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Sometime last week, an overeager Tweeter let the cat out of the bag about an update to Google Drive that wasn't quite ready. Fast forward to today and it is ready, and has pushed out into Google Play. The full changelog is pretty hefty, but there's a few key points worth noting. 

Folder options are now included, allowing you to now create, upload to and move files between folders. For many of us omitting this for so long has been a cause of constant frustration with the mobile app, so it's definitely a welcome addition. 

The presentation viewing experience has also been improved, and now includes the option to swipe between slides, view slides full screen and view accompanying speaker notes. Basic table elements have also been added to the document editor, as has the ability to create, reply to and resolve comments. The full changelog reads thusly: 

  • Create folder, upload to folder and move to folder
  • Filter folder contents by file type
  • Option to auto-sync pinned content while on 3G
  • Richer Google Presentations viewing experience
  • Basic table support in Documents Editor
  • Create, reply and resolve comments in Documents Editor
  • View and change fonts in Documents Editor
  • Pinch to zoom in Documents Editor
  • Print files using Google Cloud Print
  • Option to resume interrupted uploads

Google Cloud Print may not be the most widely used service either, but a welcome integration to the mobile Drive application. Grab yourselves a copy from the Play Store now, but do also check out the video after the break. While showing off some of the new features, it also shows off a forthcoming feature that isn't included in this update -- native editing and real-time collaboration for spreadsheets. 

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Google Drive gets updated, new features for presentations, comments and creating folders


I (think) he means an option to download a file to an easy to find local storage ont he device. Currently it will download an offline version of a file...but it is deep in a hidden cache folder somewhere makin it a PIA to get to it with another program.

The main feature I really want is a quick dropbox style share public link

Yes, but I can't be the only one who would like this feature implemented. I had to get the app Cloud2SD as a workaround. Great app that does the job.

Yeah this is my main discrepancy with gdrive. For some people its useless without the feature to be able to actually save the content to your device. It can't be that hard to integrate into the app, and I'm sure that google knows that dropbox has this feature.

But I've got to say, I'm really impressed with this update. Great job google. I tested it out and created a document, synced my printer and had a document that I wrote on my tablet. Then, IN MY HANDS. Within seconds. Its just brilliant.

You can literally use this as your personal computer, pretty damn sweet I've got to say.

I can see drive overtaking dropbox soon.

Be patient. it will come soon!!! creating folder was one i wanted. its there now.

But I understand. Downloading a file should be there right from the start.

I am going to try the print to device option which basically will download the file to device. will give it a try and report back if that works. to do this open file-->menu-->print

The features in this latest update are great and a good step forward for Drive. I'll definitely get more use out of it.

You can use ES File Explorer, it got a Google Drive integration!
You can copy to & from the SD Card !

Still waiting for Spell Check!!!!!! And while they're out it (on a completely different rant) where is my dictionary lookup for Play Books!

Quick Question? Can you guys open Office word document in Document viewer?
It cannot open the word, btw, its office 2013 document.