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6 years ago

What's SamsungOmar so excited about?


Samsung's Omar Khan

As long as we're spending our Friday night reading tea leaves and interpreting tweets, let's look at one more. The above comes from Samsung's Omar Khan, chief strategy officer and senior vice president of products and services with Samsung. He's the guy we saw on stage at the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab events. And he's "using an amazing new device to be revealed to all soon."

Is this the mythical Nexus 2/Nexus S (now believed to be delayed)? Don't think so. More likely it's the Samsung Continuum, expected to be officially unveiled Monday in New York City. (We'll be there!) Of course, it's possible he's not talking about an Android phone. But are there any "amazing new devices" out there that aren't rocking our beloved operating system? [Twitter]

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6 years ago

Android Central App Version 2.0 brings a host of improvements


Android Central App

Fresh out of the oven comes the official Android Central App, version 2.0. It's been a little while since the initial release, and we've definitely been listening to all of your feedback.

Here's what you have to look forward to in the latest version:

  • Updated graphics to match the website.
  • That pesky ad (hey, we have to pay the bills) has been anchored to the bottom of the screen, it's not nearly as sensitive now, and the appropriate parties have been flogged.
  • There's an all-new alert framework for those of you on Android 2.2 that should make alerts much more alerty.
  • Podcasts are fixed again, so you can listen to them in-app.

As always, if you have any problems or suggestions, leave them for our developer (Notice Software) in our developer's forums.

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6 years ago

Lookator gives a whole new angle to viewing available Wi-Fi networks



While out and about, many of us search for available wireless networks to connect to, and Lookator gives you a whole new way to search. Viewing items on a map can be a bit confusing, especially if you are in an area that is loaded with buildings, but with the new view it is easy to tell.

After loading the free application, it will launch your phone's camera. Any available networks will be overlayed on the screen. The application will show you not only where the location is, but additionally the strength of the signal at that location so you are able to determine which you wish to select.

If you search for available networks while on the go, and want to be able to better determine where exactly the signal is coming from, this free application is a must-have for you. Video of it in action and download links are after the break. [via JK on the Run/Gigaom]

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6 years ago

Movies by Flixster updated to include Facebook single sign-on


At the recent Facebook mobile event, the single sign-on feature was announced with great pride. One of the launch partners mentioned in that announcement was Flixster but until now, no new update had been pushed for the app. Today though, you can now grab v3.0 from the Android Market, which includes the update to add single sign on using Facebook. Download link is after the break, or update in the Market.

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6 years ago

HTC Legend prepping for dessert -- gets ready for Froyo


HTC legend gets updated to Froyo.

Us Android users will never turn down a free dessert.  We've had cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, and now, as most of us are waiting for some warm Gingerbread, HTC Legend users can add a nice helping of Froyo to their menu.

HTC announced via its Facebook page that users with an unbranded HTC Legend can expect the update in the coming weeks.  However, due to the prolonged software approval process each carrier must administer, folks with a carrier branded phone will have to wait just a bit longer (per usual).

Nothing leaves us geeks more restless than the announcement of an imminent software update.  Evidenced by user Arnoldthepotter's thread in our forums almost two months ago, where he began the countdown to the HTC Legend Froyo update.  Well, Arnoldthepotter, if you're reading, your countdown just got a lot shorter.  [HTC Facebook]

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6 years ago

Opera Mobile for Android coming Nov. 9


Opera Mobile for Android

If you're dying to get Opera Mobile on your Android phone, it'll be here in just four short days. Nov. 9 is the date set by Opera, and that's the date we shall see the mobile browser come out of beta and into the mainstream. It's been a long time coming, as we first saw Opera Mobile for Android way back at Mobile World Congress in February. Anybody excited about this one? [Opera]

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6 years ago

PBA Bowling 2 brings 3D bowling to your Android device



Often times after finding a few minutes to spare in a busy day we grab for our Android device and look for something fun to do. Games are always a great way to pass the time, and games that can be picked up and put away at any time are even better. PBA Bowling was a great game and the update to PBA Bowling 2 has made it even better, bringing a much better experience to the Android device. Right off the bat it's a bit obvious that getting strikes could be deemed a little bit easy, but hey who doesn't like a game that they can do well in, right? The 3D graphics are done very well, with lots of great details throughout the whole game, though the motion is a little slow and not quite as fluid as we'd like. Whether you prefer to play alone, or verse a friend the $2.99 spent on this game is worth every penny.

Download links are after the break.

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6 years ago launches Android real estate search application


If you're in the market for some new housing arrangements, you might want to check out the latest app from Making use of GPS and Google Street Views, the app allows you to search within one to twenty miles of your location, locate the property and instantly connect with an agent to schedule a tour. You can also dictate voice notes and email friends and family the listing all from right within the application itself. You can catch the video of it in action after the break or head on over to the Android Market to download it for free.

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6 years ago

Android app 'T2 MoodTracker' to be used by the Pentagon?


The Department of Defense has never been scared of embracing technology in some rather unusual ways. We all remember when they ordered up 2200 Sony PS3's, right? This time around though, they may be looking at the Android app T2 Mood Tracker due to it's ability to check the emotional state of the user and offer up health related tips.

