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Google Authenticator updated, CyanogenMod 7.1 users beware


I think you can still use two step authorization with an android phone without the authenticator app, it just has to text you a # each time you need to authorize. I could be wrong, but I think while I was upgrading phones I had a situation like this where I couldn't use authenticator, but I can't remember the specifics or the exact setup I had during that time.

Been using two step for almost a year and I never even heard of the app. Might have to check it out but I'm not sure what functionality I need that the app would provide.

If my lastpass account got hacked it would be worse but once I put payment info on my google account for the market I went to the two step.

Well, when my wife got a new phone, she couldn't sign into Google on that phone. So we had to be online on our pc and disable the dual authentication first.

We just left it off as its been more of a pita than anything else.

Just a FYI, there is a workaround to this issue for those not wishing to wait for another update. Basically the new version of the app is looking for /system/bin/chmod and this does not exist in CM7.1. The workaround involves remounting /system read-write, cd /system/bin; ln -s ../xbin/chmod chmod; remount /system read-only (or reboot).

Credit to Fiouz's market comments

Confirmed on Samsung Captivate running CM7.1

There is a new release today that claims to have fixed it, not running a rom right now to test, but hopefully it did