DroidDoodle - Samsunged!
That's gotta sting at least a little, right? OK, maybe not.

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DroidDoodle - Samsunged!



I'm inclined to disagree a little with depicting Samsung as the bad guy. Just considering Samsung is practicing fair product competition which is entirely necessary in a system of Capitalism, against a company which will not allow any market competition if it has the choice.

One of them is the bane of the entire global economic system.

I don't think its very smart of samsung...its making fun of potential customers that will never be a customers now.

I got samsunged... with two phones that have crappy battery drivers going from "57%" to "12% CHARGE YOUR BATTERY NOW!" in a blink. Oh, and a stupid media manager that scans your SD card every time you add or delete a file, and deletes your MP4 files without asking for your consent. Yes, I got samsunged and will never buy from them again.

Yes, I am a Samsung owner (GS2 LTE) and I think it's a great ad campaign but that is without being biased at all. That's what friendly competition is about. Just like Coke and Pepsi back in the Cola War days. Many Apple users are so high on their horse, they fail to recognize anything else. But, that's dedication for ya! Don't get me wrong, I love apple products as well and think the iPhone is fantastic. I can't wait to see the iPhone 5 release. Then again, with so much hype usually many are disappointed with anything. Look at the iPhone 4S. So many die-hard Apple users were angry, and again, not recognizing that it was quite a step up from the previous model. For my needs and preferences - Android covers them tenfold (This is coming from a long time Blackberry user). What many fail to recognize is that each product/OS has their own strengths and weaknesses. And, in our own childhood tendencies, we love to poke fun at anybody's downfall or weaknesses.
Now if there was only one phone and OS that combined everyone's needs.... huh, that won't happen until there is peace on earth and goodwill to man - Or at least until Samsung's next huge release ;)

Speaking of poking fun in ads, has anyone seen the Audi and BMW billboard war? Audi put up a billboard announcing the new A4 with it reading "Your Move BMW". And on the building next to it there is an enormous BMW billboard that towers over it with a picture of the Santa Monica with the words in bold: "Checkmate".
Now that's brilliant advertising. High five to BMW!! (And i'm an Audi lover!)