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A quick heads up for those of you who spend too much time in the air — or just enough to warrant having this app, anyway. Delta Air Lines has updated its aptly named Fly Delta app for Android 4.4 compatibility issues as well as some unnamed bugfixes. (Could be a placebo effect, but it almost seems a little faster, too.)

In addition, Detla's thrown in a small UI tweak — gone is the darker blue gradient, replaced by a different, flatter shade a blue. The legacy overflow menu button is still there, however — it'd be great to see that go. Otherwise, same old Delta app, though you can now use it from takeoff to landing.


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Delta Air Lines app updated for Android 4.4 KitKat fixes, throws in UI tweaks for free


Have a delta trip for Thanksgiving. Haven't tried the delta app usually I just use their mobile site because I don't travel that much, but I will try it this time around. Hopefully the n4 sees Kit Kat by then too.


I recommend also following @deltaassist on twitter. Often the quickest and easiest way to get help when inks go awry.

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Great, I find the delta app to have a lot more features than I would expect. Phil, you fly delta most of the time?

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LOL. After getting an Android phone and flying Delta, and then Southwest, I was absolutely amazed at how craptastic the Southwest app is.

Excellent. This update fixed an issue with the boarding pass. Earlier this week (Nexus 5 / Android 4.4) the boarding pass screen was just white. I just got my boarding pass for tomorrow's flight A-OK! :-)