Recently featured on DoDVclips, T2 Mood Tracker allows users to self-monitor emotional experiences associated with common deployment-related behavioral health issues like post-traumatic stress, brain injury, life stress, depression and anxiety. All of which can be tracked and referenced for any set period of days, weeks and months visually. Nothing at this point indicates this will be something the DoD will be deploying across the board but it's still rather interesting that an Android app would garner such interest. [Textually via Ars Technica]

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6 years ago

Firefox 4 steps up to Beta 2


Firefox 4 Beta 2

As somebody who hasn't switched from Firefox to Chrome for their desktop browsing needs, I'm very excited about how nicely Firefox 4 for mobile is shaping up.  I'm sure my excitement isn't lost on the rest of the Android community either.  One of the best aspects of Android is the seemingly endless amount of options and alternatives we have to its stock apps.  Could you imagine using a device that didn't let you install a third-party browser?

Quite a few improvements have been made to Firefox 4 for Android, and we know you love software updates as much as we do.  So join me after the break for more info, some screenshots, and most importantly, a download link. [Mozilla]

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6 years ago

Twicca twitter client updated to v0.8.8


Fans of Twicca will be pleased to know the latest update is now available in the Android market. While the change log isn't exactly huge, it's nice to see that Twicca is still being improved. The update, which puts Twicca at v0.8.8 fixes a local trends bug as well as some url adjustments for new Twitter and If you're a fan of Twicca be sure to update and if you're interested in learning more, check out our quick-app review.

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6 years ago

Mobile Nanny monitoring software now available in the Android Market


These days being a parent isn’t always easy. Sometimes, parents need a little help with monitoring the actions of their children be it to keep them safe or just to keep a better watch on their daily activities. A new application, Mobile Nanny from Retina X Studios, is looking for help parents out in such cases by offering a complete monitoring, filtering and restriction solution for Android.

With Mobile Nanny installed, parents can now login to an online interface which gives direct access to any given device in which the application is installed. Parents can then effectively monitor and review such things as text messages, calls, web sites visited and even pictures taken with the device and even set up time based calling, app usage schedules. Mobile Nanny is available now in the Android Market but it does have a subscription-based price attached to it. For one year's worth of service, you'll be looking at $49.97. You can read the full press release after the break.

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6 years ago

Vox brings its VoIP services to Android via Nimbuzz


 Nimbuzz and Vox Bring Cheap Unlimited Calling to Android

VoX Communications is partnering with Nimbuzz to bring their popular cloud-based VoIP network to Android devices in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

 For a monthly fee, VoX will provide you with a calling plan as well as a real U.S., Canadian, or Puerto Rican phone number with no contract required.  This phone number would allow you to call anyone in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico over your WiFi or 3G connection by using the free Nimbuzz VoIP applications without paying your carrier any international long distance rates or a costly unlimited plan.

VoX offers three "Domestic" plans:

  • Pay as you go: $4.95/Month @ $.05/Min
  • Mobile Out 500: $9.95/Month  @ 500 included minutes, $.05/Min overage
  • Mobile Out Unlimited: $24.95/Month
  • International pricing is also available here.

 If you're interested in signing up for an account, and want to know how to link it to your Nimbuzz application, check out the official VoX website.

And because this application works entirely over data, it will work on any Android device with the Nimbuzz app installed, like a tablet.  Throw in some Google Voice for texting, and you can have that 7 inch smartphone you always wanted.  Via [IntoMobile]

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6 years ago

Flysmart, the airport terminal directory application, lands on Android


 Clear and Geodelic Bring Flysmart to Android

Stuck in a strange airport on layover and have a sudden craving for coffee that doesn't come from a dispenser?  Clear Channel partnered with Geodelic to bring their free FlySmart application to Android devices.

The application, which currently works in more than 20 airports, will give you at a glance information about terminal exits, restrooms, and shops within your terminal.  If you're waiting for a flight, you can use the built in Flight Tracker to see departing and arriving flight times directly on your device. 

Once you leave the airport, the application will tie into Geodelic's location discovery guide, which will give you ideas on what to do in whatever city you find yourself in. 

Hit the Read More link to see a list of currently supported airports as well as a link to grab the free application for yourself. [FLYsmart via Business Wire]

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6 years ago

Android Quick App: Cows Don't Fly [video]


Cows Don't Fly by HyperBees.

HyperBees -- the brains behind titles such as JellyBalls and the Impossible Level Game -- brings us a new game today called Cows Don't Fly.  Simple in design, but also providing a decent level of depth, Cows Don't Fly should appeal to anybody that enjoys fun puzzle & skill games.

Throughout Cows Don't Fly's 15 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to collect all the stars in each world by jumping to and from the circular bongos, all while avoiding obstacles and enemies.  To guide yourself around each level, you tilt your phone left or right to rotate around each circular bongo.  Once you've positioned yourself correctly, tap the screen to jump from bongo to bongo, or leave your finger on the screen to fly.

Cows Don't Fly also supports Open Feint, so all you achievement-hungry players out there have another game to get started on.

If you've got any comments or questions for HyperBees -- the developer of this title -- sound off in their developer forum.

I tried to explain this game as best I possibly could, but this is one of those titles you'll just have to see in action.  So join me after the break as I show you some of what Cows Don't Fly has to offer.

Cows Don't Fly is readily available in the market for $2.35

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