Professor Emoji knows what's up

Google has started a program using short how-to videos to pass along tips and tricks about using Google Places effectively.  The videos star Professor Emoji, and will help you rate and review places on the go, add friends, and more.  The first video, posted today, deals specifically with using Google Places with an Android phone.

They're a bit kitschy, and maybe something you don't really need a video to help understand, but remember -- some of today's 400,000 new activated phone's users just might.  We're glad to see Google making Android a bit more new-user friendly, and Professor Emoji looks like a nice friendly front man.  You can check out today's lesson after the break.

Source: Google Places blog via: @GoogleMobile


Youtube link for mobile viewing


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Google and Professor Emoji tell us how to use Google Places


Places is a great POI search app, love it. One cool thing about Places is that you can add custom one click searches. Click add, type Yoga, then save. Now wherever I am all I have to do is tap Yoga icon in Places to find all the studios in my area. Great for traveling. I used to have to Google that. This app is even better than Poynt!

Step 1: Search for something.
Step 2: Re-launch app and search again after it barfs you back to your home screen.
Step 3: Swear and repeat Step 2 until it works.

This is very necessary. While most readers here can pick up any smartphone and have it figured out in short order most people find using the features of these powerful devices confusing. Many will blame their phones when it is actually that they do not know what they are doing.

Google and phone manufacturers have a duty, I think, to provide easy to access and useful education about their products. It will be to their benefit in the end.