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According to a tipster (we love tipsters, and their pictures!) Verizon is preparing for a software release for the Samsung Fascinate on Jan 10, and one for the Continuum on Jan 18.  While we can't say for sure this means Froyo, we've heard nothing about any maintenance releases for either phone, so it looks like a good bet you'll soon be seeing Android 2.2 on your Verizon Galaxy S phones.  We'll keep our eyes and ears open, and let you guys know more if it develops. [AndroidCentral forums]


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Froyo for the Samsung Fascinate coming Jan 10; Continuum Jan 18?


What about DJ05 or DL09? Aren't those maintenance releases that could be what the screenshot is showing?

Could be, but the general consensus is that both those failed testing and will not be released.

Of course, if anyone has any solid info about that we're happy to hear it :)

I doubt it's going to be Froyo. It's like a 2.1 update similar to DJ05 or DL09 meant as an interim to 2.2. I'd find it very unlikely that there is a Froyo release so close and there have been no leaks when we have 2 leaks of other updates from testing.

I agree with Tkun above probably a maintenance release to allow us to use samsungs kies to download 2.2 whenever it does finally gets released to us. I just want my damn gps to work properly.

what if it's gingerbread? I mean didn't someone say they are going to stop with the fragmentation of the phones software? so what if samsung skipped froyo?

either you are really optimistic, or pour me some of what you are drinking. I wish GB was close.

They're not going to skip Froyo. SamsungMobileUS just tweeted these two messages yesterday:

"We are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners as soon as possible."

"We want Galaxy S owners to have simple/reliable upgrade. We r running tests due to complexity/unique functionality."

I will be surprised if any Samsung phone gets updated beyond where it is when it is released other than the Nexus S.

Too late. I am done. As soon as I can get my hands on the DOlt I am gone from Samsung, and for good. I just hope HTC remembers my dedication for years up until the lat couple of months. I will stray again.

This is probably the release of the i520 fascinate for 4G lte, don't ever expect Samsung to release an update when they want to sell you a newer phone. They just don't care about the existing customers.

ok so this is my first time having a rom installed (jt superclean ftw!) and (hopefully) getting an update on an android device (god bless my incredible, it didnt need one) anyway do I jus restore my backup I made, or do I have to unroot before also, (im aware this will most likely unroot my fascinate once I update) anyway id appreciate any advice from someone more knowledgeable on the matter :) (i love parentheses!)

My advice -- Don't do anything. When the new software is released (whether Froyo or a GPS fix, or whatever), someone will create something that flashes right over your existing ROM in short order.

yet no one has commented on the the partnership launch categories. obvi 6 code named devices... 3 on the 17th and then the 21sts of each of the next two months. get your speculation on.

Ha! Shame on the author. Great that the Ally is now getting a MR, since it has reached its EOL. Vortex is an extremely underwhelming offering in the Android lineup that Verizon should move to a much lower price point to entice possible smartphone buyers.

My thoughts are the 3 on the 17th are going to be devices that are announced this weekend, 1 of which I'm really hoping is the Motorola Tablet.

Nice to see VZ is doing a MR on the 2 4G LTE modems and that looks like a 4G LTE Hotspot device is on the horizon.

My b.s. meter is telling me not to believe this. An effort by Samsung to shut people up after the website debacle probably.

I hope this is froyo and an update to fix the GPS issue

I've been wanting to trade my Droid Incredible with someone who has a Fascinate but refuse to until the GPS issue is fixed and the update is completed.

Does anyone else seem to think it's odd that Android Central refuses to actually write a significant story about this serious issue? The fact that Samsung's entire line of new flagship phones--Galaxy S--has been chronically delayed in it's update in the US? If this were happening with the iPhone, you can bet your $99 Amazon App store annual fee that it would be big news in all the tech blogs. I think AC needs to stop worrying about it's Samsung advertising dollars and worry more about their perceived help in helping an advertiser dampen down a topic they should be covering more heavily.

I have a feeling that this is going to be like finally getting to Wally World in Vacation. WE'RE HERE! ... hello? ...

I've never really cared all that much that my Fascinate is lagging behind everyone when it's supposed to be a top player (it's the principle of the thing more than anything). What grinds my gears is the delay on a well known needed maintenance release to fix the GPS. THAT is unacceptable - I wasn't guaranteed Froyo when I bought in, but I think I was guaranteed that my device would work as advertised (i.e. work)

Samsung + Android =FAIL
I would never buy another Samsung phone running Android again. They have proven with the whole Galaxy S debacle that are simply not up to it, or don't care. Either way, I'm out!

Call Verizon Wireless and ask.....As of today they are starting to role out 2.2 for the Fascinate is what they are saying.......

Say what you want about the update speed of Samsung but once you root and add a custom ROM this phone is awesome.. I love it!

I also love my fascinate. I'm one of the very few if any that returned the Droid x and got the fascinate. The screen is incomparable. However, as mentioned above, its completely unacceptable that GPS still is crap(its not locking in anymore ) and the email is dogcrap. I could care less about gingerbread. Just fix the GPS, email and flash player and I'm happy.

can someone please help me? my fascinate is rooted. do i need to unroot to receive the new update or should i leave it rooted? i really want froyo so i need to know what to do?

Be careful of what you wish for. Archos was pushed into releasing 2.2 for the new tablets before it was ready, and it caused a lot of problems. 10 days later they got it right. I'll let Samsung get it right first before I update. Believe me if they are pushed into a release date, we will all regret it.

I got a Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S i500) and love it.
Cons - Bing, and the fact that I'm still waiting for Froyo with no official release, an approximate or even made up date to relate to.
Pros - Just about everything else. I lost my old phone and my son broke his qwerty based smartphone, since we were both up for an upgrade i got the fascinate and he got the Droid x. I like my phone much better, lighter, slicker, just as fast.
I rooted my fascinate but noticed on the current system firmware that it already has DL09 so what is the poing of rooting if these current available patches are already installed?
Froyo thy kingdom come to all of us not just for some.
For those looking for a reliable GPS, try AmazeGPS, good stuff.