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The official ESPN SportsCenter Android app has just received a big update on the Google Play Store that includes a new feature called On-Air, which should give fans of the cable sports network quick access to their radio and WatchESPN video streams.

Here's the full change log for the app:

  • Your Favorite teams are now grouped at the top of SC scores
  • Improved NFL and College Football game pages.
  • Introducing On-Air. One click radio streaming or dive into WatchESPN
  • Alerts now take you directly to stories & videos
  • Updated calendar for quick access to previous and future days
  • Support for Spanish Alerts
  • Tweaks to the interface

What do you think of the revamped ESPN SportsCenter app?


Reader comments

ESPN SportsCenter Android app updated with quick access to shows and more


Yes. I'm very shocked by this myself. Best phone on the market and no support?

Posted via the Android Central App

The score is still the best app imo. Fast as hell and i never miss an alert.

Posted via the Android Central App

While I did enjoy ESPN Sportcenter app, it really didn't do enough for me. Personally I use Yahoo Sports and its really underrated!!!

Posted via the Android Central App

Yes, I have the app running on my G3. I personally use the Score app but I like to check out ESPN's every so often.

Yes it works fine with no problems. I use The Score as well but I like to have both.

Posted via Android Central App

Thank you both for the feedback. I just checked and it is now compatible with G3. I just downloaded it from Google Play Store.

I use both the score and espn sportscenter as well. I see others have given Yahoo sports a shot. I might need to check that out as well.

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