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Fox News has joined the New York Times, CBS News, and several other mainstream news companies in offering an official app on the Android Market.

The app comes packed with features, including video highlights and live audio streaming from Fox News Radio. It is available for download now via the Market for free. [AppBrain | Fox News] Thanks for the tip, rugbyua9!


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Fox News's official app lands in Android Market


It's FREE??!?! What's with those pinko commie hippie weirdos giving away free software to just anybody with his hand out? Haven't you ever heard of capitalism, you damned FOX News socialists?

If you believe FOX news is a good way to open your eyes to your surroundings then its you head that's stuck in the sand.

Yes, this is to match the biased liberal news from the NYT and nearly every other news outlet.

....Time to get Hannitized.

Yep I hear people complain about Fox news and when I watch CNBC, MSNBC, CNN.. All I hear is that anyone who disagrees with this Administration is racist and stupid.. Yeah real good new organizations right there people.. I watch multiple news agencies and the only one that seems to talk about real problems in America is FOX so I'll be getting this APP for sure!

"only one that seems to talk about real problems in America is FOX"

ha ha ha ha *thud*

RIP craigf...he died as he lived, laughing.

I wish it, and all the other news apps (CBS, USA Today, NYTimes) got off their bums and included the code flag to allow sd card installation. There is no excuse for new apps coming to market right now to not have it enabled in their code. My N1 is down to only 10MB of usable space so I guess I'll be skipping this app.

Not a fan of Fox News but it IS good to see all media outlets looking at Android app development as essential as iphone development lately.

Now that I can agree with. I personally DESPISE Fox Noise. But at least Murdoch and Ailes realize where the future of media is. Hopefully this lights the needed fire under MSNBC's ass.


Not a fan of the right news stuffer's, BUT, that's what makes this country so great. As long as they recognize the Green Robot, it's all good on AC,... lol

When they start reporting real news, then I'll consider getting the app. I hope C-SPAN comes out with their own Android app so I can get my usualy fix of Washington Journal and all those wildly exciting speeches from members of Congress.

Its amazing how those who claim the highest level of tolerance and the openness to all viewpoints are the loudest when they come across views in which they disagree. I guess that intentions count more than actions in the world which we now live. Should all news be filtered and approved by the administration in power? Are the liberals the first into the Orwellian boat destined for oppression? If so please add my name on the top of the unperson list, I want out.

I have no problem with opposing viewpoints. My problem lies with masquerading around as an unbiased source when you're anything but. Remember, FOX News fought in court for (and won!) the right to lie to the American people:

google: fox monsanto wilson akre

And CBS and the New York Times are always honest? Please dont make me laugh. Your bias is stinking up the room.

Have you ever caught CBS or the NYT pumping up the crowd at a rally that they are supposed to be neutrally covering? Or how about taking out an ad to lie about CNN not covering the rallies while using a picture in the ad that came from CNN's coverage of the rally? Sure you shouldn't put all your trust in the news. But FOX is not news. It is a right wing political propaganda station. Anyone that doesn't see that is blind.

*posts uneducated comment bashing Fox News to increase my cool status*

How about all seemingly political app posts have their commends turned off. Anyone who thinks that any of the cable news outlets (irregardless of whether it's MSNBC, FOX, CNN, etc) are unbiased and "factual" are clueless. I'm not talking about tinfoil-hat "everyone's lying to you", but obviously every news organization has their own slant that fits their agenda.

And before someone posts, yes I can choose to not read/post in the comments for controversial apps. I just think that this site is great, and bringing politics in will result in fewer readers as they get PO'd at the mods.

The users brought politics into this, the admins just posted news about the app. Not the admins faults.

Oh and anyone who gets all of their news from a left OR right leaning source is a fool. Both sides are filled with self-serving contradictory BS spewing jerks. Now shut up about it, nobody cares what you believe on this forum.

My point is that people will then harass whichever editor that posted said political app and label them as Liberal/Conservative/Nazi/Whatever. It just goes south. I've seen it before.

