3 years ago

Android Quick App: Galaxy NGC3D [contest]


Galaxy NGC3D for Android

Combining great graphics, an ominous soundtrack, and challenging game-play, Galaxy NGC3D is a great new game on the Android Market.  The premise is simple -- man your fighter, and destroy them before they destroy you, but if you're looking for a cakewalk look elsewhere.  You need a bit of skill (or practice) to pilot your ship through space, and the physics and drifting in a zero gravity environment seem as realistic as can be, at least to an earthling like myself.  After a few frustrating hours playing, I got some serious satisfaction from flying in, putting an enemy in my sights, and blasting them into space dust.  And to make it even better, it's one of the eleven new Open Feint games, so you can share progress and scores with your gaming buddies.

The game has a full plate full of settings, both the normal things like music volume as well as advanced settings for the on-screen graphics.  The app seems coded pretty well, on my Evo 4G it can handle things set pretty high, and the Nexus S runs it great with everything cranked up to the max.  There's also a little bonus -- it's set up for use with a Zeemote controller, which should work really well with this one.  Speaking of bonuses -- Hyperbees (check out their developers forum right here) has set up their own contest in the Android Central forums, where ten winners will be able to grab a free copy of Galaxy NGC3D, and one lucky winner will be sporting their own Zeemote controller to play the heck out of this one, and many other games.  High-tail it into the forums and try your luck, the contest ends Friday, Dec 31 at noon Eastern. 

You can grab the full version of Galaxy NGC3D on sale until the contest ends tomorrow at noon on the market for a 99 cents, and there's a link to the free trial (thanks for that developers!), a gameplay video, and a handful of screenshots after the break -- check em out.  Thanks Monika, Tom, and all the folks at Hyperbees!

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3 years ago

Android Quick App: TuneIn Radio


TuneIn Radio

There's no shortage of Internet radio apps out there. There are so many, in fact, that I once ran out of music while testing a few for a roundup. Yes, there are more Internet radio apps than there is music on the Internet. Go figure.

But the reason I keep coming back to TuneIn Radio is simple -- local stations. There are times I want to listen to local public radio, be it for the news, or local music, or just because. And TuneIn Radio has my local public radio station -- WUWF, for those of you stalking from home. It also has private local stations, too.

The app itself is pretty foolproof. Fire it up, chose "Local Radio" and it determines where you are through some sort of black magic (or any of your phones location services, we gather) and gives you a few options. Plus, you get all sorts of Internet radio stations, too.

Are there better Internet radio stations? Perhaps. But TuneIn Radio's worked very well for me. And at the low, low cost of FREE, the price is right. Give it a shot. More screenies and download links are after the break.

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3 years ago

Android Quick App: rdio



Android certainly has its share of music streaming applications, and sometimes it can be hard to choose between them all. If you do a lot of radio streaming, either on your computer or on your phone, you know just as much as I do how many options you have. 

But rdio is a little different from the rest. Rdio allows you to choose from any song, artist or album that it has in its database at any time, and it does a fairly good job at it, too. We'll take a quick look at this app after the break!

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3 years ago

Updated Music app leaked -- shows off awesome UI overhaul


Android's updated Music app leaked.

One aspect of Android that has remained nearly untouched since 1.0 is its music player.  Some would say Android's UI as a whole could use some polishing, but when it comes to the stock music player, I couldn't agree more.

You may recall Google's introduction of new features added to the Music app during this year's Google IO.  Although none of those features are present in this leaked 3.0 version, one enhancement is quite obvious -- a very welcomed UI change.  It's clean, colorful, and just looks great on the screen.

The leaked APK is a bit buggy, but it does work (kinda).  The playback is a bit choppy at times, and force closes weren't absent.  But it offers a pleasing look at the new UI enhancements.  If this is where Android's UI is going in future versions -- I dig it.

If you want to get your hands on the leaked Music 3.0 app, head over to the source link and give it a spin.  Not up for it? Check out the video after the break [XDA Developers via Engadget]

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3 years ago

Angry Frogs seems just a wee bit familiar


YouTube link for mobile viewing

Let's see how long this one stays in the Market, beta or not. Thanks, Shiwy!

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4 years ago

Control your iRobot Create with Cellbots for Android


Cellbots for Android.

Now this is just plain awesome.  Thanks to the efforts of the Cellbots team, and worldwide collaborators, Cellbots allows you to control supported robots with up to four different input methods right from your FroYo-toting Android phone.  Using direct control, Google Talk, a web browser, or phone-to-phone controls -- Cellbots makes chasing your pets around the house even easier.

To take advantage of Cellbots, you'll need to acquire one of the supported robots -- Lego Mindstorms, iRobot Create & Roomba, and VEX Pro devices.  If you've already got one of those, head into the Android market and grab the last piece of the puzzle.

See it in action and grab a download link after the break.

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4 years ago

ADWLauncher EX brings a whole lot of awesome to your home screens


ADWLauncher EX

On Android, your home screen and app drawer are collectively and commonly referred to as the "Launcher." And you're not stuck with the one that came with your phone. There are plenty of custom launchers out there. And you're going to want to check out the new ADWLauncher EX.

It brings a whole lot of custom UI goodness to your Android phone. For you old salts, bask in the glory that is ADWLauncher EX. It's based off the old ADW.Launcher code, but with more sex appeal. Five app drawer styles and behaviors, eight home screen transitions, new icons, fast presets -- you're going to want this.

