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Google CEO and Chairman of the Board Eric Schmidt took the stage today in Berlin at IFA 2010 to deliver the closing keynote speech for the world's largest consumer and electronics trade show.  Schmidt spoke about the new technology that Android offers, such as voice translation, voice search, and Google street view, noting that these types of technology used to be classed as 'science fiction'.  Schmidt also spoke about Google Chrome, and an excellent demo was shown.

Speaking of demos -- GoogleTV's official twitter account reminds us that there is a great demo of the upcoming GoogleTV product (due in the U.S. sometime this fall) that you can watch right here, as part of the full IFA 2010 keynote presentation (at about 32:00.

The full press release is after the break, where you can read how executive director of the IFA Jens Heithecker compares Schmidt to Einstein.  Yes, that Einstein.  [IFA@GoogleTV]

Google CEO Eric Schmidt delivers closing international keynote at IFA 2010:

"The future is now" says Schmidt

BERLIN, 7 Sept. 2010 - Google Inc. Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Eric Schmidt took to the keynote stage at IFA today to preview new technologies - including tools for Android-powered smartphones that translate conversations from one language to another as you speak.

Schmidt spoke in Berlin at the 50th edition of the world's largest consumer electronics and home appliances tradeshow.

Schmidt said more than 200,000 Android-powered smartphones are activated every day, and the Internet will soon deliver information to three or four billion people, "not just the elite," via smartphones.

"That echoed the 1930 keynote by Albert Einstein," said Jens Heithecker, executive director of IFA. "Einstein was talking about radio, the new technology of the time. He said 'technology enables communication and communication connects people.'

"Google today connects people to the Internet and opens the world in the same way radio did 80 years ago. And IFA as a platform defines the technologies and innovations of the future that will move our industry forward," said Heithecker.

Schmidt also previewed other advances in development at Google:

  • Voice-powered search for Android, the mobile operating system for smartphones;
  • Street-view search for Android;
  • Android and the Android app store will be added to GoogleTV, which fuses television with the Web and search tools. Plans call for GoogleTV to launch this fall in the United States, then worldwide.
  • Users will be able to use Android-powered smartphones and the Apple iPhone as remote control devices for GoogleTV.

"This was science fiction," said Schmidt.

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt delivers closing keynote at IFA 2010


Please tell me my eyes deceived me. When she was talking about Google TV and she reached in her back pocket. Did she pull out a Blackberry Bold? The reason I asked it I had one and the camera on the Bold looked very similar to the camera on the phone she pulled out.

Good God, the delivery for the Google TV portion of the presentation was so bad it actually made it look a lot less interesting than it really is.

They should have gotten a more competent presenter for that part.