GetGlue on Android

I'm a big fan of GetGlue. It's the social media sharing site for couch potatoes! With apps for all kinds of devices, it's quickly become very popular, and is as easy to use as foursquare. Today GetGlue tweeted that they are working on a brand new app for Android, and that if you want in now, you've got to sign up for the beta. You can find the sign up page at the link below, or download the current version from the Android Market.

Sign up for the GetGlue beta; Source: GetGlue on Twitter


Reader comments

GetGlue announces beta sign-ups for a new app


Brilliant. As any one who has used their current Android app can attest, this is long overdue. I hope it's more than just a sub-par front-end for their website.

Although I found the stickers a tad bit cool at first (maybe really cool at first lol).. I simply do not watch enough TV/play games/go to movies enough to use the service... I have too much of a life to waste it on TV.. I found myself just signing in, to get stickers for shows I didn't watch, but that got boring quick...The app was also boring and def needed to be streamlined...