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Join our beta test group and move yourself to the front of the line

We love beta testing. We love playing with things that might break, will break and need some testing. To that end, Google recently introduced proper beta testing of applications through Google Play, and we're going to start using it.

Want to get the latest version of the newest Android Central App before anyone else? Want to help us test things out and squash bugs? Here's how to order:

It's that simple. We'll start with the beta builds in the coming weeks. Thanks for your help!


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Get the newest version of the Android Central App before anyone else


Why not use Google plus for beta integration like plume app. Much more straight forward and cleaner in my opinion. Either way can't wait for the betas to Start.

So if I've applied for the beta and have the Android Central app installed, I'll get the beta updates through Google Play without having to do anything extra?

Do people really still use mobile sites? I can see on a very small silly iphone screen but on 4.3" to 5.9" screens you really want a dumbed down mobile view?

I'm sure this will sound goofy to anyone who does not have a Logitech Revue, but apps like this would be nice to have running on the tv so we could read them while ads are wasting our time during shows (like news) that we either don't want to or forgot to dvr.

If you're not approved just yet, don't worry about it. Probably won't have the first new build for a few days anyway, and I'll make sure to approve everyone before it gets pushed out.

How do you sign upnfrom Goole groups? I clicled then link on my S4 and it loaded the web browser but has no join group option.