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Want a real Gmail app? A man's Gmail app? Not like you were ever really going to find one on a BlackBerry, but what those poor clunkers did have is going the way of the dinosaur, as Google's decided to deprecate its BB app. Starting Nov. 22, support ends, and our CrackBerry cousins will be relegated to the mobile browser. Not that that's the worst thing the world, we suppose (hey, it was pretty much good enough for an official "native" iOS app). But it still means that Android has the best Gmail app around. Try not to act surprised.

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Google deprecating its BlackBerry Gmail app


Not surprised... So much of the time the sweet apps are for Android or iOS. From what I've seen, The Blackberry apps (if available) are much lower quality, fewer features, and have less support available. Good thing my next phone is 95% chance of being Android. (I'll split the remaining 5% between iOS and BB. I'll have a look at what's available when my contract is up, but that's about it)

Like the GMail app in Android is that good. I'm still trying to find out how to empty the Trash and Spam folders, and there's no pinch-to-zoom which the non-GMail client has had for ages.

Have you actually tried to do that? Because there is no such thing as a Delete option for items in the Trash. The menu for items in Trash lists Read, Go to Inbox, Mute, Mark as Unread, Star, Change Labels, Mark as Spam, and Help. Not only you can't empty the whole trash at once, but you can't even delete items one by one. The GMail app for tablets is even less sophisticated. You see the trash icon for items in trash, but it actually sends the item back to the inbox.

It's not like it matters. When I had a BlackBerry, the Gmail app was useless. I think I might have used it once since I installed it. There's simply no reason to use this when BlackBerry handles email natively so well. It would be a complete waste of time and resources for Google to support an app that directly competes with something that the phone does perfectly native.

Not to mention that the app was never very good. I don't think it ever had proper copy-paste support and the UI was shoddy. The only thing that redeemed it was the search but, again, BlackBerry does that natively as well.

Chronos88 has it exactly right: The Gmail app for BB was poorly implemented and completely unnecessary.

On a related note, as soon as the Galaxy Nexus is released, I'm going to take my BB Bold out to the range, clip it to a target stand at 100 yards, and see what some .308 will do to it. I think I'll take the battery out first, but maybe not.

Why in the world would anyone with a BlackBerry use a gmail app? BlackBerry handles gmail amazingly well natively. An app would just be a waste of time. Maybe Google figured that out and that's why they are killing it off. Its kinda funny as soon as I got my Android I noticed all of the email apps. People make it seem like this is a bad thing for BlackBerry and it really isn't. The bad thing is Android having a need for hundreds of email apps and thousands of keyboard apps and sound profile apps. And so on and so on. BlackBerry does email by itself. No 3rd party app needed. And I'm strarting to wish Android could do some things well by itself. The never ending searching for apps to download so I can replace all of the things that Android sucks at out of the box has gotten old.

exactly. Backberry IS email. That's why people still stay with it. Personally I love my dinc, but the email inbox, the ability to put a custom sound to ANY notification (text, email, alert, personalized text msg sounds) is what I miss about blackberry. BB is no joy to use. It's not intuitive, it takes a while to learn, and apps suck on it, but if you need email, no one does it better than BB.

Plus there's the GMail Enhanced Plugin. Gives label access, archive ability, spam reporting ability, etc. All in a native Blackberry method.

This article is far too shortsighted and far more biased than even a typical AndroidCentral post that rains on the competition.

I think it was mostly just ignorance on AC's part. They may have used some Blackberry's in the past (or use it now), but I highly doubt they use it as their ONE cellular device for any substantial amount of time. We all know this stuff because we came from Blackberry, and most likely used it as our only cellular device for years.

Yeah maybe your right. AC sees this as OMG horrible news for BlackBerry but in the real world there is maybe 6 people out there that have used the gmail app on a BlackBerry lol. Seriously no one cares about this app. It is probably one of most unecessary waste of Google developers time there has ever been.

Now on iOS yes you need a gmail app. But on a BlackBerry? Yeah right lol

I love the way blackberry's *built in* gmail support works. The contacts and calendar all sync perfectly.
I'm wondering how many blackberry users felt the need for that primitive gmail app.... and how few actually downloaded it anyway.
For now, I'm still a blackberry guy. Android and/or Windows phone will have to produce a proper, physical keyboard.
With one hand, and no more than two button pushes, I can be doing almost anything now.... no flicking screens or fiddly tippy tappy negotiations of glass slab.
The BB is primitive by comparison. Heck, if I had tons of time to toy around, I would FAR prefer an android. It needs a solid keyboard with shortcuts.

The BB Gmail app was crap, it constantly locked up my Storm. But then again, so did just about everything else. One of the best days of my life was when I bought a used Droid 2 and said bye bye to Blackberry.

My friend was showing off her Blackberry to me yesterday saying "look what I can do now. I can access my Facebook from my phone". She didn't appreciate my laughing at her.

What in the world did she have, a Pearl? My Storm could access Facebook. I don't think I could ever go back to BlackBerry, but the Storm was a bit ahead of it's time, the only problem is that RIM made no effort to stay ahead.