Shutterbugs will be delighted with today's update

It's Wednesday, and that means a slew of Google app releases and updates. We've seen Chrome get a small one, and the Google Launcher made a big splash in the Play store, but we can't not talk about the big Google+ update slowly trickling out.

If you're the type who loves taking and sharing pictures, you'll love this one. All the major changes are for the Google photos side of the app, and they all look really nice.

  • Non-destructive photo editing across devices — Starting today you can start your edits on one device, and continue (or start over) on another. This means you can backup full-resolution photos from your desktop, edit them in seconds on your phone, then add some finishing touches from your tablet. (And you can revert to your originals at any time!) The technical term for this experience is non-destructive editing in the cloud, and we think you'll really enjoy it.
  • Brand new filters and creative tools — Now when you edit your photos, you’ll have a powerful set of tools (like crop and rotate), 1-touch filters, and Snapseed-inspired enhancements (like Drama, Retrolux, and HDR Scape). Mix and match to make your photos look their absolute best.
  • A single view of all your photos — The new ‘All’ view displays your entire photo library — whether it’s on your current device, or backed up in the cloud. If your library is really large (> 10s of thousands of photos), the app won’t show all your photos initially. But stay tuned, because we’re supporting larger and larger libraries over the next few weeks.
  • An easy way to browse your photos by date — In addition to search, there’s now another way to find your photos fast. Just swipe through your photos in the ‘All’ view, and look for the scroll bar on the right. Dragging the scroll bar up or down will quickly move you forwards or backwards in time.

As usual, this is the standard slow rollout from Google, so you may not see the update for a little while. Feel free to try your luck using the Google Play link up top.

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Google+ app updated with great new photo features


How about sharing via Facebook? The option is there now, but it never works.

Posted via Android Central App

I had the same gripe before as well. The Facebook option was there but wouldn't work. After this update it is now working, at least for me. Just used it a few minutes ago.

Interesting,, been posting pics on G+ lately,, getting so sick of that horrid fb app 'recommending' crap and people,, can see the day when fb goes the way of MySpace being this annoying

Posted via my outdated Droid RAZR Maxx HD using the Android Central App

Google play link in article loops back to AC homepage...

Posted from the surface of the moon using my LG Optimus G Pro on T-Mobile with 0 Death Star bloat...

How about a DELETE button?

It's annoying. My phone shunts off photos to G+ automatically. That's fine. But alot of them are just junk.
Let me click a Trash Can and get rid of them easily.

Long press on photo. You'll get your trash can option in top right corner as well as ability to select multiple pics.

I'm hoping G+ overtakes Facebook in the next few years, I'm so sick of their glitchy app and glitchy desktop website.

Posted via Android Central App

In your dreams man. I don't like FB but even Twitter or Instagram has a chance of overtaking G+ in ACTIVE DAILY USERS in the next few years.

Don't like what they did to photos. I liked only seeing the photos I took with the folders thumbnail first. I don't want to see all my photos all the time... I wish there was an option to switch between the old view and new. And before anyone tells me that I can select the folders from the side out menu, it won't stay defaulted when the app is removed from recents, it goes back to all.

Posted via Android Central App

I like what I see on a very quick look at the Edit features. Especially like the ability to rotate pics incrementally, rather than just in 90 degrees blocks.

Not trying to be a hater, but just can NOT get into using G+. Had an account since Day 1, but still just never go there. I try every few months, but it's just not for me.

BTW - is there an option to see everything chronologically yet?

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe someone can help!

When opening G+ Photos app all images are in one large grid. No folders or albums. Even when clicking 'Folders' and 'Albums' nothing happens.

When clicking 'Albums' the only photo I can see if my profile photo. When clicking folders I see only a fraction of my photos. What gives? Why doesn't it automatically show me the same albums I have? I can view them in 'the Gallery' app.

Also, when deleting images in my gallery (I deleted more than 10 albums) they still show up in the 'Photos' app. I had to manually delete one by one each photo.

If that's Googl's idea of an app we are in trouble :-(.