photo's, recent apps list with the ability to quit apps by swiping away, and built-in turn by turn directions, among other things that were stolen by Apple.

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Oh man, if that could only happen. The problem is I don't think google ever patented any of this crap, but apple has!

I know there was a pending patent for the drop-down notification shade a few years back. Haven't ever checked to see if it was approved. Either way, I don't see Google even talking about wanting to sue over iOS implementing the notification center in iOS.

Agreed, but good guy Google doesn't patten every single thing for the greater good. I wish more people knew how Apple worked so they wouldn't buy their products and they would just go away..

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Samsung want to bring Google down with them if Apple wins the case. Asian Cowards.

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no i think they understand they have no chance being in usa court against usa company but with google well its do they help the home team or the home team.

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Asian cowards? Really? You are a real shit stain on this site and I have no idea why the AC editors allow you to be here. Spew your poison elsewhere, troll.

Yeah, no. Patent sharing between Google and Sammy give them a huge portfolio. Google is fighting the fight with OEMS before it comes to them
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Edit and you're a dbag

Actually, it has more to do with the fact that none of the items in question where actually written by Samsung. They're all part of Android itself. Samsung can't really defend itself by saying "we didn't do it" so they're bring in Google to say "they didn't do that, we did".

needs a big shake up and soon its just getting stupid...

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

That's the other way around dud lol. Android is too big and since Android is open source and Google does not make money on the OS the most Apple will get is royalties on Nexus devices which Google could easily pay if they had to. They would not get a sales ban and even if they did it would suck if Google had to kill the Nexus line but it wouldn't really effect Googles financials that much anyway as they are sold at or just above cost anyway. Meanwhile Android continues its growth and Global domination.

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Google brings a BIG stick to the table, and the expensive lawyers to swing it. Apple has another thing coming IMO

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Apple has the deepest pockets.. But, they're not the brightest company. Just the luckiest

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The luckiest to generate more than $150 billion in the bank even after its founder and innovator died two years ago?

Sounds to me they're doing something right somehow.

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If I take a shit in my toilet and don't flush, I'll have shit in my toilet. Imagine that.

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Lol they are mostly coasting on past success and name recognition. The problem is that if you coast too long sooner or later you slow down. So far it's just the growth that's shrinking but soon it will be sales and profitability as well.

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They lost their only innovator when Wozniak left. They've been limping on ever since by copying everyone else and relying on brand recognition.

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Google still has $50 billion+.

Once you hit even remotely close to that, extra cash doesn't matter. $50b or $150b, no tech company is going to spend all of that in even 5 years.

When I was a kid my mother told me "if they copy you it's because they think you've got a great idea, so you should be proud!"

....words to live by, Apple!!

Seriously, Apple sucks. Samsung BUILDS their chippie "A7". The reason why the fingerprint scanner sucks on the S5 is because Apple will NOT license the tech to Sammy. Its just so stupid.

The problem exists with finger print scanners in general. When Apple was touting how it required a "live" finger, I really hoped that they have come up with a way to resolve the issues that have plagued finger print scanners for more than a decade. Looks like the answer to that is "not really".

Please end this nonsense already, every time I see an article about this, I am instantly exhausted. This litigation just sucks the fun out of technology. You have your gazillions and you're still selling boatloads of your phones regardless of what Samsung does, so who gives a rat's backside, fire your stupid lawyers and hand that money to your engineers and keep it moving! Enough already.

Amen my friend. The issue only arose once they started to get a run for their money. 2nd place is the 1st loser

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These patent disputes are ridiculous. Most of these patents should have never been awarded in the first place. Apple is the worst when it comes to this. They continue to slow down progression in the industry because they refuse to innovate.

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This shit is way out of hand all apple is doing is trying to kill two birds with one stone by trying to take samsung through the ringer again with confidence because of their last victory and being observed enough to try and take google down as well and paint a brand conspiracy bs even if they are innocent the image of it scares away investors

I think Google is doing right here. I said in another comment section (and got yelled at and called names) that some of these patents were "core" features of Android and pretty much forced onto OEM's if they wanted to use Android OS. It seemed though, that Google was just sitting back watching Samsung take it just because Samsung sells branded devices and Google doesn't. To me, that was a slap in the face. I'm glad Google is stepping up as they should.

That's one way of looking at it but mostly that last trial was for features samsung packed in and mostly had nothing to do with Google period but it seems this time it's apple trying to stab samsung yet again and make google look bad understandably google wants nothing to do with it but at the same time they can't afford to let their #1 oem hang out to dry while they do nothing so this is going to get intresting

Apple needs to stop throwing such a fit over stupid things. None of this stuff that they are suing about is rightfully theirs....All I'm getting from them is "you have something and I want it, I'm going to sue you till I get it!"

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What Apple is really trying to say is that, if Samsung phones didn't have "slide to unlock" and "multi-touch" features, then people would have bought iPhones instead, so Apple has lost money. That argument is, at best, disingenuous. At worst, it would indicates Apple is completely ignorant of what consumers actually want.

Either way, I think their real agenda is that they can't stand having competition, and they just want to sue everyone until they go away.