I don't know, I mean..the admin offered none of his political stance/beliefs in his news post. Maybe you have a point but so far you are the first to even bring it up, I haven't seen anyone rip on the admin yet.

I do agree comments should maybe be turned off on posts like this, but not for the admin's benefit, its pointless to argue politics with anybody who is so committed to one side or the other.

The problem is that a site like this doesn't want to (I'm assuming) get into politics. While it's be nice to live in a world where all we'd get in the comments section would be posts like the one above complaining about the other news apps not supporting APPS2SD, most likely the comments on a post like this will descent into pointless political banter like the rest of the posts. People feel the need to defend their POV's, even when it doesn't apply to the main article. Heck, even I feel like laughing at the post below claiming that MediaMatters is somehow an independent fact checker. However me replying to that post would do nothing to advance the discussion of this media app. Obviously even my posts don't really have anything to do with the App itself.

I'll just stop posting under this article. Hopefully the Admin's of this site will take this into consideration.

No, no one is saying that the other news outlets are unbiased.. But Fox is the worst of the worst. That's just the fact, nothing to get bent out of shape over.. By the way, I am a republican.

Huffington Post may not have the same scope of viewers... but they are just as bad on the other side of the tracks.

I totally concur. I stopped reading the Huffinton Post about a year ago. (yes, i'm a dirty stinking hippie liberal)

What's your point exactly? Are you trying to assert that conservatives embrace liberal points of view?

Did you read the post above mine? I will repeat: Liberals want to control 100% of the media. Have you heard the fair airwaves act? Where Liberals want to force radio stations to broadcast equal amount of Conservative and Liberal viewpoints? Control = Liberal.

Yeah, you know where that's true? In your own head.

You know who created the Fairness Doctrine (which you incorrectly call the "Fair Airwaves Act")? Liberals. In 1949. When a Democrat was president.

You know who repealed the Fairness Doctrine? RONALD REAGAN.

Stop blaming liberals for things conservatives did just because you don't like those things. Facts are your friends.

Yeah, you know where that's true? In your own head.

The airwaves are publicly owned. Not Privately owned.

The Fairness Doctrine is to PREVENT 100% control by a single point of view (like one would find in, oh, say, communist China.)

This is the opposite of wanting 100% control. It is to ensure than NO ONE gets 100% control.

Nice job parroting Beck's insanities though, you're a good little viewer.

Media matters is a non-partisan fact checker? OK, I have some beach front property in Arizona if you would like to buy some....

facts don't have a bias. when you cite and source your facts they can be confirmed by others.

then there's fox who just says stuff and knows their audience doesn't bother fact checking and is incapable of distinguishing betweent fact and opinion.

Those of you who think Faux News is somehow less biased or factual than other major news outlets might want to consider spending some time on non-partisan fact-checking sites (e.g. factcheck.org, politfact.com and mediamatters.org) to get a sense of just how far out of touch with empirical facts Faux News is. Other news outlets may choose which news to report with a touch of bias, but Fox News just plain purposefully flat out lies on an hourly basis.

Empirical facts are exactly that: verifiable, confirmable empirical facts. Fox News presents opinion as if it were fact and presents verifiably incorrect information as if it were fact.

"You are entitled to your own opinions, sir, but you are not entitled to your own facts."

And suggesting that opinions be censored on this forum shows a basic lack of understanding of the internet and freedom of speech. If you don't like comments that offer an opinion different than your own, or facts which counter your opinions, then stop reading comments.

The only reason liberals and obamacrats bash Drudge, Fox, or any other alternative media is because they see anything opposing to their views as lies regardless of fact. I find it impossible for a liberal or obamacrat to be well-rounded and inteligent about world-affairs when they only feed themselves liberal media from Amerikan televised news sources and related online articles. It's even more idiotic when liberals and obamacrats think that the Tea Party movement has ANYTHING to do with Republicans, because it doesn't. It's a Libertarian movement...CBS wouldn't tell you that though.

