If you are a fan of money -- which we know you are -- odds are that you have read a thing or two on CNNMoney, and who wouldn't enjoy having that information easily accessible while on the go? Today CNN launched CNNMoney into the Android market so you can now keep track of your favorite stocks, keep up with breaking alerts, and be in the loop of other financial happenings that are taking place all in real time. With a super slick, and elegant interface, and a price tag of free, there is no reason you shouldn't be hitting the break to check out the download links now!

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Gekko says:

thanks for the heads up on this!

Suntan says:

Yes, thanks. A new list of articles to access whislt in the middle of my morning movement...


Linux64 says:

That finally explains why the CNN app didn't have the CNNmoney content in it.

Jayshmay says:

There's no videos on this app, huh?