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ComScore has just released their July 2012 analysis of the U.S. phone market, and the results are about what you would expect. On the manufacturer front, Samsung has kept the lead with 25.6 percent of the U.S. market, although that is a 0.3 percentage point drop from April 2012. In the same period, LG dropped from 19.8 percent to 18.4 percent and Apple held down the 3rd place spot at 14.4 percent. No surprise here on the operating system chart, as Android and iOS continue to run away with the market at 52.2 percent and 33.4 percent market share, respectively. RIM took the biggest hit to market share in the period, dropping 2.1 percentage points to just 9.5 percent of the market.

No shocking numbers here, but we're happy to see Android continue to grow, getting more great devices into people's hands. Be sure to check out all of the granular analysis in the full report at the source link below.

Source: ComScore


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ComScore reports Android and Samsung still on top of market share


woah! I had no idea android was that far ahead of apple in the smart phone industry (on number of phones in use in the us).

It's been they way for like a year now. The real reason Apple had stepped up the patent lawsuits. They are reminded of what Windows did to the Mac and are quaking in their shoes because once again they are loosing the market they believe they reinvented due to their own complacentcy. It's only a matter of time.

They lost then because Microsoft came in under the radar and stole just like Google did! And they did reinvent the phone market, look at photos before and after the release of the iPhone! All Google and its partners are doing is the same thing Windows did, just blasting out the OS to anything from Junk to quality hardware and its just a matter of time before it takes the most marketshare. But to be the one that reinvented the industry and keep doing so with only quality work and true innovation will be the one always on top. No real shocker here.....

lol he really is. Apple prays on idiots, technology morons and victims of marketing in order to sell their inferior over priced garbage. They are lucky they have as much market share as they do now lmao

This IS the whole reason behind crApple's onslaught of patent lawsuits. I only hope that because of this, Android continues to slaughter apple and turn them into appleJacks!

It's only a matter of time before the iPhone is a niche like the Mac is now unless Apple does something and fast. We shall see what happens on the 12th but from what we've seen thus far it doesn't look like that's gonna happen this year. It won't happen as fast as it did with the PC but it will definitely happen unless Apple changes its practices.

Fine with me if the iPhone is the niche product. Just like Windows, Android will be out in front in the open for the Malware and other dangers already highly infecting Androids now and will only get worse as the niche product will hopefully be left alone!

Really? Malware and other dangers already highly infecting Androids? Where? I see a lot of smoke and mirrors. But the only real malware is from pirated chinese applications.

Don't forget about all the people that are going to be pissed off... Since all their accessories will not be compatible with the new connector...

Samsung and others are hurting everything because they are not innovating and coming up with new things to compete against Apple and bringing new technology into consumers hands, they are just copying what Apple does and not innovating! Samsung and others are the ones hurting the consumers!

Do you for a second really think people with half a brain take you seriously???
You are as ill-informed as every other I-fanboy and really are just the type that gives them the well deserved bad rep they already have.

Coming up with new things and innovation and Apple do not belong in the same sentence. I can easily school your ignorance but feel I'd be wasting time. Apple has stolen most of it's look, feel and functionality and what YOU think is the original Smartphone has been done by others. The differnce YOU can't wrap your head around is the companies Apple stole from weren't patent crazy and /or chose not to go that route.

Your own beloved godfather Jobs admitted himself that they can and will steal everything they can. I guess you must have glossed over that tidbit.

YOu really put the cherry on top of your complete ignorance but making the stupidest comment I've seen to date 'Samsung and others are the ones hurting the consumers!' You can't be this ______, can you? By suing everyone and everything Apple is trying it's hardest to monopolize the market as they clearly can't innovate much of anything. They are losing the war big time and are resorting to the only tactic they can.

Btw, your above post about Malware shows you are truly ignorant of that topic as well. I've worked in the AV market and you clearly haven't a clue as to the motivation of virus writers. Perhaps you should read more and troll less.

I just don't get why every new high end android phone that comes out is compared to an iPhone. Is the iPhone really something ppl are still competing with? S3 vs 4s???? I'd say the last phones that actually had something to prove was the evo and galaxy s 1.... We all know what happened.. HTC got sued along with Samsung.. Hmmm I wonder why.... A better test would be all new high end androids, vs iPhone 5.. Only to shut down apple for some time.

Hey Isreal. I agree with your post however the reason that these editors do this is driven by the market sector. Apple does one thing well, marketing. Most people who aren't very knowledgable still think Apple is the top of the market so this is the audience the writers are pandering to.
Your dead on that if we were to talk of top phones Apple wouldn't crack the top 5 anymore and maybe even lower.