And conservatives have an amazing way of responding with a parroting of something they've heard another conservative say, regardless of whether it addresses the things the person they're responding to said.

I repeat: Those of you who think Faux News is somehow less biased or factual than other major news outlets might want to consider spending some time on non-partisan fact-checking sites (e.g. factcheck.org, politfact.com and mediamatters.org) to get a sense of just how far out of touch with empirical facts Faux News is.

And if you think the Libertarians have more in common with democrats than repbulicans than you understand nothing about american modern politics so give up and go back to watching sports 24/7 instead.

Every single Tea Party supported candidate in recent/current primaries and the upcoming fall election is running as a REPUBLICAN. Wake up and smell the reality.

So you just made my point. I'm opposed of your view so you call me a conservative (which is not what I am).

The reason the Tea Party is supported by Republicans (and Democrats and Independents too, you know) is because there are two presidential parties - Democrat and Republican (Independents don't get the financial backing of billion dollar corporations like the Ds and Rs to effective long-run campaigns). Obviously, the Democrat party has failed to make good of their promises and have WORSENED the situation...so of course the Tea Party is not going to back them.

And uh, I never said Libertarians have anything in common with Democrats. I said they run the Tea Parties. Libertarians believe the opposite of what modern democrats believe in. Libertarians believe in small government, which is what the country was founded on.

Libertarians believe that Ayn Rand's works of fiction are somehow a viable political platform in the Real World. Libertarians beliefs have far less to do with the documents the country was founded on than they do with the fictional works of an anti-social, selfish, egotistical, bitter, crazy woman.

You're still failing to address my central point in spite of the fact that I've repeated it twice. I didn't call you a conservative because you disagree with me. I respect those who disagree with me while backing up their points with verifiable facts. I called you a conservative because you parrot things you've read/heard, provide no supporting evidence for the opinions you present as fact, and ignore points you don't know how to counter, just like a conservative.

To repeat yet again: Those of you who think Faux News is somehow less biased or factual than other major news outlets might want to consider spending some time on non-partisan fact-checking sites (e.g. factcheck.org, politfact.com and mediamatters.org) to get a sense of just how far out of touch with empirical facts Faux News is. Other news outlets may choose which news to report with a touch of bias, but Fox News just plain purposefully flat out lies on an hourly basis.

Let me ask this--how many other news channels constantly referred to Obama as Barack HUSSEIN Obama? How many "accidentally" replaced the 'b' in his last name with an 's'? Answer: Only one, Fox News. No one is doubting that all channels are biased in some way, But Fox takes it to an entirely different level.

So...because someone is called by their full name it's wrong? Weird. I guess if it's not George W Bush then everything else is off limits.

How many times did you hear his opponent referred to as John SIDNEY McCain? It wasn't even that they said his full name; it was that they emphasized the middle name with a raised voice and more aggressive tone. Also, no defense for the other issue, huh? Multiple times they put "Osama" on the caption instead of "Obama". Yeah, GREAT news organization. Faux News couldn't be more accurate.

Yeah, you mean like Democrat Ted Kennedy the lion of the Senate?

Really, you need to stop being silly. Fox caters to a new conservative audience which is ok... the majority of the country considers themselves conservative.. its only normal that the most watched cable news program would have an app.. We should be cheering despite political affiliation.

Simple... by telling lies to desperate Americans that they will give them great change and hope, by gathering an unusual amount of votes from African Americans and Latin Americans, and also through death threats by Black Panthers at polling stations, and ACORN giving votes to cadavers. Primarily because Americans were desperate and wanted something new though. You are going to see the same landslide victory this fall and in the next primary election for the Republican party...but not because of lies, race, or cadavers, but from Americans who have opened their eyes to what's really going on right now. I guess you're one of the ones still typing with your eyes closed.

Good job finding some data!

But you should really read beyond the headline:

"There is an important distinction in the respective ideological compositions of the Republican and Democratic Parties. While a solid majority of Republicans are on the same page -- 73% call themselves conservative -- Democrats are more of a mixture. The major division among Democrats is between self-defined moderates (40%) and liberals (38%). However, an additional 22% of Democrats consider themselves conservative, much higher than the 3% of Republicans identifying as liberal."

In other words, when you add up the moderates and the liberals they total 56%, which is a bigger number than the total Conservatives, 39% (conservative and 'very conservative' added together.)

This counters your assertion that "the majority of the country considers themselves conservative." The poll you yourself cited demonstrates that assertion to be factually inaccurate. False. Wrong. Incorrect. Untrue. Conservatives as largest single group in a poll made up of 5 groups is not the same as being 'the majority of the country.'

Yeah, I know, math is hard. Because Republicans have been stripping education of funding for decades.

PS: Your android device has a nice calculator on it.

I was simply pointing out numbers from a Poll taken from people around the country. How those numbers were interpreted was the OPINION of the writer, and not necessarily the fact of the poll results, so you are contradicting yourself. You are unarguably right though in one way...and you kind of put the foot in your own mouth saying it. Allow me to sum: "A poll...is not the same as being 'the majority of the country'". Your poll is as baseless as mine and any other poll out there because it doesn't reflect "the majority of the country", just the participants and the visitors of the site (which will of course change everything if its a liberal site or a conservative site). That could also be said for voting for politicians. Just because a politician got in office, doesn't mean that's what "America wanted", it simply means that's all that paid attention.

What? You're totally ingoring the facts and nubmers AGAIN, and you quoted me completely out of context by deleting the core of what I said and made the meaning completely different than the original intent, and then proceeded to argue against a point i didn't make, but that you made up with your editing and attributed to me.

Are you aware that you did that or is your reading comprehension level truly that of a first grader?

You're point has been thoroughly disproven.

Obama won by a record setting landslide. He got more votes than any president since Reagan. It happened in an election with the highest voter turnout EVER for a US presidential election. That's not a statistical anomaly. That's our current political reality. Your team lost. Deal with it.

"Now go away our I'll taunt you again."

You missed the whole point of me doing that...but whatever...some things are difficult for people like you to wrap their minds around. Anyway...I suppose the fact of desperation and fear in Americans, race, and lies had nothing whatsoever to do with the biggest voter turn out in America? Nah...probably not...that would be too obvious.

I missed the point of you editing what I said to make it seem like I said something completely different than I actually said? oooohkaaaayyy.

And, um, you realize that more republicans turned out to vote than ever before too right?

Accept defeat and move on.

And that's the problem with people these days. Accept things and move on. I suppose that's why everything is to shit right now. I didn't vote because I didn't support either candidate. I have no defeat to accept, but I think you need to move on past the 08' haze and open your eyes to the destruction that's going on now.

I'm well aware of the destruction going on now, like the GOP senate blocking unemployment benefits which causes a double-negative blow to the economy. They're doing it out of pure political spite and pretending to suddenly care about the deficit which they didn't give a crap about while giving the mega rich tax cuts and invading and occupying iraq for no reason.

Funny...cause last I checked Obama spent 3x more money in less than two years than Bush did in 8. It's also noted that none of the spending has benefited anyone (except for billion dollar corporations in auto, banks, and oil), which is why people are still unemployed and we are warned of a second-dip in the recession. Obama is not giving mega-rich tax-cuts, he's just giving them the money straight up and giving us nothing but more debt and no money to pay for it (jobs).

> last I checked Obama spent 3x more money in less than two years than Bush did in 8.

Where'd you check? Some rightwing blog? Heritage Foundation? CATO? Karl Rove? Oh, wait, almost forgot: Fox News.

There's zero reality in that statement. Nothing to do with reality at all. Pure fiction. The ONLY way you can't get to numbers remotely like that is to put spending initiatives by Bush that are still in place in the Obama column and blame Obama for Iraq, Afghanistan, TARP, Tax Cuts for the Rich etc. etc.


> none of the spending has benefited anyone

That's opinion, not fact. And economists on both the left and right would wholeheartedly disgree with you.

Most economists from both sides would also tell yuo that people are still unemployed and we're at risk of a double-dip recession because the GOP severly limited the size of the stimulus that Obama wanted to enact. The Stimulus wasn't big enough in the opinion of economists of left and right and the lessons they learned by studying the great depression and recovery.

"he's just giving them the money straight up and giving us nothing but more debt and no money to pay for it (jobs)."

I assuming you're referring to TARP there (also known as 'the bailouts.) TARP happened UNDER BUSH. BEFORE OBAMA WAS EVEN ELECTED.


Of course, if you watch Fox News, you think Obama is responsible for every bad bill Bush ever signed.

wow guys. its an app, not an editorialized endorsement. Don't you have some Apple forum to go flame in? Its a new app for the #1 cable news network on our platform...you remember that one, right? The one that is OPEN? Don't like, don't download it. Its not like the evil Faux News (as the John Stewart fanboys refer to it) is going to force itself on your phone and change your boot animation to Bill O'Reilly smacking a black kid.... get over it!

Mods can we please shut off the comments for this post. Obviously the majority of comments on this thread have nothing to do with the app or android, but rather people bashing Fox News and each other. It's sad really, civil discourse has delved into petty bickering and name calling.

Censorship is not the answer. If you don't like it don't read it and don't post about it. Change the channel.

If that's the case porn channels should be as free as broadcast channels.

It's not about censorship, it's about appropriateness of material. If people want to delve into political debates, there are proper mediums for that. This site deals with the Android platform and app development (hence the justification for the post).

Fox News is the only actual fair news outlet. If you take the time to read the mission statement set forth by Rupert Murdoch, it states that during the day, the channel reports fair and balanced news for all politics and in primetime hours it has programming with a conservative slant. Great channel! Booo MSNBC!

So does this mean that if I take a blog and label it "Fair & Balanced" it's automatically true? Oh wait...that would just be my opinion...

Is the thud the sound of the mic hitting the floor or your forehead funny guy?
But where's the rnc app? Or does this double as that? Great coverage on non-issues fox. Remember that little oil spill you reported on 80+ days ago? Its still there. Give Glenn Beck a sad tissue from me.
Posted from the NWFL Panhandle.
Keep up the awesome work.

@ everyone
At least they put some decent work into this app. Just checked out and deleted. Some other news sources have made horrible apps at least this one is pretty slick.

Really? That's what it's about? Pissing each other off?

And all this time I thought our Democracy was about groups with opposing views working together to find common ground for the common good.

Well, at least you're honest about it being more important to piss liberals off than to do what's best for the country. And the GOP Senators are doing their best for you!

You're choice in President is doing a bang-up job of that...especially with his wife touting around making racial comments to blacks against whites (and anyone else, really) and his Justice refusing to criminalize Black Panthers for threatening voters. All this while supporting and once attending one of the most racist preachers in our history, Mr.Wright. Let's "spread the wealth" why we are at it too...

Oh look, a post completely devoid of verifiable fact but chock full of insuation and insult.

Don't tell me, lemme guess, you watch Faux News every single day for at least two hours?

It's completely verifiable. How about you do something called "research", and I don't mean the kind that has a remote control in your hand.

No, you provide links to verifiable data to support your assertions. You want people to believe it, you prove it.

P.S. Just because a talking head on Fox News said does not count as verifiable empirical fact.

You can't prove opinions. Opinions are not fact.

Yet a talking head on any other channel is okay? Real smart there, genious. Because remember...if it's against your view it's a lie. An obamacrat would expect a person to do all the work for them.

Wow. You're having an argument with a figment of your imagination based on your assumptions about me rather than things I've actually said.

I'm arguing in favor of verifiable empirical facts vs opinion presented as if it were fact. Nothing more, nothing less.

"News is opinion"??!?? That's exactly what FOX is trying to convince everyone. I'm old enough to remember a time when news was news (i.e., reporting facts without spin or biased interpretation) and editorializing was left to someone else to do, with a huge gap separating the two so they wouldn't be confused.

Now we've gone and messed it all up.

Opinions do not constitute news. News is not constructed of opinions.

Please realize that so you can tell the difference between someone selling you something and someone giving you information.


You are still not explaining how you justify the liberal media as fact and news and other views like Fox, not. I don't think you can...because that would then be your OPINION.

"News is opinion."


Yeah, that's why newspapers have a separate editorial section for opinion instead of news.

Definitions from dictionary.com:

News: the presentation of a report on recent or new events in a newspaper or other periodical or on radio or television.

Opinion: a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

Fact: a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true

Fiction: something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story

Fact is completely fallible, being it depends on experience or observation that makes it susceptible to fiction. I can say that I cut my arm off and it grew back because it was observed that such a thing happened. I guess that means it's a fact, right? Fact must also be an opinion though because of the old saying "truth is in the eye of the beholder". So it's a fact, that you're making a useless argument, right?

Lmao I can't stop laughing at some of these posts. But of all them for someone to say that fact is opinion almost made my grab my AR-10 and just end it. It makes me laugh to know that I put my life on the line for people to freely make stupid statements like that. Classic lol.

btw.. Fox is a joke... so is the right

Several...after reading thru the majority of these posts and seeing you talk out of both sides of your mouth (insulting someone by insinuating that they have not completed high school and then stating that debate is all about "seeking common ground"), I have come to realize that you appear to be perhaps the biggest hypocrite on these boards. You have a venomous personality and only serve to enhance the liberal stereotype of intolerance that so many conservatives harbor.

Someone disagrees with you? Of course the correct response is to berate them. Shame...your parents have failed you sir.

i'm not that big. i only weigh about 175.

i didn't insinuate I flat out asked. understanding the difference between fact and opinion is taught in high school, so it was a perfectly valid question to ask. for all I know the person i asked the question of is still in high school. it may also be pointing out to the person who is momentarily feigning ignorance about the difference between fact and opinion for the sake of argument that the disingenuousness of their argument is transparent.

hypocritical? one cannot reach common ground until empirical, sourced, verifiable, confirmed facts are agreed upon as the road upon which that ground is to be reached. to do so one must address falsehoods when they are injected into the conversation rather than pretending to go along with them for the sake of keeping a happy face.

pointing out lies, disproving false information, and standing up for facts over opinions-presented-as-fact is venomous and berating and my parents have failed me, huh?

project much?

Very glad to see this App in the market! Now I can get my trusted news on my EVO! I just wish GB had his own App available.

It's been fun, but I'm done. I need to go get a bandage for my forehead for the spot where it has been banging against the wall.

No, that's called "I've got better things to do and I need to be doing them instead." But as you can see I couldn't resist returning.

And if you read the threads you'll see that I'm the one countering opinion with fact.

Opinions can be changed in others minds. Facts cannot be changed, they're empirical. Whether or not anyone here changes anyone else mind will not alter the facts. Facts don't change.

ThaNk Jeasus!

The top 1% that owns 95% of the wealth in America was beginning to loose me to the "Lame stream media".
I almost started to think for myself by reading news story's on google news, then seeing how each news provider spun the story.

Now I can finally get back to one less confusing news source and finaly stop thinking for my self.

Thank you FoxNews!

Another fact: No news station is balanced. They are all sensationalist targeted media networks who could care less about you besides getting you to help their ratings and bring in sponsor/ad revenue. That's it.

Also any conservative who watches FOX watches it for anything but 'Fair and Balanced' news. They watch it because it speaks to their demographic and tells them what they want to hear and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. I mean if your network has Beck, Hannity and O'Riley shows (and have Sarah Palin as your talking head) you are anything but "Fair and Balanced".

While you are saying that watching Fox is "anything but 'Fair and Balanced'" you also must be saying that they are wrong, which would mean your sources and choice of news/information is correct...which makes people with your mentality a hypocrite.

It's not a matter of opinion. Read independent fact-checking sites like factcheck.org and politifact.com There you'll find multiple instances verifying the fact that Faux News purposefully presents false and incorrect information on a routine basis.

When other news outlets are caught in errors they print or air retractions and corrections. Faux News does nothing of the sort, except when it affords them an opportunity to further their flagrant politcal agenda.

Other news outlets do routinely choose what to report on with bias, and choose which details to report with bias, but no other outlets flat out lie with the zeal that Faux News does on an hourly basis.

Wow that is the last time I speak up in defense of people who enjoy FOX news, I can't win.

If you bothered to read and comprehend my statements I'm glad that FOX has it's own app, just like CNN and NYT, because each targets a different demographic/political choice BUT to say that ANY 'news' network is fair or balanced is a farce. People who want to hear that Obama is a secret Muslim Kenyan they listen to Fox. If people want to hear inflated stories about global warming and how private corporations are killing America then watch MSNBC.

I like to hear stories about musical pots and lawn furniture so I listen to NPR, but that's just me.

Which would mean your belief of "Faux News" is opinion and not fact. Which, btw, it's juvenile to call Fox News 'Faux News' just like calling Microsoft "Micro$haft or Micro$oft, and degrades your possibility of being believable or having any form of unbiased intelligence.

To repeat, again:

It's not a matter of opinion. Read independent fact-checking sites like factcheck.org and politifact.com There you'll find multiple instances verifying the fact that Faux News purposefully presents false and incorrect information on a routine basis.

Damn several, you kick ass. Keep up the good fight, but realize you are screaming at a wall. These Tea Baggers, Beck dunderheads and Limbaugh zombies may never redirect their anger to correct channels. It's sad but really you can only pity them and little else.

thanks. i rarely bother but once every six months or so i'll let off some steam and try in vain to point out the dearth of factual information coming from those on the rightward side of a political thread.

The only thing that it more astounding than the mind-numbing ignorance in these posts is the fury that goes into some random guy over the internet.

The only thing that is more astounding than the mind-numbing ignorance in these posts is the fury that goes into some random guy over the internet.

Being an adult, I will say that I don't go into threads were I disagree with another person's opinion....I guess I am just more tolerant than those claiming they are the tolerant side... I will have fun with this app and all can know that I also will keep enjoying Beck and O'Rielly no matter what some says here.... would be nice to see someone prove that Fox lies... you know, real facts and not I don't like them....

All news lies...I think the key is to prove which source lies more. Being that liberals get so bent out of shape over "fauz news" and 'beck news' and whatever else they call it...something must be true about it, right? Otherwise they wouldn't get so defensive.

Read independent fact-checking sites like factcheck.org and politifact.com There you'll find multiple instances verifying the fact that Faux News purposefully presents false and incorrect information on a routine basis.

This app really is great. Has audio from their shows, and uses high quality video which looks to be taken from their HD feed! Best news app I've tried. They really did a nice job for Android!!

Can't we all just be Americans? I don't like Obama (and I'm not racist), didn't like Bush much either, but their both our presidents of the best country, our country. I don't always agree with them but still their our presidents. I'm glad Android has a wide variety of apps. We are living in a hard time and need to pull together. Republicans and Democrats are both lying cheats with a few exceptions on both sides. So take a xanax and try to be friendly Americans and proud of your country. Lotta people died for us. Now maybe we can talk about apps instead of politics. And by the way 90% of news is slander.... FACT

So got a chance to play around with the app a little more. It really is a well done app. Good job Fox IT team on this one (or whoever they contracted out to).

Only thing missing would be a breaking news or top stories widget stream. Other than that, fantastic job!

Oh, great, now I can get right wing lies and propaganda no matter where I am. This is one app that I will not be downloading. I prefer to read real news, so I'll stick to Reuters and CNN.

The description says it's available for all versions, but it's not showing up on my marketplace. I'm one of the unfortunate CellularSouth customers still on 1.5. Can anyone advise?