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More than a few jaws hit the floor when Google announced its latest Samsung Chromebook at the amazing price of $249. Well, they've just one-upped that price with an Acer model that hits the magical price point of $199. The new Samsung model kept the price down by shrinking the battery and tossing in an ARM processor, but this Acer model is all Intel still. The spec sheet lists an "Intel Core Processor" -- still to be determined which model -- 11.6-inch screen and a 320GB hard drive along with the same 100GB Google Drive offer. It's a bit thicker and heavier than the Samsung at 1-inch and 3lbs, but offers more ports in exchange. It has 3x USB, HDMI, VGA, ethernet and a Kensington lock slot.

If you'll recall back to the previous iterations of Chromebooks from 2011, the Acer model was the cheaper of the two to start, but we're still left wondering how the price can get so low on these new models. It seems one place where they've cut back is the battery, as the rated life is a not-so-impressive 3.5 hours, compared to that of the Samsung at 6.5.

The new Chromebook goes on sale tomorrow in the Google Play Store, as well as other retailers such as Best Buy that are carrying current Chromebooks.

Source: Google Official Blog; Google Chromebooks


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Google launches another new Chromebook from Acer


I obviously can't claim to be an expert on this device (as it's not in consumer hands yet), but I blame the spinning HDD for such bad battery life. Acer, how much space do we really need on a Chromebook? Acer, please make a model with a 64 or 32gb SSD.

Interesting. Since it is an intel based CPU, I wonder if you could install Linux Mint/Ubuntu on it as easily as a normal computer. That would be pretty sweet for the price.

GOogle seems to putting together quite a slew of devices for sale in the play store for the holiday season. Maybe if they get enough we will see a real brick and mortar store front?

Ok maybe Im wishing but Im happy to see good products with nice price tags....they clearly want all of my money :)

Other stories on this show this as having Intel Celeron 847 processor. Looks like an Acer Aspire One (even same keyboard) now designed to run Chrome OS instead of Windows. Newegg sells the Acer Aspire One for $329, so $130 less just for Chrome vs. Windows 8 OS?

If you already were paying for 100GB on Google Drive, that's $120 savings, plus the 12 free Gogo in air internet is about $150.