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Whoopsie. As great as Google Maps Version 5.8 may be with its fancy photo uploads, better search results and new Places features, a pretty big bug managed to sneak its way through. Open up Navigation and try to navigate to one of your contacts, and suddenly you're not nearly as cool as you once were -- it doesn't recognize that you actually have any contacts.

Uninstalling the Google Maps update seems to fix things, but let's hope Google rolls out a fix of its own soonest.

Thanks, David, and everyone else who sent this in!


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Google Maps 5.8 Navigation doesn't care that you have contacts


I use navigation daily to get me to my customers, all of whom are in my contacts, and I've yet to see this issue.

Note that the article says it's in the "Navigation" app from google maps. Contacts work fine on my device if you're starting from Google Maps -> Menut -> Directions. But they don't work if you start up the app via Navigation.

Works fine for me on D1 running CM7.1 nightly

My bad, it works fine if you go to Google Maps then get directions form there. If you launch straight to the navigation app then it doesn't find contacts. Interesting bug.

I wondered if it was just me. :)

Annoying for sure, but at least you can access them via contacts --> maps --> directions.

I have an EVO, and contacts search is working in BOTH maps and navigation.

Android Central, perhaps you should update the post based on those handset models actually having the issue?

Yeah, found this issue on my Dell Streak this weekend. I ended up going into my Address Book and selecting the contacts address as a work around. Annoying though.

Navigation doesn't show contacts on my EVO 3D, but I found a workaround. I go into Maps 1st, and my contacts show there. I select from there, and then move to Navigation.

Interesting, lol. I would have never noticed this as I never start from the navigation app itself. I usually start from Google Maps.

Although, I only have 2 contacts with addresses and never need to use navigation to get there, lol.

Just FYI, you can use the 'Type Destination' option and type in the person's name and it will give you any matches from your contacts. Just did it on my Nexus S running MIUI 1.7.29 and GMaps 5.8.

Confirmed behavior on Nexus S 4G running stock 2.3.5 and Maps 5.8.0.

Contacts show up when getting directions via Maps, but I get the "You don't have any contacts with addresses" message when going directly to Navigation.

Also confirmed same behavior as MSgtSimon above...if I use "Type Destination" and start to type any of my contact names, it gives me matches from my contacts.

i dont get it...if you're going somewhere, shouldnt you know the address? and thus just be able to type int he address in the nav bar? or have we come this far with technology that we need the computer to tell us where we're going?

You have all your contacts' addresses memorized? Either you have an excellent memory or you have no friends.

That same argument could be made about the whole contact list - you should know the phone numbers of people you want to call. Thanks, but it is easier to tap a number (or address) then to remember them all.

On this bug, DX w/stock GB I see the contacts from Maps but not from Nav.

Another annoying change I've found is that if the contact is a business, Google Navigation seems to ignore the contact street address and only searches for the business name. If the business is not in the Google database then it won't route to the address. Also, I find frequently the app thinks I'm at my destination before I'm actually there, still 1/2 mile away.

I haven't had any problems accessing my contacts in either Maps or Navigation on my Shift w/ 2.3.3. In fact, they both run great.

That makes me feel better. I tried it a couple days ago and had the same issue. I thought it was because of a rom I flashed recently.

I have a N1 with Maps 5.9. I've just updated from 5.8 (which suffered this problem). The problem is resolved with version 5.9.