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Look who dropped in for a visit at Google HQ -- it's the Gingerbread man, poised to join the rest of the tasty treats on the lawn at Google.  There's no word on any announcement or code dropping, but it can't be too much longer now that this big fella is on site.  Google's own unboxing video after the break. [via AndroidDev, TechCrunch]

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Gingerbread man arrives at Google HQ [video]


I was thinking the same thing. Ever since cupcake it's been this way.

The Gingerbread is NIGH!

That's awesome. I didn't know Google had statues of their Android OS names on their lawn.

You aren't supposed to tell people what it means. That kind of ruins the whole 'inside joke' mentality lol. Old, bad, joke too might as well of tried to Rick Roll someone rofl.

not too long now. what was a month or so after the froyo and the eclair statue that they launched the base roms?

Lucky people that have Nexus One's...Gingerbread update is cooling off after being in the oven and ready to eat soon.

The rest of us can get nothing:( for at least 3-4 months on a new phone or 6-12 months on an existing phone.

So if Gingerbread is this close to being released, it hurts even more that my Fascinate still doesn't even have Froyo. :(

Big deal. I can still load the current version of android on my G1...yah it runs like *** but it can be loaded. The point being anything is possible with a device that is rooted......I'm on a horse.

This is the kind of thing that gives geeks like me something to look forward to. It's great to own a Nexus One!

For real. Everybody thought I was crazy for dropping so much money on the Nexus One (AT&T version - no subsidy) but who's laughing now, huh? WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!!!! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Even so, I'll still probably wait for Enomther on XDA to "fix" it before I get to enamored. That guy's work is sheer perfection.

My Nexus One is ready to gobble up the tasty treat while everyone else is pressing their nose against the window to watch.

I bet this has to do with all of the tablets that are coming. Didn't Google tell them to wait for Gingerbread, 'cause Froyo is not optimized for them? It seem early. Perhaps some of the UI enhancements slanted for Gingerbread have been pushed to Honeycomb.

Too bad the Galaxy S line will never have ginger love. We will barely get Froyo if we are lucky. Stupid samsung.....ill be sticking to HTC from now on.

Yes android is doing BIG THINGs. InterBaking is here my friends InTerBaking lmfao. Cross platform is over, now more and more devs are starting to see the diff in android and Ios . Call me crazy but android is on the rise in Just almost 2 years then ios has in that's last 3 1/12. The take over has begun.

Ehhhh. I wouldn't get too confident. The thing that has really allowed Android to kick butt and take names is the god Phone being tied to ATT. If the iPhone was on every carrier since day one you wouldn't see nearly as much market penetration as you do with android. If the God Phone can stay stuck on ATT for another 6-8 months Apple is pretty much screwed. Yah they can bring the device to other carriers and would still sell a butt load, but Android is fast gaining not just market share but mind share. By Spring....yah no one other then the iTards are going to really give a crap about the iPhone, because android does everything the iPhone does, but better with more options, and flexibility. Then you add WP7 into the mix that I think is more likely to cannibalize iPhone users then Android users, shake in a healthy dose of WebOS users who went iPhone and android but wants to go back to their true love and its going to eat away at Apple.
Now if Verizon gets the iPhone in November as the holiday shopping rush could impact Android sales pretty heavily IMHO....but if not...SMOOOOOOOOOTH sailing.

My Nexus has been holding me down for almost a year now, and this is a great way to finish off the calendar. Someone refresh my memory, is it gingerbread that is supposed to enable hardware acceleration or honeycomb?

According to Phandroid it will have hardware acceleration, but take that with a grain of salt. They also said it didn't look like it would be coming out until Q1 2011, but this statue showing up makes me think it will drop much sooner than that.

How come they are already talking about Gingerbread? It seems to me, half the phones out there don't even have Froyo yet?

My guess... if a phone is still in 2.1, but has hardware that is Froyo capable, they may just skip 2.2 and go straight to Gingerbread. Maybe Samsung held off on 2.2 for the Galaxy S line because they knew Gingerbread was dropping soon.

As for my EVO, I'll probably be sporting Gingerbread and the new Sense before Thanksgiving. Woo-who!

Haha! If I was a betting man and knew you...I would definitely take that bet. It took a while after the Evo was released before it got Froyo and with the problems Sprint had with it bricking some phones...they aren't going to rush it out. All the carriers will probably take even longer than they took to release Froyo because they all had buggy releases.

Because Google is the OS developer. Its not their job to force the handset manufacturers onto the next major release. All they can do is keep pushing forward with new stuff. Now that said if handset manufactures would stop tweaking the shit out of the UI it wouldn't take them half the damn year to update Sense, TouchWiz, etc.

I wish they'd make it so that all phones capable of running a new version gets it pushed on day one. Then all the phone manufacturers can take as long as they like adjusting their UIs. Then we could, if we want to, enable their UI when it's ready.

Would make things so much easier...

I'm guessing that Samsung phones will skip Froyo and go straight to GB. I think the Galaxy S line and tab will be the first to have it. Just a hunch.