Google Search on Honeycomb

If you've searched with Google through your Honeycomb tablet's browser, you have probably noticed that the process feels a little undercooked. Today Google announced that they've revamped the experience, optimizing browser search for those tablets running Android 3.1 and above. A new search button below the standard search box will organize results by websites, photos, videos, and the rest of the usual suspects, while image results will have larger previews, faster thumbnail loading, and continuous scrolling. Google says that the tablet revamp will be rolling out, with 36 languages in tow, over the next few days.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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dharbit says:

its about time glad to see this!

nctrnl says:


icebike says:

Meh. I preferred it the way it was.

I set my tablet to use the full website any way and like the fact that it's the same as my desktop.

SprintGuy says:


eawortman says:

I noticed the same on my iPad yesterday. Perhaps it's for most of the tablets?

And it looks like it retains the Google +.