3 years ago

Nook for Android to receive update later this week


You complained and you moaned, but unlike your boss, Barnes and Noble listened to your gripes. B&N announced today that they will be updating their Nook for Android app later this week. Some of these "new" features listed on their blog don't seem to be, well, let's say -- new. They are some pretty fundamental elements we would expect to have included from the get-go. No matter, they will soon be here.

Version 2.3 will include:

  • “Go To” a specific page number
  • Search within a book
  • View highlights and notes
  • Delete books from the library
  • Updated home screen and enhancements to make reading and managing side-loaded content easier

QR code after the break. [Barnes and Noble]

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3 years ago

Android Quick App: Satellite Flybys


Chances are if you're an Android nerd, you're also a space nerd. And one of my favorite parts of being a space nerd is dragging the kids outside on a clear night to see what we can see. For the stars, there's Google Sky Map. For everything else floating around up there, there's Satellite Flybys.

Brought to you by the folks behind the Space Weather website, Satellite Flybys is a quick and easy way to find out what's going to be buzzing overhead, and when it's going to do so. It checks your location via GPS, crunches some numbers, and figures out what's up. Want to see the international space station fly by? Just check the app, then look up. Want to see the not-so-secret X-37 space plane? No problem. Some things, like the ISS, are visible to the naked eye. Others may need binoculars or a telescope. Either way, it's a great way to see what's going on in the heaven above. Download links and more screen shots are after the break.

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3 years ago

Crackle launches first full movie service application on Android

3 years ago

GetJar says Angry Birds release drove traffic some 8 to 10 times higher



The decision to initially publish the full version of Angry Birds this morning on GetJar.com instead of the Android Market raised a few eyebrows, and it showed what can happen when an immensely popular Android app doesn't have the might of Google's servers behind it. GetJar went down almost immediately, leaving us all scrambling for mirrors and apks.

Just how bad was the traffic crush? GetJar says traffic was eight to 10 times higher than a normal daily load, and it could see 10 million hits by the end of the day -- far more than its usual 3 million. Chris Dury writes on the GetJar Developer Blog:

"In the past few months, we’ve built the team up to nearly 60 people and we’ve been focused on scalability on many fronts. We were unfortunately not done yet, and couldn’t handle 8x to 10x higher peak load. GetJar normally does 3 million downloads a day and we may have hit more than 10 million today if all went well. In 2 weeks, we’ll complete many of the scalability projects, and we’ll be able to manage 10+ million downloads a day."

The popularity of Angry Birds was only bolstered by today's down time, to be sure. You can look at the decision to (attempt to) publish exclusively with GetJar as a damning of the Android Market. But you can't deny there likely was a mad dash to Angry Birds up in the Market just as soon as things went sour. [GetJar Developer Blog]

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3 years ago

Angry Birds now available! (updated with new official link)


The wait is over, and Angry Birds is now available -- immediately at GetJar, and later in the Android Market.  Yes, the whole Angry Birds, with a boatload of levels to make for hours of lost productivity and battery-burning good time.  We can't get enough of it, and neither can you.

Oh, and it's free. Ad-supported, actually, just like the version that Rovio started handing out on Thursday. A paid version will come later. The full e-mail from Rovio is after the break, and we'll update with Market links just as soon as it's in the Market. [GetJar]

Update: And GetJar is down. See what you guys did? Hope you're proud of yourselves.

Update 2: GetJar just sent out a new link. Give this one a shot.

Update 3: And it's now in the Android Market. Links after the break.

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3 years ago

Android Quick App: AudioGalaxy cloud music streaming


Music is a huge part of my daily life, whether at a computer, driving in my car, or sitting waiting for the next meeting music is always playing.  I have used Pandora or Slacker off and on, as loading a media card is a bit of pain. Then I stumbled across AudioGalaxy, a cloud storage application that allows easy access to all your music while on the go.  With large music selections it can be hard to manage and find the song you are looking for easily, but with this application the process is extremely easy.

Whether you are a Mac or PC the process is quite simple, and takes just a few minutes to set up before your music is imported. Simply visit www.audiogalaxy.com to sign up for an account, it will then have you download an application which will then search your computer for all DRM-free music and begin to import it immediately. The music is organized by artist, and can be sorted by album if chosen and play lists can be created right from your computer and seen on the free Android application. Whether you have a large music collection that you don't want to put on your media card, or just want an easy way to manage your music on your computer and listen to it easily while on the go, this application is simply put as a must have. Download links after the break.

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3 years ago

Angry Birds coming anytime now (update: it's here!)


Yes, folks, we're well aware that Angry Birds will drop any minute now (through more likely in a few hours). And, yes, we're well aware that there's a "leaked" full version out there that's got Google ads built in. Pretty crafty, eh? A "leaked" version of an extremely popular game that contains ads surfaces just as anticipation crescendos. Hmmmmmm. (Actually, it probably just means there will be a paid version and a lite version. Or not. Pick your conspiracy theory.)

Anyhoo, no, we're not going to show off video of us playing the full version. We all know what Angry Birds looks like. In the meantime, if you need us, we'll be off ... erm ... not playing the leaked version of Angry Birds. Really.

Update: And as you no doubt have seen, it's now here. If you do want to see video of Angry Birds in action, here are the early previews from Phandroid, Droid Life and Ausdroid.

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3 years ago

Appoke goes public beta, hopes to make Market more social [video]


Finding the right new app in the Android Market can be REALLY annoying sometimes. Just only looking at the app's comments isn't enough to determine if the app provides what you are looking for. Think about it. How many times have you downloaded an app thinking it was going to be what you wanted, but instead, you download it, and it's nothing but garbage. It happens to the best of us.

Now wouldn't it be easier if you downloaded an app your friends suggested to you that were good? Appoke is bringing that to Android users. Appoke takes the Android Market and makes it more social. Think of it as the Facebook of app shopping. Users create a profile with Appoke, and then use that profile to share their apps with their friends also on Appoke. Each memeber can make suggestions, share apps in their news feed, show off new game scores, and more. Make the jump after the break to see a video about what Appoke is all about, and to get the download link. [Appoke]

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3 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for Oct. 14, 2010


It's our favorite time of the week again, the time where we get to scroll through the huge application lists on our devices, and share with you some of our personal favorites. Whether you are on the hunt for a new application, or just enjoy to see what others are using, be sure to hit the jump and see what we got for everyone this week.

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3 years ago

Opera Mobile for Android coming out of beta within a month


Opera Mobile for Android has been in beta for what seems like forever -- we first got a look at it at Mobile World Congress way back in February. But it's nearing completion, and the popular mobile browser should be released within a month, Opera announced on its blog this morning. It's trumpeting full hardware acceleration and pinch-to-zoom at the low levels. Will it take over as our daily browser? We'll find out in a month when it's available at Opera.com and in the Android Market. [Opera]

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