Google Glass

The last update for Google Glass was a major release, bringing the platform to Android 4.4. Along with it came a slew of bugs — some innocent, others pretty show-stopping. Google quickly pumped out a fix for the folks who couldn't get back up and running, but today they have issued a new version with XE17 that hopes to address those inevitable bugs.

In addition, they tease about even more improvements:

XE17 fixes some bugs that caused Glass to unexpectedly restart. Even more improvements are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Stay tuned, we shall.

Source: Google


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Google Glass update XE17 released to fix bugs from last release


I guess all the Android engineers must be working on this. Hopefully they get around to releasing 4.4.3 on our phones at some point.

Yea, I had several random reboots just this morning. Last night I even had the card that shows when you're on a call and shows the call duration, crash completely. Hoping XE17 will be more stable and wrinkle-free.