ADWLauncher EX will cost you about $3.43 -- money well spent. Check out the video after the break, and there's more info and screen shots are at the source link. [JBThemes]

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4 years ago

Touiteur changes name to Plume [Android Twitter clients]


Plume logo.

As we told you last week, Twitter is forcing LevelUp Studio to change the name of its well-made Twitter app, Touiteur.  Well, the day has finally come, and from here on out, Touiteur will be referred to as Plume.

Touit--err ... Plume users will find an update in the market today that makes the name change official, and also brings lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Grab yourself a download link after the jump.

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4 years ago

Market gets new app categories, AT&T users can charge apps to bills


Charge Android apps to AT&T bill

Google just announced that AT&T customers with Android phones can now charge apps to their AT&T bills. (That's something T-Mobile customers have been able to do for a while now.) So if you have an Android smartphone on AT&T, you'll soon have an updated Market app that lets you charge apps to your bill. Huzzah.

Also, Google mentions that new app categories are live, including "Media and Video," "Music and Audio," "Business" and "Sports," among others. Look for the AT&T billing and new categories with your updated version of the Android Market app. [Google]

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4 years ago

Firefox 4 beta for Android is updated


Firefox for Android

The Firefox browser for Android (aka Fennec) is still in the beta stages, but beta 3 was just shipped with a number of fixes and improvements. They include:

  • Improved support for Android keyboards, both hardware and on-screen
  • New Android-style menus
  • Fixed a bug in opening links from other apps
  • Support for uploading files
  • "Save as PDF" command in the site menu
  • Fixed rendering of Arabic and Farsi text (on devices with Arabic/Farsi fonts installed)

Slowly but surely, it's coming along, and the install size is at 13MB, for those of you worried about such things. The folks at Mozilla recommend uninstalling any previous betas before this one.  [Mozilla via Android Central Forums]

Update: Mozilla's Madhava Enros has done a really good walkthrough of the beta. Check it out.

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4 years ago

10 LauncherPro Plus licenses up for grabs

LauncherPro Plus by Federico Carnales.

It wouldn't be the holiday season without us offering up some free goodies for our readers, so many thanks to Federico Carnales for his participation in this giveaway.

LauncherPro -- one of the most popular replacement launchers for Android, and one that I use exclusively -- provides for a ton of customizations to your home screen. With LauncherPro, you can apply custom icons, use up to seven home screens, tweak your app drawer settings, add up to 15 apps or shortcuts in a scrollable dock, and much more.  I've tried several home replacement apps, and some may offer more in terms of customization (re: themes), but LauncherPro's silky-smooth animations and UI are what keep it installed on my Evo.

Head into the forums and post in this thread for your chance to win.

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4 years ago

Eleven new games join OpenFeint army (Also: enter to win their holiday giveaway)


FaceFight Gold for Android

OpenFeint -- the gaming network that lets you compete against your friends on other platforms -- has added 11 new titles to its roster. They are (and links to go AppBrain, if available, or you can find them in OpenFeint's Game Spotlight app.):

That makes 158 or so games that are now OpenFeint-enabled. And if you download any of the above games between Dec. 23 and Dec. 25, you'll be entered to win one of two gift cards, or a Barnes & Noble Nook Color. Not too shabby.

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4 years ago

Gameloft's Hero of Sparta free today


Gameloft's Hero of Sparta -- free for 24 hours.

Just like I predicted earlier this month, Gameloft is offering up another one of their high quality Android games -- Hero of Sparta -- absolutely free.  But you gotta act quick, because the giveaway ends in less than 24 hours.

Featuring eight levels to explore in full 3D, Hero of Sparta provides an excellent action/adventure experience on your Android phone.  It's not available in the market, so you'll have to hit this page to see if your device is compatible, and begin your free download.

While you're over there, make sure you check out some of their other HD Android titles.  Most (possibly all) of their games come with a trial version that can be unlocked for $4.99.

Check out a trailer for Hero of Sparta after the break.  [Gameloft]

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4 years ago

Android quick app: X-Plane 9


The intricate and realistic flight simulator finally comes to Android

X-Plane 9 for Android

It's been many months since we saw the X-Plane flight simulator for Android demoed at Google IO -- long enough that we wondered if we'd ever actually see it. But it's here, folks. And it's got all the airborne goodness you could have hoped for (and that we saw in our demo).

But at $9.99, this isn't a cheap app. Is it worth the 10-spot? Let's take a look after the break.

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4 years ago

iGloLEDset brings the future of interactive lighting and lighter wallets to Android


iGloLEDset for Android

If you are the type who just can't resist gadgets that have the extra bit of cool factor, and have US $299 to blow on some (I know you're out there), you have to check out iGloLEDset now that it's come to the Android platform.  Imagine a WiFi-enabled set of rope lights, that you can control in real time from your phone, swiping and pressing to control the colors and blink rate.  It does sound really cool, but I'm not quite sold on MEA Mobile's idea that light switches are now obsolete and there will soon be an entire industry dedicated to their safe removal from walls everywhere. 

For those who haven't already rushed to order their very own set for you holiday decorations, we have MEA Mobile's press release and a demo video after the break.

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