For you Dropbox fans out there who look at your iPhone-wielding friends longingly as they browser through their stuff in the cloud, take heart in the knowledge that an Android application is in the works. (For those of you new to Dropbox, think of it as a way to sync just about anything in the cloud. Easy and seamless.) While reminding us about Dropbox's mobile site, the crew let loose a little hint in an e-mail about its future plans:

Do you own a Blackberry or Android phone? Don't worry! We've got plenty more mobile magic coming soon!

There you go. It's coming.


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Dropbox planning Android application


Sugarsync is a similar service which has a android app. It has a 'magic briefcase' the same as the drop box, and also allows you to make any folder sync-ed and even to just sync that folder on particular PC's etc. It also has streaming of all your music in your sync-ed folders and great photo-to-facebook integration. I'd stongly recommend it over dropbox.

I've been using Dropbox for a while, and just started using SugarSync about 2 weeks ago (when I got my Droid). SugarSync is more configurable, but Dropbox is way simpler. I thought I'd prefer the extra power of SugarSync, but honestly so far I prefer the ease of Dropbox. Maybe it's familiarity, or maybe the fact that I didn't "put it in the time" to really learn SugarSync, but I prefer Dropbox, and am anxious to see how it is implemented on Android. Dropbox is always the first program I install on all of my computers.