Could this mean the Google Watch is finally a reality?

According to CNET's Daniel Terdiman, who is on the ground at the SXSW conference, Google will be releasing their own SDK for wearable devices in two weeks.

This could mean better support for manufacturers who want to use Android on wearables, or that Google is interested in a smartwatch of their own, or it could be part of the KitKat upgrade to Google Glass. Or it could mean something entirely different.

Hopefully, we'll know more in two weeks.

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jeddo45 says:

Please be a smart watch! Please be a smart watch!

Nexus 5...enough said

DWR_31 says:


Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...

jeddo45 says:

That signature doe!

Nexus 5...enough said

nevetsca says:

I'd love to see a Google or Motorola smartwatch.

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Zig261 says:

The smartwatch better look good Google. I'm already inclined to buy the Gear Fit but i'm open to more options if you convince your product to be better than Samsung's.

fuzzylumpkin says:

The fit looks nice, but Samsung apparently don't want my money.

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No they want your money. They want ALL of your money.

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tdizzel says:

Based on their recent comments on G+, I think they're planning on making a smartwatch that looks absolutely hideous...just to piss Zig261 off.

Evilnut says:

Please make this a true thing! Please! Minimal just like stock Android.

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Most smart watches are fairly minimal already I'd say. But I agree, if it looks good as a wearable and does what we expect smart watches to do well, I may finally be interested.

fuzzylumpkin says:

Interesting, looks likely we'll see a Google watch this year then. Of course lots of people said that last year so meh.

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DroidOn says:

It's amazing that given what is currently available in the marketplace, that there isn't one good, fully-functional android smartwatch available, that can be used along with any android phone. I am talking about something with the design that Samsung has with the Galaxy Gear, but that will work with any smartphone. At a minimum, these watches should give us alerts to emails, texts, and calendar reminders, should allow for the making and receiving of phone calls, and talking on phone calls, have a color screen, sleek design, and reasonable battery life. And I don't know if anyone has written about it, but what of the lifecycle of smart watches in general? Will these watches cease to work along with future OS upgrades? This could be a big deal.

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mwm says:

I can tell you why there isn't one smartwatch that offers all the features you want: the technology isn't up to it yet. By the time you get all the features you're looking for in the watch, you have both a relatively large power draw and very little room for a battery in any design that could be called "sleek" by anyone who doesn't think Refrigerator Perry is a small man.

So you have to pick the subset of those features you want. Want all the features, give up on "sleek design" and "reasonable battery life". Depending on how you define "reasonable battery life", you may not be able to get it with a "sleek design". Personally, I decided that - as cool as it might seem - talking to your watch would probably just make you look like an idiot, and I don't expect it to be useful enough to justify the cost and battery hit. The makers of the most stylish smartwatches on the planet (last years Martian watches - which seem to have everything you want but the battery life!) have dropped that feature from this years offerings. How readable is color vs. E-ink on that small a screen, and how does it affect the battery life? And so on....

And of course, your list won't meet other peoples minimums. I have no use for text notifications, but I have to have google voice. Others will want various fitness functionality. And so on

For now, the phone side of your smart watch is just an app that talks to a bluetooth device. It should have the same kind of lifecycle as any other such app. A properly designed watch will keep being a watch without the app . The apps, on the other hand, will probably outlive most of the startups making the watches.

Jonneh says:

mwm is correct in their response to you.

Basically, you are asking for a significant other that is skin-and-bone and yet eats thirty-two meals of donuts a day.

dovlek says:

Will it be Android or...a Tizen kind of thing....

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jeddo45 says:

Dude come on... If its coming from Google, what do you think?

Nexus 5...enough said

appmy says:

Exactly... It'll be Chrome OS based

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Grahaman27 says:

At least they gave us a date.... I'm looking at you nexus 10.

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jeddo45 says:

+10! I'm waiting for the refresh of it!

Nexus 5...enough said

blipp says:

Haven't they been slowly converting the Glass API stuff into a generic "wearables" API? Each time they do a release they seem to rename things to not include the word 'glass.' Seems like the final API will be a non-beta version of the GDK. The Glass UI looks like its easily convertible to a watch anyway.

tdizzel says:

Wearable Nest? You can control your own body temperature

It'll even determine when you get a fever.

Ian Hanson says:


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Jonneh says:

Really want Google Now on my wrist. Though, I do enjoy my Plastic Pebble :P

blackbyrd says:

Isn't anybody else wondering what a gorund is? Sounds like a pretty cool role playing creature.

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AOSPrevails says:

A Google Smartwatch will be nice, but a fitness tracker with a little smartwatch functionality like the Gear Fit would be preferable for me.

It would just be cool to see what google brings to the table., especially if google now is involved.

Nak57 says:

I'm only interested because Google could finally bring the prices down on these watches

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Slaytor Z says:

Google Glass is a wearable. It could be for that.

Probably. Especially since they privately announced KitKat is coming shortly for Glass.

cashxx says:

Hmmm sounds like Samsung with getting an early start on rumors of another company getting into this market!


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dumbcow1 says:

I still love my Pebble to death. But I'm curious to see what Google or the rumored HTC wearable will bring to the table

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