ESPN fantasy football

ESPN has released its official fantasy football app in the Android Market. This is good timing with the NFL season right around the corner. With the ESPN Fantasy Football 2011 app, Android users can manage their fantasy teams on-the-go, working to win that championship. With their fantasy baseball app, ESPN released a free and a paid version for $4.99. This time around, however, there is only a free version, which should make the millions of fantasy football players very happy.

Here are the features of the app:

  • Team Management: Start/bench players, add, drop, and claim players off waivers, propose, accept or reject trades with other managers
  • FantasyCast Live Scoring and Stats: Real-time scoring and detailed information for all your matchups.
  • Personalized Push Notifications for injuries, substitutions, and scoring updates.
  • Fantasy News, Videos and Tweets from ESPN’s fantasy analysts.
  • View and post messages to your league’s message board

So for all of you who play fantasy football through ESPN, this is a must have app. Just sign-in with your ESPN log-in once the app is installed to access all of your teams. Drafts have been ongoing for the last few weeks, so if you need to check up on your roster or preview players that you're considering drafting, hit up the links after the break.


Reader comments

ESPN's official fantasy football app arrives just in time for the season


Does anyone know of an app for android that allows for you to participate in a live espn fantasy football draft? I cannot seem to find one anywhere, and it doesn't seem as this app will allow for you to do so. I downloaded it last night, and the premium version was not available at the time. Does anyone know if the premium version will allow for live draft?

ESPN's draft is a flash based applet so it should run just fine but they also have a "lite" live draft option that pops up when the draft room is available that is HTML based.. Either way grab your Galaxy tab and draft away. Just remember if you live draft is like mine and takes place in a wings and beer place that touchscreens are not much a fan of wing sauce ;)

I'm thinking about participating in the live draft through my OG droid. I visit the espn fantasy site, and seems like its gonna be quite difficult to do so.

I used the Dolphin browser om my Photon for a Yahoo live draft this morning. Pinching & scrolling didnt go smooth, but it worked. Well done, Photon 4G!!

Apparently there will be a Premium version, but it's not available yet. If you go into Settings -> Push Notification, it prompts you to upgrade for premium features, but the link opens to the free app in the Market. :\