Google Glass XE11 update

A quick heads up for you folks (OK, you few folks) out there sporting Google Glass. The November update — XE11 — is now available.

New this month is the ability to designate home and work locations on Glass — just like you can in Google Maps, the easier to find your way home or to work. (And, more important, to route you around any traffic.)

You'll also be getting personalized calendar search, so you can ask Glass to show you what's coming up.

There's a new setup scheme as well, but you'll need to do a hard-reset to see that.

And finally there's a new shortcut in the notification drawer of your phone for screencasting.

Google's also changed up the shortcut for initiating a search. Instead of long-pressing the touchpad, you'll need to tap it three times slowly when the display is off.

More: XE11 release notes; via +Google Glass


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Google Glass gets XE11 update, adds new directions, calendar search, setup and screencasting shortcut


Really wish Google will step up and tell its Explorers not to wear Glass while driving. It's not a HUD, HUD's don't run Twitter feeds, text messaging and games.

The same would be true of a smartphone in a car dock. Why would one be legal and the other not?

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Maybe you should look the laws?

There is a lot that can get you a ticket when using a smartphone in a car dock.
If a cop sees anything but a static display or Navigation running on that smartphone you can get a ticket for that as well.

As long as Glassholes can clandestinely watch anything they want while driving, you can expect enforcement to assume they aren't just using maps, and ticket them for distracted driving.

California, Massachusetts or pretty much any state with distracted driving statutes for the US.

If Samsung made penis implants, would they have TouchWiz? - dchawk81

Why assume anything. You can't ticket based on assumption. You actually have to have evidence. Perhaps you should look at the laws.

The law as written would prohibit the use of a smartphone in a dock.

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