By all accounts folks that went to Coachella had a blast. Music, food, beverages, X, you name it -- it was there. So was AC member ramonm2 and his trusty Epic 4G Touch, and he has an entertaining tale about the funs times, and more importantly, how his Android phone helped him out and held up to a day in the desert. Check it out!

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glazedfaith says:

"Music, food, beverages, X, you name it"

@Jerry, is that X the variable, or X the recreational drug, as either might fit into the sentence?

S1LENT says:

The answer would be both lol.

BigDinCA says:

X as in the HTC One X, possibly? Couldn't be anything else, right?

Man I miss SoCal concert season. The best in the country.

crxssi says: