Flickr for Android

Flickr for Android just got a complete overhaul, bumping the app to version 3.0 and bringing a host of new and welcome features. First thing you'll notice upon opening the new Flickr is the completely redesigned interface, bringing it up to modern Android standards. It also just looks plain better than the old version (and possibly better than the iOS version). The app has also gained a suite of editing tools that let you tweak and refine your photos.

The capture interface has been radically simplified, with a full-screen viewfinder and buttons to simply switch cameras, toggle between photo and video capture, toggle the flash, go to the last photo, and to take a photo or record a video (that being the biggest an most prominent of buttons).

The editing tools include contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, white balance, and rotation. There's also an array of filters that can be applied. Both the editing tools and filters are accessed via a button on either side and are arranged in a neat little carousel that pops out of the way when you don't need it anymore.

It was a little over a year ago that Flickr for Android saw its last major update, which along with it came a whopping 1TB of storage. The app supports automatic uploads of your photos from your phone to that terabyte of storage, should you so desire.

Flickr 3.0 is available now in the Google Play Store for all comers. If you're a Flickr user, check it out and let us know what you think.


Reader comments

Flickr app for Android updated with new interface and fresh editing tools


I wanted to use Flickr after the last update but the app was so slow to do anything compared to say Instagram. I'll give this one a shot and see if it's improved.

Posted via Android Central App

It still pales in comparison to Instagram from what I'm using.

Posted via Android Central App

I find my images look better on Flickr to Google+ so I'm starting to use flickr more to share images with family. Plus Google is a bit confusing now (I was using Picasaweb and now it forced me to G+) so everything is different and the sharing is a bit messed up. Plus it's tough for family (who are not regular G+ users) to find albums I posted a couple months ago.

Which specific permissions do you object to? From what I see, they all have a valid purpose in allowing the app to perform the functions it advertises.

Posted via Android Central App

It's not just accessing (read) my text messages but they want it to be able to send SMS now. Why?

Looking good, great update.. I have now auto upload turned on for Google+, One drive and flickr.

Posted via Android Central App

Beautiful update. I can finally see my sets (albums) with ease. Every time I give up on Yahoo apps they refresh. It's like they watching me uninstall

Can you still add photos to group's in this update as I can't see how to??

Posted via Android Central App

I really like the improvements to the interface! Posting and reviewing comments are much more accessible than the previous version. The editing features are cool although I'll have to play around with them before I can decide if I prefer it over the Aviary app for Android. My only complaint at this time is the capture feature's camera has no manual options, but I typically use the stock Android camera anyway when taking photos from my Nexus 4.

Nice looking update. I'm going to have to spend some quality time with the app.

Via my Nexus 4.