Mobile Nations forums apps

Good news, everyone! We now have dedicated Tapatalk apps for all of your favorite Mobile Nations sites. That's your fast-track ticket to the forums of Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and WPCentral — and they're all available now in Google Play.

(And for those who have asked, yes, we'd love to get some iOS action going on, but — surprise, surprise — Apple rejects anything that has to do with Android Central. Go figure.)

Here's where to get your download on:

And as always, don't forget to check out the Official Android Central app, which also gives you full access to the blog side of things in addition to podcasts, forums, wallpapers and more!


Reader comments

Get dedicated Tapatalk apps for all the Mobile Nations forums!


"Apple rejects anything that has to do with Android Central."

Wow that's really petty of them. Is the guy who approves apps for Apple a fucking five year old or something?

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Food for thought. You could label it mobile nations and have it set up like the ac app but have 4 different forums on it.

Posted via the mystical forest creatures that power this Nexus 4.

It would be nice to have a single Mobile Nations app built like the current AC app that did cover all sites.

4 different widgets, 1 for each site.

Awesome about having forum app. It can make jumping back and forth and being aware of where I am better than just using the standard Tapatalk app.

Shame about Apple though.

Tapatalk should be banned on iOS devices because you could access the AC forums. Wait, I just realized that Safari shouldn't be allowed on said devices because it could be used to access Android Central. Scratch that. The same restriction should be applied to ALL browsers on the App Store. Well there you go, ridiculous logic from the guys at Apple, Inc.

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There is no action in the forums I'm guessing since it has one new article every 2-3 weeks on there main page

I know it's a bit of a stretch and a pain to code...but it would be SO cool if there could be JUST ONE APP for both site and forum. Even further of a stretch? One for all of Mobile Nations! But that's just wishful thinking :)