Google Maps update

Google Maps just got itself a little update to add weather to the live wallpaper. Haven't actually seen any weather yet in Version 4.5.1, but I've been accused of living in a vacuum before. Get it now in the Android Market. [via Android Central Forums]

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Spork1673 says:

no weather wall here :/

BSG75 says:

Gps still seems busted on the live wallpaper. Droid Incredible.

victorminC says:

It's a weather effect overlay on the Google Maps Wallpaper, you get your satellite view, and when it's raining you see raindrops dripping on the map.

uansari1 says:

Is there video of this anywhere?

drizek says:

It's 101F here.


Menno says:

also, if you go all the way to the left screen (and the top is empty) you get a weather drop down.

DubA says:

I guess i'll be praying for rain!

Nirvana328 says:

mine shows cloudiness, even on the non-satellite map mode.

wjrandon says:

Recharge that poor phone!

uansari1 says:

This update breaks the Google Labs option to have the blue directional arrow instead of the blue dot. Oh well...

LordNyax78 says:

Did you ever get the arrow to actualy work?

sydeshow says:

it worked very well on my N1. very disappointed to have lost this option.

edit: very weird. opened Maps again right after posting, and the compass arrow showed itself again. the Google gods must be hearing my pleas!

UncleMike says:

This by itself warrants the release of an update?

yardie87 says:

Awesome...something to combat HTC sense weather on my Original Droid. Got fancy widget (HTC rip :)) on my Droid..this is just icing on the cake. Yes Sirrr..I'm hoping for rain, so I can see raindrops..lightning...we have tornado watch also..That would be awesome seeing a tornado scoop up all my app icons on my screens. LOL

fupayme says:

Cool stuff, can't wait to play with it on my EVO

mllme says:

It won't load on my Hero with 2.1. It is giving me a message that says "Package Invalid File". Could it be because of the stripped down 2.1 version I have that won't allow live wallpapers?

rjmlakota says:

It's raining here in Buffalo. Just opened "map" and it shows no weather on my Droid X.

mvpcarl says:

Still not showing rain in Buffalo... Has your mobile web been slow downtown lately?

rjmlakota says:

Yes, it has been slow within the last couple of days.

bryan986 says:

Took quite a while to load the weather overlay but finally got it. Pouring rain here as well and all I get is clouds, if that. Guess they are still working out the kinks.

snicker02 says:

I have a Mytouch with 1.6 and live wallpaper is not working.... please help! or does live wallpaper not work with 1.6???

Nirvana328 says:

You need Android 2.1 or higher to use live wallpapers

langejl says:

makes my evo lag really bad

nobius says:

I want a weather map overlay on the actual maps application.

Small_law says:

It did solve one annoying thing. If you pressed the back button when using navigation, it used to end the program and kick you to the home screen. Now it asks if you want to quit navigation.