Nest creator will now lead Google's hardware business

Tony Fadell, widely considered as the father of the iPod and creator of the Nest, is now joining Google's leadership to head up the company's consumer hardware business. It's still unclear what that means for the future of Google's hardware business as the company doesn't produce that much in-house.

News of Fadell's joining Google's ranks in-house comes by way of a report from The Information, which reported that Sundar Pichai, senior VP who overseas Android, Chome, and Google Apps, had "dismantled almost all of the Android team's hardware initiatives" to give Fadell more freedom.

As to Google's current hardware business, that consists primarily of the Chromebook Pixel as well as the Chromecast, the former an expensively priced Chromebook while the latter is an inexpensive streaming dongle. More recently. Google acquired Fadell's Nest and the Nest business acquired Dropcam. At least with Nest and Dropcam, Google appears to be renewing its ambitions in the connected home space.

What are you looking to see Google tackle next in the hardware space? Are you excited to see Google's more hardware-centric approach with Fadell at the helm?

Source: The Information via The Verge


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Father of the iPod now leading Google's hardware initiatives


The hardware that Google makes is always beautiful (Nexuses have never been made by Google).

Consider the chromecast, nexus q, chrome book, and I am reluctant to mention Google glass.

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Ouch....I'm sure Apple just hurled at this. I wonder what Google has up their sleeve by putting this guy in charge of hardware. Whatever it is, at least we know it will look good.

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

I think Steve Jobs is going to come back as a zombie and eat this guys brains! Google better hurry up and get something out of him before that happens....

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Considering Nest Just bought the Camera company and google bought a home automation company I'm going to assume all three will be under his direction and Guidance.

The Verge? Everything they write is pro apple and NEVER anything Negative about Apple. I pretty much assume The Verge is on Apple's payroll. Any bad press Apple has had in the past never gets published on their site, and if it is, it is Spun in a way that makes it almost positive.

Meh, I don't know. BGR is completely 100% Apple-biased if you are looking for that (check this out for a laugh of Apple total bias ) .

The Verge seems much more even handed to me lately (though in the past, I would agree more with your point).

Looks like things are about to get beautiful at Google? Could a reality distortion field be forming?

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