Explorers who purchased Glass already can upgrade to the new hardware version for free

Google announced today that it will be expanding the availability of Glass, as well as refreshing the hardware based on Explorer feedback. While there aren't any specifics on a new design or exact features, Google is saying that the new version of Glass will have compatibility with future prescription and sunglass lenses, and include a mono earbud. Presumably other hardware changes will be made as well — Google has been listening to those with Glass and tweaking the design accordingly.

Any of those initial Explorers with Glass who purchased a pair before today will be able to swap them out for the new version for free as well, which is a nice gesture to those who jumped on the $1500 bandwagon early. Furthermore, Explorers now have the ability to invite three friends to become Explorers and pay for their own pair of Glass.

The ability to invite friends will be rolling out in the next few weeks, and the big breakthrough here is that Google will simply let those new Explorers order Glass online and have it shipped to them. Previously, you had to make a trip to a Google office — more often than not involving an expensive flight and a hotel — to pick up a pair. Google isn't specifying how much these second-round Explorers will have to pay, but we're going to assume it's the same $1500.

Source: +Google Glass; Google Support

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NoNexus says:

Nice move for the beta testers. I mean that sincerely

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

brendilon says:

Very, very nice...
Time to start sucking up to some of them to get an Explorer invite!

Connor Mason says:

For the money these explorers paid, Google is smart for acknowledging them and granting them access to the next gen

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vansmack says:

Prescription is a great addition.

Any word on Left Eye compatibility?

icebike says:

Unless they start doing BOTH eyes, prescription is a waste of time.
What are you supposed to do, saw your glasses in half at the nose bridge for use with Google Glass, then tape them back together like a 1978 high school geek when nobody will let you near them while wearing the glassholes?

Huh? The prescription will be for both eyes, you don't need a special prescription in one eye to look at the Glass screen. The focal point is far into the distance — you don't have to have something special.

ne0ne says:

Invite please ! :( looking forward to the day the masses can purchase these.

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Anyone with an invite? Hahaha.

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joker42179 says:

Anybody care to send me an invite??

mstrblueskys says:

Mono-earbud? Does that turn anyone else off a little?

That being said - I would do almost anything for an invite.

brendilon says:

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

The bone conduction works, but sometimes people may prefer a real speaker in their ear.

Ep3n3wp says:

Can I get an invite??? Pleaseeeeee

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icebike says:

Sure. $1500 for google, and $500 for me. ;-)

dEe_eNd says:



I'd pay that...seriously :)

hmm i dont understand the mono earbud thing.

Before, explorers had some kind of thing that vibrated into the back of your ear so you could hear, and now they are going to have an earbud wich you will need to put on your ear.

Does anyone know if the first version was "stereo" or also mono?

thepolishguy says:

Well - and I know that I should never assume anything - but how would you achieve stereo in one ear? So I am assuming mono.

dchawk81 says:

Bone conduction I believe.

bar1203 says:

If anyone has an extra invite please give me one bar1203 at Gmail dot com

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Jerflash says:

Invite please! I will use it well. Jerflash63@gmail.com thanks guys!

coolbreeze78 says:

Aaaand every message board turns into an invite begging fest.

BTW, can I have one? I have the cash :)

n8_dc_oslo says:

Oh man I want an invite. Anyone willing to give one?

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marty331 says:

I've offered my 3 invites out already. Waiting to hear back from the last one. So I may end up with one to give. If I do have one left it will not be for sale, but will go to someone who truly wants Glass and wants to be in the program.

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ispanish says:

Please count me in! please please please! I've been waiting for these glasses, bugging Google Glass project over twitter with no success. I'd be grateful ALL my medical year for you!

ispanish says:

here is my email:

Ep3n3wp says:

Id love to get an invite!! i see and do so many things... and could only imagine how much more i could capture with glass... check out my instagram and see what i see just with my phone!! i also go all over for work(500+ miles a week) heres my ig...
instagram com/coltonsdaddy

if the link didnt work just look up Coltonsdaddy

gaiabuster says:

I would absolutely love to be a part of the Glass program. But with my eyes requiring prescription lens just to see a few feet in front of me, it's still not quite doable for me just yet. It's good to see prescription lens being a possibility pretty soon though

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dEe_eNd says:

Finally a company rewarding early adopters... Makes you want to take the leap and try this tech. Hopefully its a little more affordable when it reaches the masses.


LV23 says:

"Google isn't specifying how much these second-round Explorers will have to pay, but we're going to assume it's the same $1500."

I guess not.
$1500 is the price for the first Google Glass explorers which will get the new hardware for free (they already paid for it).

plunder says:

If you require complex lenses in your glasses, the ability of using this kind of device becomes more complex. They will need to account for that, if and when this technology becomes available to ordinary users at saner prices.

Awesome A C

I would really appreciate an invite if there are any going

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jackwagon06 says:

This board now sounds like an AC giveaway.......me me me......now back to reality tv....

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I would really appreciate an invite if there are any going

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n8_dc_oslo says:

Would love an invite if anybody has an extra lying around collecting dust

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mricchio says:

How EXCITING!!! I'm willing to sell some of my BITCOIN's for an INVITE :D PLS let me know

fawazn says:

Can I have an invite?